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Hi – looking to purchase this theme but when tried it on my iPad(1) there is no “add to cart” button, is this normal? dg

Hey storm10,

apologies that was me making some tweaks to the latest release on the live demo site :)

all working now!


Thanks – all good now

I saw the features and demo and I liked the theme. So, I just purchased it. I hope to have good time my website building with this theme.

Thanks much, Ashish

This theme is nice but i’ve 2 questions : I’v bought ristorante theme form themeforest, could i integrate reservation module on your template 2 i saw enter coupon in checkbox paiement module, how does it works? Do you have a listing with coupon ordes?

Thnaks I’m waitng your answer for process order


Thanks for getting in touch!

To answer your questions:

1.) I’m not that familiar with the ristorante theme. If they provide you with the reservation module as a separately installed plugin then it might be possible to use Sooperstore with it with some basic styling. If it’s custom code/widget based then you would need to integrate that with Sooperstore.

2.) The coupon code system is a part of WooCommerce and is documented in detail here:

Hope this helps!


How would I change the css so that the background is black and the type is in white? I am currently using the default theme.


Hi there!

I’m guessing you want to complete remove the white boxed background that sits in front of the gradient? This will need a bit of css skill to accomplish.

I can give you some pointers:

layout.css – comment out lines 197 and 201 (or set the color to be #000) once you do that you will see that you will need to remove some order borders, and colors but this should work as a good guide.

But this is definitely a custom skinning css task.


Where is a list of all your shortcodes? I have a list on the demo site, however half of them do not work and I’ve found some errors. At the moment I am trying to figure out how to add columns in…

When I put in the following into a new page:

“[one_half]Content here.[/one_half]” “[one_half_last]Content here.[/one_half_last]”

This is how it shows up: Also, I noticed that you pricing tables aren’t responsive either. When viewed on mobile and tablet device the user must swipe to the right to scroll through the pricing table content. This can be reproduced if you visit your demo site here on an tablet or mobile device:

Does it usually take 5 days to respond to support?

Hi phydcreative,

apologies, I did actually respond earlier but for some reason it doesn’t seem to have shown up here – strange. My previous comment stated that the tables produced by the shortcodes were not yet responsive. There are many ways to accomplish responsive tables but at the moment these are beyond the scope of a shortcode implementation as in many cases it involves either hiding some selected columns or fundamentally changing the tabular nature of a table.

The tinyurl link you posted is bringing to a WordPress permission denied screen.


Hi – Recently purchased the theme and i’m enjoying it, I would like to use it so users can’t see the prices or add to cart until they have logged in, I’ve been looking at catalog visibility add-on but I see this doesn’t hide the cart button or prices in the featured products,

please can you advise, thank you

Hi there storm10,

Thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the delayed response. At the moment the theme doesn’t support switching off prices directly – this would have to be achieved as you have hinted at with the use of a catalog visibility add-on and for additional things like the cart or featured products these would need custom code.

Hope this helps,


Hey there, this is my 2nd theme by you and overall I am very happy with your work.. I do have a couple of questions I am hoping you can help me with.. I want to remove the jcarousel on the single product page thumbnail images so that there is not scrolling, it will just be the thumbs laid out like normal. How or where would I do that?

Also wanted to know if I can make the main image on single-product page change dynamically depending on which thumbnail is clicked? I know this is pretty much over writing the light box but did not know if you had a suggestion on where to get started on either of those, especially the first?

Thanks, good work!

Hi there designcloud,

thanks for the great feedback! sorry for the delayed response.

The reason I implemented a carousel on the single product pages was to cater for situations where there were a lot of thumbs and they would start wrapping inconsistently. To remove the carousel would need a js tweak – I’ll take a look at this for you in the next day or so. (I’m travelling at the minute).

Re: product image change – I think there is a WooCommerce addon to do what you want – I’ll see if I can find it.


Thanks, I am sure I can make the edits, I just cant seem to find that (those) files and I feel like I have searched high and low.. Thank you for your response, I know it is the holiday season and all, just whenever you get the chance please tell me where to find them.


