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Congratulations on your first theme. Best of luck with sales :)

Thanks very much Chris :)

This is very nice work. Congrats, hope you sell alot! :)

cheers coffeeholic!

Nice . More well done responsive WC themes are always welcome here IMO . Happy to hear you spent so much time on mobile development.

While you specifically mentioned iOS, how much time was spent testing on Android? Don’t own an Android device? Surely, you used free emulator from Google, right?

While mobile Safari / Chrome both are webkit browsers, they don’t act the same operating websites. The iOS version of Chrome isn’t really Chrome at since it’s merely a skinned iOS UIWebView.

hey there electronicpakrat,

I don’t currently own an android device (but will be getting a nexus 7 as soon as I can – they look awesome!) but I did run it through the Android SDK emulator and everything looks pretty much bang on.


Great theme, is there a option to have a sidebar on a single product page?

Hey there lesko – no sidebar on the item details page for this version. It’s planned for a later version. Ed

This is one of the most slick WC themes I’ve seen and it could be great for an upcoming job!

On the homepage the feature slider loads a full 1 or 2 seconds after the body does – this causes the products to display at the top first and then jump down, which is a bit jarring when you want to make a good first impact on the user. Is there a reason for this or any option to have it all load together?

Would it be possible to change the page main body from the light grey to another colour?

Could the search bar be taken out of the header and have some html text there instead?

And a minor usability point on the sidebar menu – would it be possible to have the full cell on each link clickable and possibly highlighted rather than just the word itself? (Same as the drop down menu).

And I second the request for the sidebar on a product page.

Hey soulnecta,

Thanks for the great feedback :)

Some quick answers to your questions:

1.) Re: homepage slider – I know what you mean – I see this a lot with nivo slider (the jquery slider used on the homepage). It is easily solved by giving the container block a fixed height e.g.

.hpslider { display: block; height: 347px; }

This forces the Nivo block to display it’s height before the main slider content loads. I selected not to do this as the slider is responsive and takes a fluid height at different breakpoints for different devices. You could lots of different heigh variances at different breakpoints but I figured the delay is so small it wouldn’t be worth the extra load caused by the different breakpoints :)

2.) Re: changing main body color – yip – very easy – just 2 background values to change:

layout.css – line 197

.boxed #wrap_all { background: #fff; }

layout.css – line 201:

.home #wrap_all { background: #8A3F3F; }

3.) Re: search bar – yes this is a widgeted area :)

4.) Re: side menu css – yes this would be easy enough to change – hit me up when you have the theme purchased and installed and I’ll guide you :)

5.) Re: sidebar on product page – noted :)

Thanks! Excited to purchase and have a go with this. I assume it also has - easy ability to change background image - custom css box - ability to center logo in header?

Hey soulnecta,

Thanks for your purchase! I don’t see a nested reply option on your last comment:

“Thanks! Excited to purchase and have a go with this. I assume it also has – easy ability to change background image – custom css box – ability to center logo in header?”

so i’m replying via your original comment.

To answer your questions: - ability to change bg image from within the theme: I left this out for V1 but intend to add it to V2. It should be straightforward enough to override the existing bg image in the interim. Let me know if you need any assistance with that.

- custom css – my suggested approach for that for now is to create a custom stylesheet following the existing pre-defined color variation stylesheets. I wasn’t sure if people actually use those custom css metaboxes you see in some themes – is that what you mean? If so I’ll add it to the V2 roadmap :)

- centering the logo – this can be done with some CSS tweaks but not from within the theme options. The main reason why is because the header is actually a 2 col grid (the left col is for the logo and the right col is a widgeted area).

Hope this helps,


This is a nice template good luck with sales ;)

Thanks windowsgame :)

Great work! Good luck with sales :)

thanks for the kind comment louiejie :)

Hi, like theme’s simplicity. Some questions: 1. I only have less than 20 items to sell, is it possible to make a list with picture and description instead of grid list? 2. Do you have slider manager or shortcode? Thanks 3. Is the homepage widgetized?

Hey there atteam,

1.) There is no list layout in this version – possibly in V2 :) 2.) There is a slider manager for the homepage slider 3.) The homepage is fully widgetized.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your answer. I’ll keep an eye for V2 :)


Bought your theme a couple of days ago. Looks great… Just having issues with a few things:

Shortcodes for columns and also pricing table not working:

Shop page displaying “No products found which match your selection.” message

This is all I’ve come across so far… I need to build the site and switch it over with my live site, by the end of the week.

Thanks in advance for your help.

(WP 3.4.1, WooCommerce

Thanks Ed!!!

Hey SimonPaul,

I have an update coming shortly which resolves the strange “No products found” issue you reported. It’s related to a recent subtle change in the WooCommerce core. Drop an email to ed at if you want me to send you a patch file in the interim while tf approve the update.


Thanks for your help Ed. Fantastic support, and such a great theme! What more could you ask for!?


Hello, I am interested in purchasing this theme. Is it possible to add a fullscreen background image ? (instead of the blue background). Thank in advance for your response

Hey there lapetitesouris,

Yes it’s very possible and quite easy to do! The blue background you currently see is actually a fullscreen background image :)

To change this you could just override the existing background image with your own custom background image.

Let me know if you do need help with this if you decide to purchase the theme.



This looks very nice and I am in need of a new e-commerce theme (or two) but gun shy after working with Templatic’s e-commerce themes where there was so many errors and bugs that its embarrassing to my clients when they would catch so many things not working.

Has this been thoroughly beta tested by others?

