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Looks great! Two questions about it… Does it support child-themes? And I see it only supports IE9 . For me is supporting of IE8 very important. Are you able to add this support? Maybe for a small fee…


Hey there yoshituk,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Sooperstore does support child themes. Unfortunately IE8 is not on the roadmap at the moment. Sooperstore makes extenstive use of CSS3 for many effects and there are no equivalents for some effects in IE8 .

Hi, this theme is awesome! Questions:

1. Can i use a breadcumb after banner?

2. Can i view the product as list, instead as grid?


Hi there,

1.) We don’t currently have a breadcrumb feature enabled but this can be easily added for WooCommerce pages and also for the main WordPress pages using one of the many free breadcrumb plugins available.

2.) No list view yet :) It’s on the roadmap for a future version.


I bought this theme and i found it really cool.

Only one question… How can i translate the theme in another language? I tried to change the file in ”/language” but it didn’t work.

Hi msbrigna,

Thanks for your purchase!

Did you use Poedit (or something similar) to generate your language file?

See simple guide here:


Problem solved! I had problems translating cart dropdown menu in the header.

I changed some lines of code inside “sooperstore/woocommerce/config.php” because i saw that the dropdown menu doesn’t use *.po / *.mo files for the translation.

Hi msbrigna,

Glad you got it solved :)


I purchased this theme, I wanted to ask if it is possible to use this theme without woocommerce?

Hey cfresh,

Thanks for your purchase. By default no – it’s very much a Woocommerce optimized theme. If you just want to use it as a pure WordPress theme this is still possible but you would need to comment out some code across the theme.

Any WooCommerce references would need to be removed.


I had a problem with the thumbnails shown on the product page. They enter into columns in an odd way where some rows only have one thumb, while others are four wide. Have you tested with uploading 10 images to products?

Hey buzzguy – to be honest no. I think the most was 4 or 5. I will schedule some time to test it with 10 thumbs tomorrow and get back to you then if thats ok.


Hey buzzguy,

V1.2 is ready for action.

See an example of the new thumbnail carousel here: – it’s not live here yet as it is going through the approval queue.

ping me on if you need it sooner.



of course, no problem, thanks so much for looking into it! Been liking all the features..

hey buzzguy,

thanks for your patience – I’ll be pushing out a V1.2 release in approx. 24 hours which will include a nice little carousel for the product thumbs meaning you can have lots of thumbs without any wrapping/layout issues. I’ll ping you when I release it.


found a little fix for the nivo slider.css – next/prev arrows only have the transition for webkit/chrome, so I added the others..(most importantly moz ^^ )

.nivo-directionNav a {-webkit-transition: all .3s ease; -moz-transition: all .3s ease; -o-transition: all .3s ease; transition: all .3s ease;

Thanks for the heads up buzzguy – I’ll add it to the 1.2 release :)

Hi, Im very interested in this theme, and was wondering if the paypal plugin come with this?

Hi there rongconcrx,

yes WooCommerce comes with paypal support builtin as standard :)


I was wondering if I could get a tip on adding custom post types to a product page? I wanted to add a few more bits of information/specs which I would place each in a li within a ul. I added the definitions to the meta-box.php. If I wanted it to appear in the products admin page, where should I register it to? or is there a good area I could just add a few more lines? thanks..!

actually, playing around with attributes which seems to do what I want, nm!

hey buzzguy,

glad the attributes worked out for you :)


Hi Brilliant theme but im having major issues i followed your instructions and when im adding a product to the store i cannot save a featured image. Also i cannot save the widget settings or the Header settings (all basic stuff) nothing saves.. some say ‘saving’ but nothing ever does in the end. Please help. Thanks

hey there,

thanks for the purchase – sorry to hear you are having issues.

it sounds like you are having problems with WooCommerce rather than the theme?

Given that and the issue you are having saving widget/header settings it sounds like it could be either your php version is too old or it could be restrictive php security settings which are preventing php sessions from working.

