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Hi, i have 2 problems with mobile version (480px)_ 1) top-bar is not large 100%; there’s space on the left. 2) there’s white space to the right and the horizontal scrollbar is always active

Can you help me? Thenks

Hi, thanks for your comments. Its not a bug we made it like this in small devices.


For css adjust please use following codes: Please go to style-responsive.css line# 432 and replace by
.nav > li{
display: block;
position: relative;
float: none;
And for JS on click hide please use following function in scripts.js
 $('.topmenu a').on('click', function(){
            if($('.navbar-toggle').css('display') !='none'){
                $(".navbar-toggle").trigger( "click" );

Hope it will work.


I solved problem n°1 adding “left:0;” to #top-bar on style.css Problem n°2 is due to .appear(); when you scroll website until footer white space on the right disappear.

I have another question: on 720px view all menu disappear… how can i show .navbar_toggle?

Your login page (themebucket.net) does not provide a recover password option, so, it does not matter how many times i try cannot access your knowledge base. Would you please help me?

Our support forum is not fully ready now. We are providing support via email until our support forum is complete

On the demo on themeforest there are no problems, but the one we were given has some issues. When you Click team up top, it scrolls to the right location, but displays services in the timeline menu and highlights service in the main menu. Same thing happens between Features and Price. Also, when you first open the webpage… the side timeline shouldn’t show until you start to scroll but this isn’t the case with out version. Can you advise on how to fix this, or provide an updated version of the theme that functions as advertised?

Extremely sorry for late reply. Themebucket stuff will update you about this issue today.

Purchased theme.

Installed fine, having problems setting it up. Would like to have it like the demo.

Is there an import file or some instructions for setting it up like the demo site?

Thanks much! Sam

First import data from the Tools > Import (and select the demo data xml file). 2nd go to Setting > Reading > select “A static page (select below)” then Select “Home Page” from Front page Drop down and select “Blog” from post page dropdown. hope that you site will work as the demo.

I would like to incorporate playing video into the portfolio/gallery is this supported? Any Ideas?

Hi ive purchased this but, when try to remove a section then the whole site breaks. Could you please help me with that ?

The download does not provide a zip file of all data/css, etc . When I compress the folder to upload contents to the WP CMS it states it is missing the template css. I am obviously not a code designer so I am looking for an easier way to get all the content uploaded into the WP CMS.

Hi, We afraid you bought html version not WordPress version.


sorry the error message states the file (when zipped) is missing the style.css spreadsheet

Hi, we afraid we don’t understand your comments.