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Also good job!

Thanks a lot)

awesome, GLWS guys :)


Nice coming soon template!

Thank you so much!

Good job!Good luck :)

very nice :) GLWS

Thanks a lot!

nice theme. good job!

Thank you!

i love the style ! Very nice theme :)

Hello, Eric. Thanks a lot.


As soon as a I swap the MailChimp urls over and try to subscribe I get this error: Oops! AJAX error: parsererror

Any idea why?


It seems that your URL is incorrect.

Please, check this link and try to insert correct URL from code in Step 5.

Don’t copy all text, just copy CORRECT URL from this part of code. <form action=“CORRECT URL” method=”post” id=”mc-embedded-subscribe-form” name=”mc-embedded-subscribe-form” class=”validate” target=”_blank” novalidate>

Best Regards

Is there any possibility to show video instead photo on background?

Could you tell me when next version will be available?

We are going to release a new version within two weeks.

Hello, we just released a new version with YouTube Video Background support. Thank you for purchasing!

how do I change the map settings I can not find it anywhere please help


Please visit and go to “Google Maps” help section. You can also find the same Documentation in downloaded Sonoran archive in “docs” folder.

Best Regards

grate thank you a lot !

Hello. Version 1.1 released. Now Sonoran supports YouTube Video Background. Thanks and Enjoy!

Is it possible to add video from file instead of youtube?

sorry, no. You can just upload your video file on YouTube and then copy link to Sonoran template.

I am very happy with the clean code and design. self-hosted videos (mp4) would make the rocket fly.

How about adding: - mobile menu on top - one more section (colour)

Your work is fantastic!

Thanks, I’d like to add a little more content. eg. 3 rows or 2/3 rows and 1/3 row. Can you show us how to add content areas with 2 or 3 rows.

Do you mean rows or columns? Sonoran does not support 3 columns. You can add a new section with 2 columns by copying newsletter section and paste <aside> div instead of id=”feed-form” div. Hope this will help you.

I did, thanks! Works like a charm. Love the theme.

My start is on 6 a clock in the evening, can I ajust the hour in the countdown anywhere? is this my direction to look for:

Found out for others to test as well: countdownTo: ‘2014/02/13 14:15:00’, // Change this in the format: ‘YYYY/MM/DD h:m:s’

Hello! Thanks for the investigation, it is really useful.

and looks cool

I need to change the height of the map. therefore I checked for map-canvas but could not find out how to change the height. The size pepends on the browser height. Can you show me how to get the height about half the size of now. For my site the map is little too big.

Hello, Please edit file custom.js, line 276, that.canvas.height(WIN.height())

that.canvas.height(WIN.height()/2); – half of the size that.canvas.height(500); – 500px height

this works, your theme looks so pretty.

Hey, nice work here, and well documented! I have everything working as intended, except – I have no idea why the youtube video is not displaying on other pc’s – but is on the one I type from now.

Chrome and firefox on 2 other computers only show the slideshow images.

Any ideas?


Hello, Morgan. We tested template on 5 computers and can not find the problem. Could you give more information about it?

I cant see the background on my desktop, windows 7×64 Chrome, but works on laptop chrome, very strange. Turned of adblock and firewall and still video does not load.

Very difficult to find a problem that can be seen only on one computer. Can you take a screenshot of Chrome Inspect Console after loading template? Right click -> Inspect Element -> Console

pre-sales question: is it possible to make the counter go UP from a certain date instead of down? Thx!

Hello. Sorry but it is impossible, because the count depends on the date.


Is it possible to hide the counter?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, of course, just delete tag in index.html