What version of php are you running and on what host?


Pre sales ? -

1. Can you upload your own background ? looks like there is no theme options based on your features list.

2. Can you choose fonts via admin panel ?

Hi there reactor,

thanks for getting in touch!

1.) No background upload yet but it’s a real simple image replacement. There is a simple unbranded theme options panel – definitely on the features list! 2.) No font selection via the admin panel but the theme uses Google Fonts – again very simple tweak in the header to change – I can give you free support if you need assistance.


Hi! Is it possible to put url link on the whole pictures in the nivo slider….?

Thanks For the slider here:

Hi there,

Your site is looking great!

It is possible but requires a small tweak to the following file:


around line 26:

<?php the_post_thumbnail('slide-hp', array('title' => '' . $jcycle_sliderid . '')); ?>
replace that line with this:
<a href="<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'hpslide_url', true); ?>">
<?php the_post_thumbnail('slide-hp', array('title' => '' . $jcycle_sliderid . '')); ?>
Note: make sure you have assigned hyperlinks to each slide for this to work. I’ve also not given this a serious test – just a quick experiment – but it should work fine :)


Thanks a lot! That worked as a charm!!

Great support!

you are most welcome oddan :)

Troubleshooting Deals Widget (TF – Featured Deals): Hi, I’m really close to finishing up the site. I’m currently having a problem with the deals widget. I added 3 Deals, and then tried adding it to the ‘Homepage Middle Widget Area’. Are the 3 deals supposed to load into a strip like on the example sooperstore page? Also, different things happen when I place the TF- Featured Deals widget into other widget areas. If I place it in Homepage Widget Area 2, it doesn’t show. In Homepage Widget Area 1, it looks the best, but only has one thumbnail, and no headline name like “Today’s Deals”. Let me know if something similar happens for you.. thanks!

hey buzzguy,

I think we have these issues solved now via email – let me know if you need any more assistance.



thanks for the quick reply, though I didn’t receive your email, could you send again?


hmmm – that’s strange – don’t think you were getting my emails – could you send me one to so I can resend – thanks

Hey mate

Brilliant theme. I just had a question regarding making a child theme for SooperStore. What files are required to make a successful child theme? The reason I am asking is I have been reading and it states that as a standard only style.css is required, however seeing that woocommerce is integrated into the theme are there any other files required?


hey there phydcreative – thanks for getting in touch!

That should be all you need – the parent theme will check if WooCommerce is installed – WooCommerce does need to be installed for the theme to work.

Hope this helps,


Hello, nice theme, but I’d need more information before you decide to buy it: - The page would be with Italian language, there is a problem with the translation? - I add products to price changes? - A customer who purchases a product can customize it by uploading a file? (like the logo) - I can decide the minimum amount of products? - is it possible to change the background color? Sorry if it sounds confusing. Thanks Federico

Hey Federico88,

thanks for getting in touch!

The theme comes with lang files included so it should be easy to translate to Italian :)

For customers who want to customize a product there is an additional add-on available for this:

Yes you can decide the min purchase quantity.

You can quickly change the background color via css and using the background png fireworks template provided.

Hope this helps!


I have a problem with the theme the “Primary Widget Area” will not show any of the widgets that I add.

All I get is this message: “Hey there! We built your theme to be widget ready. We’d highly recommend that you…”

- The shoppingcart icon in the header is missing. - The class=”icon-bookmark” on the front page is missing.

I have checked the documentation, but I must have missed the part about the font that I needed to download. Sorry!

Email with login sent.

Are you looking in to this… this probelm is holding up the entire setup of this site…

I re-upped the theme and now it works… so no problem now ;)

Love the theme…is there a way change to a custom background image?

hey ngagecompany – thanks for your purchase!

At the moment the quickest way to change to a custom background image is to replace one of the existing background images directly which are located in:


Hope this helps!


Thanks! that did it!

you are most welcome :)