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Ok so two questions when I change the theme folder name from Sooperstore to AlohaMilena that page whacks out and doesn’t look right, is there any way around this?

2nd question for the “deal of the day” I am having problems with pictures they get cropped off the top/bottom no matter how small or large I make them, is there anyway around this? what is best dimensions to upload pictures for deal of the day so customers can see the full picture?

The website is

btw; 2) worked really well. Thank you for the great support thus far I have mentioned your great theme and customer service to those close to me in my web circle :-)

sorry about that but 2) doesn’t actually work like I thought this is the image I’m using for the “Deal” it is 520×611

However this other image which is 387×600 scales just fine

Please guide on how to proceed, thank you very mucho

Hi there,

Re: 1.) Can you send me an email ( to show me the issue with your menu – this shouldn’t be happening – did you re-assign your menu via WordPress->Appearance->Menus ?

- the child theme will hide your theme choice :)

Re: 2.) thanks :) Re: your issue with this image:

The image is only 387600 – it should be 500500px minimum.

Try a bigger version or else layer it on an image e.g. 600*600px and it should be fine.



Hey, I have the sooperstore theme and have been trying to get my slideshow on the homepage exactly like the one demonstrated on the theme and am stuck! Could you please help me out to get this up. Im still getting the hang of wordpress so a detailed answer would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch!

If you shoot me an email to with your WP access details I’ll take a look for you.

The manual which comes in the theme also goes through the setup process.



Hi, I don’t know why but the Shop page is correctly shown with LEFT SIDEBAR but the single product page is Full Width, how can I assign a left sidebar to the single product page too?

Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The left sidebar is displayed by default on the product page for Sooperstore


Can you send me an email ( with your details and I’ll take a look.



How to get the Twitter feed up and running? I have sooperstore 1.7. Check: Feed at the bottom, se the same for your demosite.

Have something to do with:

? thanks.

Hey there oddan,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Yip it’s the deprecated API – shoot me an email to and I’ll follow up with you within 24 hours with an alternative.



Hello themesforge,

I felt compelled to get back to you on this theme. You did such a great job with it! I thought you might like to see another site up and running with Sooperstore.

Thumbs up, russmnh

Hey there russmnh,

thanks for the kind words :) Your site is looking fantastic!

Take care,


Ed, I am having a problem it seems reliably determining the size that we should make the slides. It seems as though no mater what size image we throw in as the Featured Image, we get a little different result than we expected. Is there a general guide that we can use in order to control this factor?

Hi there ylluminate,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Re: slides – yes there are some specific sizes which hopefully will help :)

For the main homrpage slder made sure your image is at least 990*347px I usually just make them exactly that so I don’t handover control to WordPress of precise positioning/cropping.

Hope this helps,


Hey Ed, perfect, thanks. That is exactly what I needed to know.

Hi! Thanks for this great theme. Me again :P

I have a few questions…

1. How can i change the text ‘MORE INFO’ below every item? 2. How can i change the text ‘FOLLOW US ON’ – at the top of the page? 3. How can i change the texts: Your Cart Contents

My Account

View card Subtotal

in the header?

And on the checkout page: how can i delete the rule ‘appartement, suite etc.’ in the form?

I would like to translate them to dutch! Strangely this doesnt change!

Thank you very much! :)

One small question: - how can i change the number of products on a page?


in /sooperstore/woocommerce/woocommerce-layout.php

line 165
add_filter('loop_shop_per_page', create_function('$cols', 'return 12;'));

change 12 to whatever number you want per page


Thanks… solved! :D

Hi, I have translated the theme with .po file and I’m also using WPML for both language versions I have.

I couldn’t translate only few text strings in the cart jquery window, as per my screenshot below

How can I translate them?

Hi there juritotaro,

thanks for getting in touch!

let me check the lang settings and I’ll get back to you asap.


Looking forward your reply. Thanks!

I want the slideshow to move on its own and I did your line change to false

I did this;

It can be changed via a quick change to a js file /sooperstore/js/jquery.tfcustom.js line 748: manualAdvance: false

Nothing happened? What am I missing?

Hey there! thanks for getting in touch!

That should do the trick – if not – ensure your caches are fully cleared. If it’s still not working send on your WP login details to and I’ll take a look.



I got it working now – was adding a comma was my issue. thanks for responding.

delighted you got it working :)

I’ve installed the Infinite Scroll plugin, so I can have infinite scroll of product archive pages (

It’s not working, and I think because I dont have the CSS selectors set correctly. (#content for Content Selector, #nav-below for Navigation Selector, #nav-below a:first for Next Page, and .post for Individual Item selector.

Can you advise the proper CSS selectors to use?

Thanks! Jeff

Good news Ed. You got me at least to a starting point with those values. From there, using Inspect and tinkering around, I’ve gotten to the following values which appear to work:

Content Selector: .shop-cat-orderby.clearfix Navigation Selector: .page-numbers Next Selector: .next Item Selector: .tfshop-4

Thank you so much for getting me started in the right direction!!!


