Discussion on Soonr - Modern Flexible Coming Soon Template

Discussion on Soonr - Modern Flexible Coming Soon Template

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Hey, when I change an icon from “About us” it is not changed it still remains the old image with “Placeholder”.

Hi ErikTGS. Did you already solve your problem? If not, can you please get into detail in what you are trying to achieve? cheers

Hey, I have the Soonr WP Plugin. But when I enabled it, the plugin will not show me the actual functionality to change the copy or settings. For example, if I go to Home Settings I see nothing there to actually edit the Home settings. Please help.

Any plan to update this? It no longer works on Wordpress

Hi, I bought this template soonr and like to use youtube video as a background. Unfortunately video are not playing in chrome, if you refer your website also youtube is not playing. I even try to troubleshoot with http://www.seanmccambridge.com/tubular/ but no luck. I am using chrome ver 65.0.3325.146 and IE 11. Appreciate your update and I think you have to update jQuery tubular

Regards, Jerry

dear cottanman, let me understand your approach…
1) you do not see a video using this link: http://themes.createbrilliance.com/Soonr/theme/index-youtube.html
2) you do not see a video using this link:
3)are you seeing the video using this link:
is that correct? what system are you using? e.g. windows, mac … are you on a desktop device or on a smartphone?


Hello, How are you… as you know after chrome v62 launched SSL is the way website should go. I brought the soonr and trying to customize at http://BeAmodel.co I am uploading the screenshot at your facebook to see the errors. Also the green lock for the SSL is missing but dont worry I think I can fix if the issue is from server,

dear cottanman that’s most probably not an issue of the template. good luck


I purchased Soonr, both the template (accidentally) and the now the plugin and they both failed.

Here is my purchase code eb9ba9be-ba47-41a5-a88f-7ab34d9bfb9a

Please help fix failed plugin issue. Thanks.

Hi HKWL thx alot for buying Soonr. Could you be a little bit more precise? What did fail? Did you install Soonr as a plugin to your WordPress backend? We will surely find a solution

cheers ;)

I bought the theme first, under the impression that it was for WordPress. Ok, not entirely your fault: I could have read more carefully. But. I was not the only one who went with the same assumption, I read from the comments trying to figure the issue out myself.


Then I purchased the WP plugin, uploaded the zip file as a new plugin. Failed to upload plugin. That’s all error message that I got. Need your input how to resolve.

Hi HKWL thx for your response. regarding issue 1 (template instead of plugin)...feel free to contact envato for a refund.

regarding issue 2: did you try to upload any other plugin? a failed upload might indicate issues with your server. if other plugins install just fine then please send us your credentials for your wordpress site and we’ll have a look. (please mail to: themes@createbrilliance.com)



I purchased Soonr, both the template (accidentally) and the now the plugin and they both failed.

Here is my purchase code eb9ba9be-ba47-41a5-a88f-7ab34d9bfb9a

Please help fix failed plugin issue. Thanks.

This is the best Coming Soon template I have ever purchased. I got everything including the newsletter through MailChimp to work, which is amazing by the way. The only thing I can’t figure out, is how to use a custom font. I uploaded all 5 versions of the font needed (.eot, .woff, etc..) into the font folder, and updated “font-awesome.min”. Is there something else that needs to be changed? Thanks!

Just kidding I got it! Thanks anyways! 5 stars for you!

I’m trying to use shortcodes in the content but they don’t work. Specifically Contact Form 7. Please help me add this functionality!

hi jbillauer88, sorry for the huge delay. do the soonr shortcodes work?? cheers

attempting to add a shadow to offset the text from the backgrounds. I can see that adding “text-shadow: 4px 4px 17px #000000;” is exactly what i need when i modify it live using Chrome page inspection. Where could I place this to get Soonr to accept?

hi BNLPros, sorry for the delay. are you refering to the template or wordpress plugin of soonr? for both there is a style.css file which you would need to update with the code you have posted. cheers

Hello. Nice template. Please help- it not works well on ssl website. Pls chk and HELP.

hi codeofthefreedom. there’s for instance one issue. the file: https://www.castelmimi.md/soonr/js/jquery.shiningImage.min.js can not be loaded properly. please make sure that the path is correct. scripts that don’t load probperly affect the rest of the code.

No luck. Still not works. Please help.

please send us the login credentials of your hoster. so we can have a closer look at the files. send them to themes@createbrilliance.com

Hello! What’s the best way to override the CSS on this plugin? I just want to hide the side menu, really. Thanks! :)

hi carriegates you are writing this to the Soonr template on themeforest. but as you said plugin I bet you are talking about the wordpress plugin … right? The fastest way would be to hide it with display none… Search for the main.css file and right at the bottom insert this: #menu-toggle {display:none} done!

cheers and happy coding. we’d highly appreciate if you could rate our plugin. thanks alot!