Its nothing personal, just want to make sure the next e-commerce theme I buy has very little issues with it.

While their regular themes are decent, everyone should stay away from Templatic’s e-commerce themes!


Hey Terry,

Why WooCommerce?

A couple of reasons:

1.) Excellent team behind it – the guys at Woothemes are investing considerable time and resources into making WooCommerce the best ecommerce plugin for WooCommerce. It’s extremely well supported and developing at a very rapid rate. Same goes for Jigoshop aswell by the way – also an excellent plugin! WooCommerce is essentially a fork of Jigoshop that started when the main guys who built Jigoshop moved to Woothemes.

2.) Excellent plugin design – it’s really well put together from a coding standards perspective and is quite extensible allowing theme devs to customise how the different templates look – really important for me for any ecommerce system.

For me right now it’s the best ecommerce plugin for WordPress.


Thanks for taking the time to let me know your thoughts….

you are most welcome Terry :)

Just purchased the theme and looks good. Had a question about adding a tab to a product page? Is that done within the WooCommerce admin or somewhere else? For example, how did you add the “Additional Information” tab below the photos?

thanks just found this and looks good, but would like add multiple tabs:

hey buzzguy,

thanks for your purchase!

the “Additional Information” tab is a native WooCommerce feature which gets populated by Attributes/Variations content.

The free plugin you found also looks good. I’m not aware of other plugins at the moment that let you do additional tabs. It might be worth raising it with the WooCommerce guys directly.


Hey.. will this work with wordpress multisite?

Hey silentkiller!

The theme itself would be fine but I’m unsure of how well WooCommerce works with multisite installs. There are various pieces of chatter I’ve seen via google about WooCommerce and Multisite support but nothing official.

There is also an open feature request for advance multisite support here:



I have a few questions regarind it. This cart can have these features:?

1. Easy adding products with many images. One main image and others (5 images) as a mini gallery

2. Produse similare / din aceeasi categorie / cine a cumparat acest produs a mai cumparat si…, top 10 produse vandute (cu posibilitatea de management)

3. Top 10 products sold by the store (this feature to be edited by the webmaster – yes you may say that this is not correct but we want to influience the sales editing the top ten).

4. Similar products. Who puchased the produc X also purchased the produc Y and Z

5. Products tag

6. Product description

7. Other product features. Like: T-shirt with different colours, sizes, cotton or sintetic, etc

8. Changind the product colour with simple click on the palette with other colours

9. SEO firendly

10. A product to be a part of at least two categories

11. NEXT and PREVIOUS product navigation buttons when visualise a product.

12. recent visualised products

13.Side bar filtering products (example: price range, colours, or other feature)

14. First page product listing

15. Discounts on first page


Hey Dante78,

1.) yes 2.) yes 3.) Not sure – don’t think it’s native – there may be a WooCommerce plugin for a moderated Top 10. 4.) yes 5.) yes 6.) yes 7.) yes 8.) yes – additional commercial extension – 9.) yes :) 10.) yes 11.) yes 12.) yes 13.) yes 14.) yes 15.) yes

So 14 yes’s and 1 not sure – not bad :)

Hi Ed,

Thank you for your response about the background image. Is it possible with Sooperstore and Woocommerce to create customized products with multi select lists and a single line text? For the customer to choose a color, a model on lists and to add the name to write on the product.

Hey there,

Re: customised products – you can color variations with WooCommerce itself. For things like input boxes for gift messages, engraving messages etc. WooCommerce have an extension which does exactly that:

Hey Themesforge,

I hope all is well.

I also am experiencing the “No products found which match your selection” issue on all product pages. Is the update which you mentioned was to resolve this available yet?

Also, I would like to have the homepage slider “auto-play”; how would I go about accomplishing this?

Best Regards.

hey there method85,

shoot me a mail at ed at and I’ll send you the hotfix – hoping the update is released later today.

Re: auto-play – that’s a quick change to a js file


line 748: manualAdvance: false

I only have one other theme from Themeforest and it has auto update functionality. How will we know when you have released an update to this theme and how will it effect hacks to the core you are proposing like the one in the post above this one?

shoot me a mail at ed at and I’ll send you the hotfix – hoping the update is released later today. Re: auto-play – that’s a quick change to a js file /sooperstore/js/jquery.tfcustom.js line 748: manualAdvance: false

Hey gbeatty,

The update is in the themeforest queue and will be notified here by me as an official update once themeforest approve it.

The hotfix is the only change coming in v1.1 – getting it directly from me is only an interim step if anyone needs it urgently.

I know that themeforest are working on a core solution to make this process easier for customers in the future.

Re: how it would affect making changes to core settings like js settings for slider effects – I guess there is no real easy solution to that at the moment other than to keep a note of which changes to the core you make before installing an update so that you can re-apply them afterwards. As a theme purchaser myself I know this is a bit of a pain but without moving everything into WordPress theme option settings I couldn’t see an easier way around this at present.

I am open to ideas and suggestions though :)


I wish to try the admin before I buy it. Do you have an admin demo or something? Thanks! :)

Hey DarkSlash,

No admin demo at the moment for the theme itself. For WooCommerce there is a decent video demo of it here:

If you wish I can record a quick video demo of the theme admin area itself?


Hi, Just wondering if its possible to add payment methods? I would like to use the theme in the Netherlands where the iDeal payment method is popular.

Thanks HJ

Hey HJ,

It is possible to add payment methods. There is a vibrant developer ecosystem for WooCommerce – in fact an extension already exists for iDeal :)