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A presale question… Is theme compatible with wordpress multisite? thanks

no sorry

Hi there, we purchased your theme a few days ago and need some support, but every time we enter the purchase code it says it’s no valid. How is that possible? We have typed it in, we have copied and pasted directly and nothing, it’s keep getting flagged as no valid. Please help

It’s gone through now, no worries

I just purchased everytime I switch to this template all I get is a back screen, I I use a different template I can see the data. any advise… Also if I preview any page I see everything fine. this happened after importing the radio preset demo

Also whats the name os the fonts you are using on front page?

Hi, your request was answered in the helpdesk already sir. The issue was caused by deleting random contents that was in use in the home page, and it caused a javascript issue. The solution is on our helpdesk.


What is the solution to this error. Freshly installed WordPress site.

[15-Nov-2020 07:02:03 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/igbpowvd/public_html/wp-content/themes/sonik/functions.php on line 404 [15-Nov-2020 18:43:18 UTC] The WC_Cart::get_cart_url function is deprecated since version 2.5. Replace with wc_get_cart_url.

I see no license linked to your account Sir, can you please contact our helpdesk from a user that is linked to a license please? thanks and have a nice day

I thought the client would of been able to reply. But I just got my hands on his account.

I am DrDigital209.

What is the solution to this error. Freshly installed WordPress site.

[15-Nov-2020 07:02:03 UTC] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/igbpowvd/public_html/wp-content/themes/sonik/functions.php on line 404 [15-Nov-2020 18:43:18 UTC] The WC_Cart::get_cart_url function is deprecated since version 2.5. Replace with wc_get_cart_url.

hello, the compatibility for the new WooCommerce version is not out yet but is just a line of code to be changed. As the error says, is to be replaced




An update to the theme version 1.9.1 will be available in minutes with an update for this. Regards


info049 Purchased


info049 Purchased

I am not a sir… i do not want a refund i would like assistance in this theme that you put out for purchase…. Can someone help


info049 Purchased

Do you guys have an update to the artist pages? Is there away to add social media links there as social media is very important… if there is way i do not see it and would like to be pointed in the right direction. I would submit a ticket but it’s still not taking my purchase code….


1) Is possible you have an update to do even though you just installed the theme. Updates can happen anytime.

Updating is simple:


Once updated the theme, you will also have access to the plugins updates, automatically.

2) For technical support, please get in touch with the helpdesk


You’ll be served directly by the developers, instead of the marketing department, receiving a better level of support.

I hope the update will solve your issue, otherwise please just contact the support, they will find the best solution for your website, providing a more detailed level of help.

Thanks for your kind collaboration, wish you a good day

hey man, I’m new to wp themes. Is there an easy way I can just get a static html version of this? I only bought this for the image slider honestly

otherwise id like a refund

Hello, I’m sorry but this is a wp theme there is no HTML version.

You can ask a refund if you don’t plan on using the theme. This request would be out of the valid refund requests but maybe it gets accepted.

“You have provided wrong demo data. When I tried to install demo data 3, i got demo data of demo 0, which means demo data 3 have same files of demo data 0. I Need the demo 3 data with radio station demo, but it is not working as I said when I tried to install with its plugin which was the last one, I got first demo data”. And also attach the picture I send above

Hello, I’m sorry but I think you did something wrong sir.

I just tested the whole process (and filmed it, right now) and you can see it works correctly.

Please see the full video I just took of the demo data install process.


next time, for the support, it would be better if you could please use our helpdesk, so you’ll get in touch with the tech dept. instead of the sales. The link is in the manual, under the Support page.


Love everything about this template, and great support…...... One last question I have. How can I stop sound/music coming from a player on a specific page…. what comand/script you recomend to use…. I will be doing Video streaming on it. THANKS

I understand. Is tricky but not impossible. My help with this, though, is very limited because this is code editing, and is not really a standard support question.

I’ll explain you a bit about this.

The resume play function uses a cookie in javascript

if( $.cookie(‘playerstatus’) === ‘play’ && $.cookie(‘playerurl’) !== null ){.....}


In theory, you can add a custom piece of js to a specific page to prevent the resume of the play

(function($){ $.cookie(‘playerstatus’, ‘stop’, { expires: 1, path: ’/’ } );


But I’m not 100% sure it can work because the theme script file, as per regulation, uses “strict” mode.

This mode means the code is not meant to interact with external javascripts.

You can anyway try some plugin to add this piece of code to a specific page and see if it works.

Of course, you have to disable the autoplay form the customizer.

This will (if works) just prevent the player to resume the play status from the previous page.

Allowing autoplay globally and preventing it only on a page would require editing the file part-musicplayer.php and creating a function to override

get_theme_mod(“qt_radioplayer_autoplay”, “1” )

so technically this would require making a plugin to add a checkbox to a page to set this option, and then using this option on this template to bypass the global rules.

The whole operation is quite complex though.

If I was you, I would keep autoplay off, and if people have the music playing , they’ll just switch it off to listen to the video.