Thanks so much! And yes, I’ll definitely give you a great review :)

Hello! How I can use YouTube background whith embeded sound? And what about external sound file to use whith endless video-loop?

hi dblackpro thx alot for purchasing Soonr. To “unmute” your video use the following code (we take the index.youtube.html as example and extend it with the mute parameter)

$('#video-wrapper').tubular({videoId: 'lMlZ4NCNVSE',wrapperZIndex: 9999, mute:false}); so mute:false needs to be added. External soundfiles can be integrated and repeated with some javascript. its not a feature of soonr but we can help you writing the code. cheers

My purchase code is 3c525bb5-ce8d-47b3-be86-d696382a770b

I’m having issues getting mailchimp to work properly. I’ve followed the documentation…

hi, just to let you know…we are on this…

Great! You guys are awesome. Awaiting your reply

hi please try the following

ob_start(); if ($this->secure){ $sock = stream_socket_client("ssl://".$host.":443", $errno, $errstr); } else { $sock = stream_socket_client($host.":80", $errno, $errstr); } if(!$sock) { $this->errorMessage = "Could not connect (ERR $errno: $errstr)"; $this->errorCode = "-99"; ob_end_clean(); return false; }

the position is the same. the new function is the same, too. but what has changed is the parameters for the stream_socket_client functions…they needed to be adjusted. please try the update and tell us how it worked for you.


i cannot upload it to wordpress. it says style.css stylesheet missing

hi fazalmukthar thx for buying SOONR and sorry for that. I assume you are talking about the themeforest version? if so…SOONR is not a wordpress theme but a html/css/javascript template. which has nothing to do with wordpress and therefore does not work on wordpress. If you are talking about SOONR from codecanyon (which is a wordpress plugin) you have to install it as a plugin not as a theme. this should do the trick! if you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask. we’ll help you. have a great week ahead!


I excitedly purchased and learned I don’t know what the heck I’m doing when it comes to installing it (on Godaddy) as a landing page. I’m probably going to end up purchasing Wordpress plug-in but is there such a thing as a step-by step? Thank you.

hi pmoore1 thx alot for buying soonr. We are sure we can help you with your issue. Here’s what you need to have (as written in the documentation) 1) webspace 2) php (for the contact form)

where exactly is your issue? if you just need assistance for uploading the template to your host then just send us your login credentials to themes@createbrilliance.com and we will handle the rest.

cheers and PS: rating is always appreciated ;)

Hello, i want to set the Link to the Newsletter Section without the “Button” Styling. How can i set a simple

Hi rbsystems thanks alot for buying soonr. You just need to remove the btn btn-default class from the newsletter link. Do you know how this is done? If not just ask we’ll help you! cheers

Hey is it possible for us to meet online co you can see my screen so I can get this mailchimp working I really need it to work this is the last thing I promise. Here is the website http://mrnoexcuses.com

received it. will check it

fixed. you actually did not use the mailchimp template ;) tested it and it is working now! have fun

Thank you sir! You are the man!

Hi! love the plugin – i’m finding it really easy to use aside from a couple of things. How do I change the font on the homepage and across the board?

Also, I know it’s obvious how to change the font colour but is there a way to change the grey sidebar and menu colour background?

Thanks again for a great plugin! Would appreciate any help, cheers!


hi kate…don’t worry about asking. feel free to ask whatever you need to get your site up and running. to change the font color for the sidebar search for this

.sidebar-nav li a

and change the color value.

for the modal thats coming from above search for #modal

and change the color value here too.

cheers and have a great weekend (thx for rating!!)

thank you! so helpful and I really appreciate the quick responses despite my pestering. two last things – i promise then I’m done! how do I change the colour of the menu button link (three stripes on the top right) ? plus, I’ve linked up my API key and List Id on mailchimp but although it says it’s been successful, mailchimp isn’t registering the email addresses entered – is there something else I can do to fix this end?

thanks again, hugely appreciated! kate

hi kate…

to change the menu…once again search for this in the main.css

.bt-menu-trigger span::before, .bt-menu-trigger span::after and edit the background…(above and below bar) also search for this: .bt-menu-trigger span and edit the background…(middle bar)

for mailchimp. if its successfully sending your form then chances might be high that you forgot to approve the email you received. the sign up is a two way process. you fill in your information. afterwards you receive an email. you have to CONFIRM this email…and then this email should be listed in your mailchimp. if thats not working send us the link to your site and we’ll have a look.

cheers and happy coding

Any answer to this Question Boss?: What’s up buddy for some reason I cannot get the email to work with mailchimp would you happen to have a solution to help me out. The site is mrnoexcuses.com you will see the email under the “take action” button. It will validate and say it was delivered however it’s not showing up in mailchimp or my email. I preferred to come to my email versus mailchimp to be honest. Thanks a ton!

hi freedommcflyy thx alot for buying soonr and sorry for the late reply. Mailchimp has a two way sign up process. maybe this already solves your issue. so if you sign up you will get a second email which wants you to approve your sign up. ONLY after confirming your signup you will see the signup in mailchimp. does this help? if not just come back here cheers

I tried that its still not working =(

checked your http://mrnoexcuses.com/mailchimp/js/mailing-list.js seems that there was an issue uploading the file (the line breaks are gone). solution: you need to change the transfer mode of your ftp client to binary… please try that cheers


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