Hi there designloud,

Re: jcarousel, the js file is in


line: 97

var $carousel = $(’.products-carousel, .post-carousel, .prodthumbs-carousel’);

just remove .produthumbs-carousel

and you should be ok.

Re: switching main product image – it’s not exactly what you were talking about but this is the zoom extension I was thinking of

which may be close enough to what you are looking for.



I bought this theme around a week ago and so far, love it! But I am having some trouble with the showcases. When I click on a showcase link (4 column layout) the images are all cropped to 914×410px. I need to display the whole images (varying heights). Also, some of my images are quite small and are stretching to fit the full width of the page. Is there any way to stop it cropping the height of larger images and stretching smaller ones to fit the page width?


Hey tynkit,

apologies for the delayed response to your request. The images are set to be hard cropped. This is set in the functions.php file – lines 632 – 637

You would need to change true to false and re-generate your thumbnails.

The add_image_size function will not stretch the image as far as I recall and is generally not recommended.

I would also be wary of not hard cropping images to be honest – by all means try it but the theme is designed to have hard cropped thumbns.

Best of luck!


add_image_size('showcase-hp', 204, 204, true); // Showcase HP thumbnail
add_image_size('showcase-2col', 446, 290, true); // Showcase 3Col thumbnail
add_image_size('showcase-3col', 284, 205, true); // Showcase 3Col thumbnail
add_image_size('showcase-4col', 204, 204, true); // Showcase 3Col thumbnail
add_image_size('showcase-page', 930, 410, true); // Showcase Page thumbnail
add_image_size('showcase-hpwidget', 450, 250, true); // Showcase Page thumbnail

Hi! First I must say this theme looks great. Here are some questions: - Is it possible to display items without showing any price (looking for a theme for a site that only displays items so no cart or price functionality is really necessary). - Is it possible to add text blocks etc to the home page? - How many levels of product categories are supported?


Hi Fassan,

Thanks for getting in touch!

1.) Display items without prices – not by default – but easily done with some css tweaks – I can assist. 2.) Text blocks on homepage – yes -the homepage is fully controlled via widgets 3.) WooCommerce product categories are based on WordPress hierarchy taxonomies and have a large level limit – should be good for whatever you need.


Would you ever update the theme to cover XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Prevention? I added godaddy site protection, but getting a couple warnings on cross scripting vulnerabilities. Thanks again for such a great theme!

Hey buzzguy – could you email me some specific details to – to my knowledge all function calls are correctly escaped per WordPress development guidelines but I will investigate this thoroughly if you give me some details.



HI! I bought the theme and now I’m trying to set up homepage. I added three slides as told in the manual but they don’t appear in the homepage and I don’t know why…could you give me a little help? Thanks

hey grisosky,

thanks for your purchase!

Did you setup your homepage page and assign it the correct template as described in the docs? If so and you are still having an issue send me your login details to and I’ll take a look for you.


Oh! That’s it! and it was a permission files problem, now perfect! Thank you really much! Hope I’ll have no need but in case I’ll write to your mail. Thanks again;)

hey grisosky – you are most welcome – feel free to get in touch if you need any further assistance :)

Is there a “most rated” widget area for this theme? or a way to see rated products on the homepage?

Hey luxerman – WooCommerce comes with a “Top Rated” widget which will do what you want – you can easily add this to any of the widget areas on the homepage.

Any clue what may cause the double sorting drop down menus at the top of the Shop page, and the strange page numbering at the bottom. I am using WooCommerce Beta-2

Hey there jbusma,

Great to hear from you! I’ve not released a version of the theme in production yet that is 100% tested with the new betas as they are still a moving target. I have been testing them in development and there are a few minor tweaks required which will be released asap after the final production release of WooCommerce 2.0 is confirmed.

Best regards,


p.s. I think I owe you an email aswell – I’ll be in touch asap!

I am having troubles with adding items to cart when in the ‘view all items’ grid view. If I click the add to cart button that appears over the product image sometimes the product doesn’t add to the cart. Please assist.

