Discussion on SONIK: Responsive Music Wordpress Theme for Bands, Djs, Radio Stations, Singers, Clubs and Labels.

Discussion on SONIK: Responsive Music Wordpress Theme for Bands, Djs, Radio Stations, Singers, Clubs and Labels.

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Hi, i have used the onair theme in the past and now i want to buy for a project the sonik, i have twoi questions about it. first is that in any device i am trying to see the live preview in mozilla sonik isnt working only on chrome, is this something permanent or no? and second i know think maybe that sonik is a older than onair theme, just asking if u stopped to update it or somenthing? is it compatible with the latest wordpress version? thank u

yes i understood that its not that much for radio stations but for this project the hometripleviwew is what i need, i dont need a comparison, just asking if the player can continue to play while u changing pages and what builder Sonik use?

yes the player can continue to play, but works on a different system> in sonik it uses cookies to resume the play state. It uses WPBakery backend editor.

superb, thank u once again

I’m trying to get support with the purchase code, but it’s not working anymore. It says the purchase code is not valid. I can’t even see my old ticket in my account anymore because it also asks for the purchase code. How can I use the support now? Should still have 4 months left

hi! It seems there was some issue on the Envato API, I was just able to add your purchase code back again right now:


Sorry for the problem, Regards

Thanks for the fast response!


Ever since I did the latest theme update, the only page that loads is the homepage. If you click on any other link either in Navigation or on the homepage, it just returns a black page with a X in the top right corner: https://www.thedarknesslive.com/

Please could you advise? Everything is updated on the site and running PHP7.4.

Any help appreciated please!


Hi, it seems your site contains outdated plugins, you should disable all of the plugins, then update and activate the ones required by the theme.

If you need further support, please make sure to extend your service since it’s expired. https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207886473-Extending-and-Renewing-Item-Support



All the plugins are up to date (and were at the initial time of writing). I don´t think it can be that. The only one not updated is VC, when I tried uploading the newest version of VC, it totally broke the site.

I have also tried updating permalinks but that hasn´t worked either.

I would renew the support but it is worrying how this glitch seems to be continuous and also that it seems to not support the latest version of VC?

Are you able to take a look?

Hello Laurena and thanks for contacting us. Your support period expired and i can’t provide support. You can extend the service from the page “downloads” of your Envato account.


Once renewed we will promptly provide our support for your website. Please find here the helpdesk:



Can these Woocommerce templates be updated please?

sonik/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/external.php version 3.4.0 is out of date. The core version is 7.0.1,

sonik/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/simple.php version 3.4.0 is out of date. The core version is 7.0.1,

Hello! They changed only a class name on the html to add the possibility to specify a custom css class, there is no technical change affecting functionality or security. We will update them very soon but there isn’t any urgent reason for this, the site is still safe and functional.

Thank you

Hello, Polygon decoration stopped working after theme update. Could you help please?

Hello dear nadiabouleka, your support stopped in 2017 so i’m unable to troubleshoot your issue, but if you renew the service we will be happy the help you out with this.

On my side I just tested it on 3 installations and everything is working fine.


Once you extend the support you can contact us via PM or helpdesk

https://www.qantumthemes.com/helpdesk/forums/forum/sonik/ https://themeforest.net/user/qantumthemes

Best regards

What is the font used for the word “SONIK”?

Hi Seth, it was designed from scratch, is not a regular font. regards

Thank you

Really like this theme but will it be updated to be compatible with PHP 8.0, 8.2? It is buggy unless using PHP 7.4. Also I tried to register on the support site and it is telling me invalid key.

I don’t think that’s the issue. The errors are complaining about the code, not the environment. The PHP settings are what I use for both dev and production for many many wordpress sites. I run the same settings on my production site as well with other themes without issues. Like I said the errors go away when I use a lower PHP version. Also I am using PHP 8.2 with your PRO.RADIO theme (on the same server) and it works fine. Is the SONIK theme demo running on PHP 8 or 8.2?

Seems to be working with PHP 8.2 now since I’m using the “Main” version of the theme. The problems occurred when I was using the “Radio” version.

Well, the version itself is not descriptive of the environment itself. That’s why WordPress itself has a full page talking about PHP settings


I’m totally sure of what caused the issue and can 100% help avoiding it whatever PHP version you’re running (after 7.2) so if you still have any issue, please feel free to send over your WP login via email or contact us to support@qantumthemes.com for more support with this.

Best regards Igor

I would like to know if it’s possible to remove the demo data plugin from being mandaroty. Like remove it from the alert and for QT Server Check. Thanks.

That’s not possible, sorry, you can uninstall them anyway, not a problem. The notification will stay btw, because too many people were hiding the notification and complaining that they didn’t see it, so we made it fixed. Since those plugins don’t make your site heavier, I’d suggest to just keep them there…

In the alternative, our tech support can made a small code modification for you in order to hide them.

Hello, I hope you’re keeping well. Has this theme been abandoned? There haven’t been any substantial updates for a long time… Also there’s still no elementor support. Are you going to give us an update that will make this theme competitive with other new themes. I did like this theme but I must say, it is a bit outdated now. I hope you will consider offering an update soon, thanks in advance.

Hi, the theme was not abandoned, it’s maintained perfectly functional. No new functions are being added since Envato cutted drastically the promotional budget causing a significative drop in sales, meaning there is no budget to add new big features.

Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. I do have one your other themes which is regularly updated. I may try another theme from your development team. Keep well, cheers :)

We recently pushed some big updates for Kentha and for Vice, they are newer than Sonik and you may find some interesting features there

Can you theme play private soundcloud tracks? If not is something doable? Thanks

We are talking here for my own Soundcloud music tracks that will be hidden as private tracks. Thanks

Thanks for the details, anyhow the ownership of the account doesn’t affect this, unless you set the tracks as public.

