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nice but some display bugs on Firefox. image, searchfield etc.

Hello. Thanks for your feedback. Would you mind helping me to improve it by send me some screenshot? :)

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Now it works fine. :-)

I’ve fixed it. Thank you!

Awesome stuff

Thanks friend! :)

Awesome work! Best luck with sales ;)

Thanks friend!

Best Regards from Hanoi!

Awesome work done ;) Good luck

Thanks mate! :)

A couple of pre-sales questions please

1) Can top Nav bar be taken away? 2) Can main menu (Nav) be placed under the slider? 3) Can slider just be a static image? 4) Does this theme include a page builder of some sort? 5) Can the detail elements on the portfolio page be changed? client, category, location, date?

Thanks in advance and great looking and packed theme too.


And can it be easily translated into different languages?

1. Default shop page only shows products but if you want to display counters, please create a new page and place there latest products shortcode :)

2. Yes, it comes with po file and you can translate into any language by editing that file.

I mean’t on a single shop page rather than the “category” is that what you mean’t?

awesome work :) GLWS :)

Thanks so much! :)

Like it! Good luck

Thanks! :)

This is cool !!! GLWS !! :)

Thank you! :)

Looks promising ; congrats ; wish you the best with sales.

Thanks so much my friend! :)

Hello Withemes, what a nice theme! Just a few presale questions:

1. Can we display the ‘Fullwidth Portfolio Shortcode’ with a 24px gap between the tiles as with the Normal one? If so, is there a way to also have this gap at the very left and right of the screen as well?

2. Is there a ‘Portfolio Post Layout’ to use the 1100px content width freely (without the details sections)?

3. Is it possible to insert a full width image/slider (from left to right of the screen, like a section) just below the title, and/or in the content of one ‘Portfolio Post’?

4. How does your ‘Shortcode Button’ work? Have you done a visual way to help us choose all the many great options you are providing?

5. Will your theme work with multilingual WPML plugin?

Thanks in advance for your time to answer.

Hello. Thanks for your interest.

1 – Not sure about your idea but I think it belongs to CSS and we can add a simple CSS rule to achieve this.

2 – Currently nope, but this can be done easily by editing some file.

3 – Because of 2 so it’s not possible. :(

4 – Yes, you can insert a button by a shortcode generator from TinyMCE with all parameteres. All parameters are here.

5 – I’ll test it with WPML ASAP.

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How many pricing boxes can you have?

From 2-5. And can easily have 6 or 7 if you want. :)

Good job!Good luck :)

Thank you :)

Great work! GLWS :)

Thank you! :)

Great work! GLWS

Thank you :)

Purchased! Going to look at the support site for tips and videos :D

Thanks for your purchasing. Hope you will enjoy it. :)

Looks really nice! Would like to see a masonry blog format.

Thanks for your praise. I’ll consider to add this feature if having more demands. :)


Nice and Clean Theme GLWS!

Thank you so much :)

How can I make social share buttons below the posts? Does the theme have it or what plugin do you recommend with this theme?

You can use Jetpack or this plugin :)

Thanks! Can I also change font sizes on this?

Definitely! :)

Nice theme GLWS :-)

Are the shortcodes and portfolios two plugins or one ? Would it be easy to rename portfolio ? this there somthing similar like this in the plugin ‘rewrite’ => array( ‘slug’ => ‘portfolio’ ), or extra parameter to do this ?

  • 3. Can i change/turn off the portfolio details (client, location …) via theme options ?
  • 4. What are the 7 widgets exactly ?
  • 5. There are no ad spots for Banner / Google Adsense (via theme options), right ? e.g. 728×90 Banner/Google Adsense right from the logo, 468×60 Banner in/under/behove postings
  • Hello. Thanks for your interest.

    1- They are 2 plugins

    2 – yes, you can rename easily

    3 – Yes you can

    4 – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Ad, Latest Portfolio, Video widget, Flickr widget

    5 – yes, my item doesn’t support that.

    Best Regards


    pre-sale question: On the demo, when scroll to the very bottom, the newsletter widget will always pop out. Are we able to turn it off as we like?

    Yes, you can turn it off or write any content on that popup. :)