Website link:

I am having troubles with adding items to cart when in the ‘view all items’ grid view. If I click the add to cart button that appears over the product image sometimes the product doesn’t add to the cart. Please assist. Website link:

Also, this issue is repeatable 100% when viewing the site in Safari and Firefox. To repeat the issue add around 5 items via the ‘add cart’ pop up from the image grid icons, go to cart and notice only one or none of the items are visible.

Hey there phydcreative,

thanks for getting in touch!

It looks like you’ve made some theme customizations (looking good!).

However, I notice some of the theme functionality has changed.


When you click your “Add to Cart” button on the item hover the animated spinner which signifies that the ajax callback to add the item to your cart is missing. This is possibly why you are experiencing issues.

Can you re-create the issue on the main theme demo?

If not, you will need to go back through your customizations (maybe setup another version with the original theme code) and compare.

The other possibility is that your server requirements don’t match the min requirements for WooCommerce. You should check them second – after you do a comparison with the original theme code.



Do you provide the democontent as an xml file for easy setup?

Hi there dlof82,

thanks for getting in touch – if you drop me an email to I should be able to sort this out for you later today.




I have purchased your theme and was trying to setup my website. I was going through the documentation and trying to populate my store using link given in your doc­?guide/products-­?user-­?guide/ . But the link does not work :( . Can you please suggest me some good tutorial in that regard and also can you please give the links of some live SooperStore websites , looking into those I can get some good design ideas. Looking for your assistance.

Thanks, Ashish

Hey Ashish,

thanks for getting in touch!

I think WooCommerce changed their links recently – this is a link to the page:

The WooCommerce docs are probably the best guide.

You will probably find some sites from other Sooperstore users here in the comments and of course the main demo site is probably a good example :)

Hi Ed,

I would be interested in an XML file, too! I saw your earlier comment about getting it sorted out – I just emailed you about it :) Thanks a lot for your help!

Hey Sivay,

I was sure I emailed it to you?

Let me double check now – my apologies,


Hey sivay,

Just resent the email there now with the xml attached. The original email was sent on Monday.


hi Ed, my apologies! your messages were going to spam :/ thanks a lot, all good now! i appreciate your help immensely :)

Hey Ed,

I’m thinking of purchasing this theme as it should perfect for an upcoming project, but I noticed that product sorting feature doesn’t appear to be working (on the demo site). Any idea on why this is and if it will be resolved? I’d loved to get the theme but this is an important feature requirement for me.


Hey there a2vannoy ,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’m actually just working on that right now – nice timing! It’s actually not a theme bug – I’m just experimenting with caching and php settings which is stopping the sorting from working right now – but that is a server config issue.

I can guarantee you the sorting works 100% :)




Thanks for the quick response and the follow up. Looks like you’ve got another customer!

Regards, a2vannoy

Hi Ed,

Love your theme. A Q; How do I get the main top nav bar item that’s in focus/ active to have another color? I tried so many combinations but none seem to work. for example: (with and without nav .nav and with .nav a:active etc also with specifying a.sf-with-ul) nav a:hover, nav a:active, nav a:focus, .nav li a:hover, .nav li a:active, .nav li a:focus, .nav li.current_page_item a, .nav li.current_menu_item a { color: #68FD05 !important; }

Thanks Eileen

Hi there Eileen,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The theme does actually have an active color change css selector built in.

e.g. see “Showcase” in main menu here

this is controlled by /css/nav.css line 42:

.nav li.current_page_item a, .nav li.current_menu_item a {
    color: #D589FF;
    text-decoration: none !important;

This works as long as the menu list item has the class markup:

current-menu-item or current-page-item

If you wish to add an actual active/focus style I would try:

.nav li.current_page_item a:focus, .nav li.current_menu_item a:focus {
/** code here **/

But I’m not sure if that’s exactly what you want?


Thanks Ed, I tried that too :( still don’t see the color change stick in the menu, when that page is active. i have a test site and can show you css etc if you give me your email – thanks. I’ve also had some issues with columns like in the header and in body, and had to resize the to fit, but now the responsive version looks not good :(

hmm – sure – pop me an email to