By the way you can simply upload the samples to your website directly, in mp3, and skip the SoundCloud embedding.

Hello, i buy yesterday Sonik but just find out htat not have ajax ispossible to get a refund? I will like to try Kentha.

Thanks so much, I will stay will this theme, finally like it, I already own ONAIR theme that is amazing. Will be nice if you can make available a radio plugging addon for Zonik that help tp expand the radio side of this great theme, in the same way you do already with Kentha. Thanks for a great work.

Hi! I don’t know Zonik, if I look for it I only get pictures of Sonic the headgehog… do you have any link to see what it is ?

Oh maybe you meant for Sonik? not sure if is a streaming service that I don’t know yet…

I cannot contact support because they won’t let you sign up with an outlook email, that has been my personal email for years why can’t I use it here. WP Bakery does not allow the drag and drop editing with this theme, it moves slow and if I can’t get support soon I will just request a refund.

Hi, don’t worry we can fix this. Please email us to support@qantumthemes.com and provide your purchase code and username of the helpdesk (or desired one) we will manually activate your account.

Also, this theme allows drag and drop editing, but with the backend editor, not frontend editor.

Hi, congratulations, your theme seems very nice. Before buying it, I’d like to have an info concerning the Audio player cause I cannot see that from the samples.

Let’s imagine being on the page of ARTIST 01. I would like to show his latest release (i.e. ALBUM 01) on his page, ready to be listened, followed by the cover photo of his previous albums (from the same artist, not from other artists). For Example, ALBUM 02 and ALBUM 03. When I click on the cover photo of the ALBUM 02, it will replace the position of ALBUM 01 (showing all titles and ready to be listened) while ALBUM 01 would go down in the album list together with ALBUM 03. While doing that, I should be able to keep staying on the page of ARTIST 1 and read his biography or watch his photos while listening to his music. Is that possible? Thank you in advance.

Hi, our theme doesn’t do this, sorry. It works as in the demos…

We do have another theme that allows to listen all of the artist albums from the artist page: Kentha


You can click on the Albums tab and from there you can click Play for each album, or simply add them to the playlist.

I been trying to get demo data to install for hours, for some reason i can not create radio channels geting 404 error

Hello! If you need support, you need to please contact us via helpdesk using a valid support service


We will be happy to login into your website and do anything is required till completing the demo import.

best regards

Greetings, I bought yesterday and I require a help from support. I already left a ticket

Thank you so much

Hello, tickets are answered within 8 work hours. We are based in Europe, GMT + 1

When sharing posts to Facebook the featured image does not show. Instead it shows the favicon. I’ve tried to debug the link multiple times using the Facebook debugger tool with no success. The error stated is: The following required properties are missing: og:url, og:type, og:title, og:image, og:description, fb:app_id. Please help!

Hi, to optimize sharing contents, you need specific plugins, the best (free) is All in One SEO.

Go to Plugins, add new and find “all in One SEO”.

After installing it, add the free module for Social Sharing

https://aioseo.com/all-in-one-seo-social-meta-panel-optimizes-your-social-shares/ If a link was shared before, after setting the Plugin, remember to debug the link to scrape new infos https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

Hey guys! The video doesnt load on mobile or this is an option? It’s 2021 nobody cares about data! Thanks! :)

Good morning and thanks for contacting us. On mobile, background videos are not blocked by data, but for security policies, at a low level of the device.

Presale Question… In the Radio demo, when I click around from page to page, the music breaks (stops) when going to the new page and begins playing again when the new page loads. Is that the way it’s supposed to operate?

I know your other theme (OnAir2) has continuous play when going from page to page.

Thanks for standout themes!


Hi! Onair2 has ajax page loading while So ok doesn’t. Did you check also our theme kentha? It has ajax page loading and there is an add-on plugin for radio stations.

Thanks for the quick response! Is there a particular demo of Kentha that I should check out (one that is close to the Radio option)?

I’m most likely going to go with OnAir2 :)

You can check out the demo of the plugin for Kentha: https://codecanyon.net/item/kentharadio-addon-for-kentha-music-wordpress-theme-to-add-radio-station-and-schedule-functionality/21878366

The plugin adds to kentha all of the options you have with OnAir2

Also, Kentha and Kentha radio work also with Elementor and the live frontend editor, while OnAir2 uses WPBakery backend drag and drop.

Plus, we do have other options for radios, I’d suggest to ask via email to support@qantumthemes.com for more links.

Hello guys, i have finally decided to change my theme just because after working on it for over a year, i finally got stuck because the theme was not compatible to “any” of the plugins i used to add particular feature like , Name your price, Pay your price, deposits, crowd funding.

Unfortunately all plugins failed due to the themes functionality which uses ajax to add items to the cart. even after disabling ajax it didn’t work.

The author of the theme has been helpful and the theme is great but that’s where it breaks. The author of that theme isn’t willing to fix it , which is the cause for me to start looking for a reliable theme that can add above mentioned features using woocommerce plugins. Especially Name Your Price plugin. Would your theme be compatible with this plugin ? Here is what my page which has this problem.


When i add an amount and hit “add to cart” nothing happens.

Kindly tell me so i can get your theme and move on with it.

Hi! The Sonik theme should have no problem with this plugin as it doesn’t use Ajax, to ensure a higher compatibility with third party plugins.

That’s cool! thanks for the reply i’ll finalize my decision in a bit and go for the new theme.

Thank you! Wish you a nice day ;)


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