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How do I change the color of the buttons on the front page? (They are orange with a gradient right now)

One more thing, is it possible to get the slider on the front page to auto-rotate?

hey david,

Re: orange gradient More Info buttons, they are set via:

/sooperstore/css/layout.css – line 2756 – .woolearnmore

You can adjust the gradients via the CSS3 background selectors defined there.

Re: auto-rotate – that’s a quick change to a js file /sooperstore/js/jquery.tfcustom.js line 748: manualAdvance: false

Thanks! I´ll get right to it :D

Hello, great work on the theme. I have 2 questions.

1 – I did not notice that the slider on the demo did not rotate automatically. Assumed it would like most of the themes I have used. Is there a way to activate an auto sliding motion? Every 300ms? etc. 2 – When I edit a “page” and give it a template for “Homepage – Nivo slider, it does not show any content on the page below the slider. Is there a way to simply add the “contents” back in via the editor? For example I would want the contents between the “hot products” and “todays” deals.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there techwerks,

The slider is not set to rotate automatically which I agree is a little bit different but conforms to the emerging UX research that this is actually a better default – see here:

It can be changed via a quick change to a js file /sooperstore/js/jquery.tfcustom.js line 748: manualAdvance: false

Re: Your homepage content – all content on the homepage template is easily added via widgets – the docs go through this in a bit of detail to describe the process – but let me know if you have any questions after you have reviewed them.

Any chance you can get a video in the slider? I imagine you’d need to change the actual slider and I wanted to know how and if this is possible? If there is no simple/easy solution would you be able to look at implementing one for me?

Hey there phydcreative,

The current slider is Nivo Slider which doesn’t support video at the moment.

This means a new slider would have to be integrated for video which is possible but would be a custom job just for you. Drop me an email to if you are interested in discussing that in more detail.


Hello, How difficult is it to “convert” this theme to a quote-only (RFQ) system?

I’m sure it’s as simple as “removing” pricing with CSS , as well as commenting it out of files, but do you foresee any issues with it’s function after doing so?

Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch. You can do exactly what you are looking to do with this additional WooCommerce extension available here (not written by me):

You might need a few minor tweaks to the theme (e.g. Cart in the header possibly). But I think it would be very straightforward to do and I can assist where I can!



I see their extension (thank you for the link by the way), but it states ”... When prices are disabled, or enabled only for authenticated users, add-to-cart functionality is automatically disabled. ...”.

We will need cart functionality that allows adding items to your quote (cart), but not ecommerce functionality to accept payment or even estimate shipping, etc.

It seems shipping address (collection of) in the cart can be disabled, but payment address cannot … a simple change of text can display it as “shipping” though, so no problem there, but that is only part of the problem.

I’m looking at 4 or 5 templates on here based around WooCommerce and will go from there. ... seems there will be some custom coding.


I know this is an easy one, but we are having difficulty with the button shortcode using the code on your preview site. When this code is used, the size does not change, nor can we edit color, etc. The button link is there, however no background, etc.

Any suggestions?


hmmm – have you a sample link for me to review? Just a wild stab in the dark here – could you also remove any carriage returns/spaces (if there are any) before and after your shortcode tags.

Hi there,

I finally bought your theme and would love to get some guidance on these questions I asked when the theme was launched:

In the header I’d like to use a centered logo in the middle with possibly a widget space still on the right hand side for social media buttons. What code would I need to change to achieve this?

Is overriding the existing bg image in the interim still the easiest way to change the background image?

If I wanted to have a row of 5 or 6 products on the homepage instead of 4, is that possible? They can be manually placed as there is only 5 or 6 products on the whole site.


Hey soulnecta, I remember you! Thanks for your purchase :)

Re: centering the logo – if you shrink your browser down to less than 700 pixels you should see an example of the logo alreay centered for you – you would simply need to copy those media query styles to the very end of layout.css to overwrite the main styles declared for the header.

Re: 5/6 products – that is possible but it would need a bit of custom coding to shrink the products down a bit to allow 5/6 to render instead of 4.

Take a look at layout.css – line 2853

products-carousel > li, .post-carousel > li { width: 210px; }

if you reduce the width to 160px you’ll see 5 products are displayed.

130px will get you 6 but I don’t think it really works very well with that many on one row!

Hi there, I’m not a coder so I’m a bit lost with your comment re: the centered logo. Could you give me a bit more guidance how I would “copy those media query styles to the very end of layout.css to overwrite the main styles declared for the header”?

There are some other things I’m wanting to do and any help you can give on these would be appreciated to:

I am wanting to set all heading and body fonts for the site using the Google font ‘Lato’

Is there an easy way to change the colour of the buttons, the top links strip and the menu panel background?

Is there an easy way to set up a simple email subscription form?

Here is a screenshot of what I’m wanting to achieve if that helps:


Really enjoy the theme. Purchased.

One quick questions. The Nivo Slider doesn’t slide automatically. What’s up with that? You can see my version of the theme at


Found the answer above. Thanks.

Hey GirvanMedia,

Thanks for your purchase!

I was just about to refer to the previous comment :)

Glad you found it first!


Hello there,

I just purchased the SooperStore theme and I read on description: “jQuery Nivo Slider integration for Homepage Slider & Showcase – proudly promote your best selling products.” than I purchased the Nivo Slider widget, but I can’t find where to insert this widget to create a homepage header slider. When I opened the widget menu and drop the Nivo Widget at the header widget area, nothing happens.

