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Looks great, congrats :)

Thanks for your kind comment.

Nice design & concept template. Quite clean looking except I think the yellow text in blog sidegar is a bit “loud” and the blog sidebar design not quite in design harmony with that of the greeting page. Good work overall, IMO .

Some questions:

1. Is there a detailed documentation file or control panel included to assist someone with medium level HTML and CSS knowledge to setup and configure the background, animation and SQlite based blog?

2. Can I change the background image and/or animation effect to my needs?

3. Can text colors in Blog sidebar section be changed via CSS ?


thank you for your nice feedback. 1. Yes, there is a documentation file included. The blog has a control panel, where you can edit it. If you have any questions, send me a message via the contact form on the profile page or via email. I’ll be very happy to help you out with some personal customizations. 2. Yes, you can change the background image and animation effect to your needs. Example: For the background, you need to change only one line of code: “slides : [ {image : ‘images/sunset.jpg’} ]”. Just change the image file to yours. In the jquery scripts “jquery.bgscroll.js” and “jquery.bgscroll.settings.js”, you can change the overlay settings. The overlay image file itself can easily be changed in style.css. 3. Yes, you can change the blog colors and the overall styling via css. Again, if you have any questions, I`ll be very happy to help you out.

Thanks much for your first reply. It helped me decide to purchase your theme last night.

I understood most of your guidelines, but have never edited any .js code so will first make a stab at it and ask more if I don’t succeed.

Regarding your theme’s blog requiring SQL lite, is that the same as MySQL needing to have a special database setup first on my hosting server using the PHPadmin utility before I upload and configure your theme? I first set up a MySQL database on hosting server related to my hosted site domain and then point to it via your theme’s control panel to get the blog feature working?

Thanks much for your offer of good support.

Your first response certainly reflects well upon your developer ethics compared to what I have encountered from two other developers that I recently purchased WP themes from.

Hi, thanks for purchasing my theme and your kind words. I updated the download file and added a quick installation routine for the sqlite blog script. Just upload all files to your server, go to the blog and follow the steps, it will take a few minutes to make the blog work. Please download the new file. You don`t need a mysql database on your server. SQLite writes a .db file on your server, this is where all blog entries etc are stored. If you need support with the js files, just sent me a message, I`ll be very happy to help you out.

Hello Themewerk,

How do I initialise the countdown timer? I can’t seem to find instructions on how to do this. Please help I’m a complete newb with js and need really specific instructions. Sorry if its really obvious!

By initialise I mean I want to set the timer to countdown until 14 September 2012

@themework I figured it out, please disregard! thanks

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Glad you figured it out!

Good afternoon; “Please can you tell me how I can set the date June 17, 2013 GMT +1 Madrid (Spain)

thank you very much

In the countdown, Where is the change of the date?


Thanks for contacting me! I have replied to the email.

Thanks mate