Yeah Wish to know all this, I will try but I REALLY APDRECIATED GETTING BACK. THANKS

Yes, indeed is quite some work. We are really under organic for this covid story so can’t help much at the moment. If you are in rush and need to delivery a project for a customer, I can get you in touch with the development for a quotation for a custom work. It may take a week for the queue though…

Hi guys, good morning! Congratulations on the theme, the website was great. I need to include a social network, I need the option “Strava”, how could I include it? Thanks in advance.

Some emails like hotmail send the forum updates to spam or bin, I’d suggest keeping the link in your bookmarks for faster access just in case, and checking your spam and bin folders. Make sure to whitelist the forum emails.

Hi Qantum, my email is Gmail and I had looked into the spam folder and nothing.. I’ve adeded the forum in my bookmark, thanks!

I see… the email aspect is actually pretty complex, we know some customers have this issue, but there are so many servers and settings involved that is impossible to actually fix it easily.

This normally happens on hotmail, strange that on gMail happens too, btw it can be anything…

The bookmark is 100% times easier and safer ;) Thank you for your kind collaboration and have a nice day!

I purchased a support package but I cant login to your support form, i have tried the new password route and re-subscribe but nothing is working and I really need to know why since the last update of the theme my Mobile menu doesn’t work. PLEASE HELP

Hello! I see you are on a live account. Microsoft (outlook, live…) is blocking ANY type of form update and newsletter now. I have sent you an email with a new password. Sorry for the inconvenience, if you have another address and want to change that, like gmail that works fine, please just reply to the mail. Best regards

Ok I have tried the things suggested on the form to make my mobile menu work like disabling js combine and cache etc. and hard reset but still not working. And this has worked for 4 years solid until this last update, PLEASE HELP https://pressureradio.com/

Good day sir, after testing your website, it appeared that still you have caching breaking the site


Best regards

Can the player be improved with streaming metadata?

Hello! I’m sorry but we are not adding this function on Sonik for now.

Hello, To update the theme I bought from you (Sonik) on Theme Forest, Envato tells me to put my Item ID in its “Envato Market” plug-in. When I try to add this item, with my Item ID provided with the license certificate, I get an error message: “The item cannot be downloaded”. Envato tells me to deal with you, the seller, the problem is that when I try to register on your support https://www.qantumthemes.com/helpdesk/forums/forum/sonik/. My email address is not accepted, I tried with my Gmail address and my website address, I didn’t use Hotmail, Mail, Live or Outlook Email account but it doesn’t work at all. Can you help me to : - update my Sonik theme? - create my account for your quantumthemes support? Thanks

Finally, I managed to update my Sonik theme with the “Envato Market” plug-in, I did the whole process again and this time it worked. However, I would like to be able to create my support account on quantumthemes. Thanks

Good morning Sir and thanks for getting in touch. Please, send me an email to support@qantumthemes.com with the purchase code and the email used for the helpdesk.

I’ll review your account and make sure it works.

Best regards

I bought onair 2 and Sonik. Sonik i not loading in Firefox. I made a fresh new wordpress installation and ONAIR2 works but not SONIK in FIREFOX help

Good evening Sir, I’m sorry but your profile is not linked to any license of our products. Please, contact us via email and provide the purchase code of the theme, so we can provide full support. Thanks


I noticed that you have a drag a drop Page Builder.

Does that mean I can also make my own home page?

I love the “Radio stream” home page version, but I would like to move the blocks around. For example: I would probably want to move the “scheadule” and make it the second thing you see… I would then totally delete the “next parties of the season” block.

Does the Page Builder allow that?


Yes of course you can, the demo is just an example as starting point ;)

This page can’t load Google Maps correctly. << How to correct this problem? The development page link is: https://mohsinalam.com/eko/gigs/

Thanks for opening a ticket on our helpdesk, an answer will be provided within a few minutes. Regards

I am having issues playing the radio on iphones… pleas advise. thank you!

Hello and thanks for contacting us, our tech team will be happy to help you, don’t worry ;) Please, open a helpdesk request and make sure to specify the URL of your radio stream, and the url of your website.

At this link you can contact our helpdesk


best regards

1. can it be used for music community? so the artist can create their own account, and manage their information, discography, events, youtube/video playlist, etc…

2. and maybe artist can sell their merchandise, we (as website’s owner) can set commission for each sales, etc…

I need that kind of theme, can’t find it anywhere, for now, your theme seems like the best option

Hi! I’m sorry those features are not part of the theme, you can achieve them via external plugins, but there is no actual “support” for similar functions, nor we ever tested them.

Best regards

Presale question. Could visitors vote for the song in chart?

Hi! Thanks for your request! On sonik, I’m sorry but this feature is not available, while is included with other themes of our portfolio.

I’d like to present you different options, please feel free to contact us at info@qantumthemes.com so I can list the different themes we have with this feature, and guide you to the perfect choice for your project.

Best regards