Could you help me with this question?

Thank you.

Hi fkawasaki,

Thanks for your purchase!

Have you had the chance to read the manual yet? The manual shows you how to add slides to the Nivo Slider on the homepage.

By the way, the theme comes with Nivo slider integrated so you don’t need to purchase the Nivo Slider widget separately.


Tempted to buy this theme. Whats the support like? last ecommerce theme was the builder one and its been abandoned….. will this be compatible with my existin woocommerce produccts?

Hey durhamseo,

Thanks for getting in touch – re: theme support – I offer personal support and do my best to help out with any issues you may have both here in the comments and directly via

re: WooCommerce Support – the theme is tested with all the recent WooCommerce releases and WooCommerce itself is very well supported.

There should be no problems with the theme working with existing WooCommerce products – you may need to regen your thumbnails.


You have done a very good job on this template. However there is one issue. When I reduce the browser size down to a mobile phone viewport, the cart image disappears. Therefore, it will be very hard for a mobile viewer to get to the cart on any page on the site to proceed for the order.

I’d buy this template if you could review this issue.



Hey Deniz,

thanks for getting in touch!

I’ll add this to the wishlist for the next release. It was intentionally left out of the initial release as I think the user journey for most ecommerce transactions on mobile is normally for 1 item which the user can definitely proceed to checkout straight after adding the item to their cart. But this has been requested a few times and is on the roadmap :)


Hi Ed,

I just purchased the theme, but would like to have the identical look like your preview, unfortunate, this is not working…see linke below:

1) Home button appears 2 times above eachother (in white bold and right underneath in dark color 2) Slider will not work… tried with other free theme and there slider did work. I also followed the doc description, but doesn’t work, he only takes the last uploaded picture 3) size of slider picture not correct position and size! 4) I work in firefox (slider picture very low) and in IE8 the picture is almost on correct top position, but the extra home button is in the way

.... HELP !


Hi there nammtuinmeubelen,

thanks for your purchase.

1.) Re: menu/home button – it looks like you’ve not assigned the menu to the correct menu position – did you follow the docs which explain how to do this?

2.) Re: Slider – It looks like you’ve not yet created a page and assigned it to be your homepage – this is documented in detail in the docs.

I think your issues for 3 & 4 will be resolved if you resolve no 1 and 2.


Hi, when I tried to upload the theme, I got the error message “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” I can install other themes without this message. What could I be doing wrong for your theme please?


Hi there Missyrious,

Thanks for your purchase.

You need to unzip the package you downloaded and you will find the theme in the installme folder.


do you have similar theme for wp-ecommerce? ;)

hey doodlehead – not as of yet – we may create one in the future :)

I really do love the theme and I’ve bought it. But I have one question… On the homepage I want a ‘products carousel’ with only products on sale. I already have a featured products carousel going, and I don’t want to make only the sale products featured. So is this possible?

hey kiekster1990 thanks for getting in touch!

At the moment there is no widget for what you want to do other than the than making products which are on sale to be featured. If you know PHP you could copy the existing widget and tweak the query to return just items on sale.

Hope this helps,


The twitter widget (TF-twitter-widget) is not working anymore. I din’t touch no code. Is there a clue how to get it working again? tks

Hi! I am translating some stuff in Dutch… but i cant manage to change the topheader (my account, cart, checkout) and the (your cart contents, view cart and checkout). Where can i edit this?

And one the homepage at the products it says ‘more info’ – i want to change this to…

Where can i edit this? Thanks!

Hey there erikland,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Just a quick queston – are you translating using poedit or manually?

If you are doing manual translations you will find the cart links in the file:


lines: 195 – 258

You should spot the language fragments there.

The “More Info” text on the homepage is in several widgets:

/sooperstore/functions/global/widgets/tf-featured-products-jcarousel.php line: 111

/sooperstore/functions/global/widgets/tf-recent-products-jcarousel.php line: 119

Hope that helps :)


How do I change the rollover and color of the links? I want to change from the purple to a #ff9933.


hey there ngagecompany,

the easiest way to do this is via a custom stylesheet.

in /sooperstore/styleoptions

you will find a number of preconfigured different color sets.

If you just copy and rename one of those you can tweak it to your requirements and then select that stylesheet from within the Theme Admin options.

Hope this helps,


Hi, for some reason, the “more info” buttons are not appearing at all. But when I hover the mouse on the item they appear. Also notices this only happends when using IE (version 9). Firefox and Chrome are fine. See

Hey there Izisolutions – thanks for getting in touch. Hit me up on email and I should be able to sort this out asap for you – I can see what the issue is.


Gday Themesforge.

I’ve been trialling the Live Preview and some sites that use the theme.

I am finding an IE8 ,9 and 10 issue with the js file called tf-deals.js.

In IE, add an item to the cart, then try to preview the cart. The data is cut off after about 60 pixels, and is not visible, apparently due to an error in the javascript: “the object doesn’t support this method or property (line 18)”.

I also found this error on live sites that use the theme, such as and

I like your theme, and am considering purchasing it, and am wondering has anybody found (or overcome) this issue yet?

hey Itchybrain,

thanks for getting in touch. I’ve not had anyone report this issue previously.

Leave this issue with me for 24 hours and I’ll get back to you then.