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thanks karlnuttall

Great work! Btw, are the images provided in the download file?

Thanks Artalic. Updates will be added as soon as possible

Do you have this in Pink? I would look much better in multi colors, such as sky blue, pink, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, only one color option available theme

How do I change out the header logo “Sonic Theme” with my logo

Nevermind I got it

I just saw your message. the problem is resolved, there is no problem

Thanks mustachethemes.

Hi, just wanted to know if the typography you have used is provided in the linked file :)

Kind of ironic that the header is about responsive design and adobe hasn’t figured that one out yet eh.

Nice theme tho.

And I wasn’t having a stab. personally i think 3 size resolution is better than responsive anyway. As it’s more easily optimized for the device.