Hi Jeff,

I agree it’s nice functionality and something I’ll be considering in my new WooCommerce theme I’m currently working on. I’ll check in with the Woo guys and this plugin and see if they’ve tested it extensively with WooCommerce – I know they’re not using it for the Superstore theme.



sounds great Jeff :)

On the cart and checkout pages, the Sales Tax field label is missing. The tax computes correctly, and the proper amount is shown, just with no label.

You can see for yourself by visiting, and adding something to your cart, noting a NJ ship-to address, which adds NJ sales tax. Per Woocommerce support, this is a Theme-related issue, requiring a fix/update to the theme after updating Woocommerce to 2.0:

Please advise! -Jeff

Hi Jeff,

thanks for getting in touch!

Can you email me your WP login details to so I can review your sales tax setup so I can evaluate the issue fully on my server?



Hello, Is it possible to change the behaviour of the “add-to-cart” button on top of the product thumbnails on product and product category pages? I would like the button to link to the single product page, like it does when no product price is provided.

Great theme by the way!

Thank you! Bjørn Sverre

Hi Bjorn,

thanks for getting in touch! You could need to override the core WooCommerce functionality to do what you want to do.

There is a somewhat similar discussion here on the WooCommerce support forums.



Hi Ed,

Thanks for the quick reply and for guiding me in the right direction!

I decided to hide the whole button by adding the following into style.css:

.woocommerce .products .add_to_cart_button { display: none!important; /* Hides the Add to Cart button on the thumbnail pages */ }

Best regards, Bjørn Sverre

delighted you got sorted :)

Hi again :)

How can i disable the ‘reviews’ tab?


Hi there erikland!

You’ll need a small hook to do it

see here:



Dear Ed,

I Just purchased your theme! It looks great! Can I upload the demodata? Where can I download this data?

Best Wishes,


Hi there Yvo,

thanks for getting in touch!

I see you have also sent me an email – I’ll send it on to you now :)



Hey, I just bought your theme and I love it! I’m just having some problems finding the manual everyone are talking about. Where can I download it from? Thanks!

no problem :)

Another question, is there any way to change the color of a slider title?

Hi there Bromance,

Sorry about the delayed response, you can do this with some custom css.

Something like

.nivo-caption a {color: #000; }

add this to the bottom of /wp-content/themes/sooperstore/css/layout.css



Bought your theme last week. Really love it so far.

I am a question regarding call to action besides add to cart. Once a product loads, I would love to have a button next to cart, same style that says, ” Contact Us” that can be linked to a contact form, either generic or product specific. Also would love to be able to put a click to call phone number button there as well.

I spent some time Googling to no avail so I figured I would ask here. I guess that is all for now. Thanks!

Thanks Ed. One last questions. Easiest way to temporarily disable all Cart functions? The owner would like the cart to be operational at some point and that is why I used Woo and Sooper but to start, they would like to disable the entire cart functionality in lieu of a form or call to action via phone. Thoughts? Running Current WP, Woo and Sooper, Contact 7 for plug ins at the moment. Likely will add, Really Simple Captcha. Thanks!


I lied… Anyway to determine the order of the hero image/ Focal wall slides? Seems to be no way to configure for order… Maybe I am missing something… Thanks!


1.) re disabling all cart functions – this will take a bit of work given it’s an eCommerce theme :) My advice is to use custom css to hide buttons like Add to Cart etc. – you can find the css selector and then use display:none to temp hide it for the moment.

2.) Re: slider order – this plugin will let you drag/drop slides – this plugin will do it for you :)



I just purchased your theme. I think its great! I just have one question. Is it possible to remove the nivo slider all together? I like the widgets that go along with the home page and I want to keep those (TF JCourosel, Featured widget etc. But I would like to add my own static image above them and add links via image mapping to the image. Thanks!

figured it out. But I cant get this leave a reply thing to go away?

haha got it! Thanks!

Hi keilongeorge,

I think you managed to figure out your own issue :)

Let me know if you need any other help!



In SOOPERSTORE how can i do to the MAIN SLIDER run at start?

Hi carmycurly,

thanks for getting in touch!

You will find some js code in this comment which will auto move the slides forward.

Hope this helps,



I purchased this nice theme. It is live at

I have a few questions. 1) I can seem the get the nivo slider rotating automatically. It is supposed to do that? 2) I made some changes to the functions.php and the css. While making a child theme I could not get it to direct to this theme, just the basis wp theme. Could you help me with that? 3) Is there a way to have the title of blog always start under the picture. Even if it is too small. Example: You can see it in the middle. With the blog the meta stays floating right of the image that is too small.

Hope you can help me.


Hi there,

super job!

1.) Re: nivo slider – by default it doesn’t auto cycle – it’s a small js change to make it auto cycle, in /themes/sooperstore/js/jquery.tfcustom.js

right down the bottom of the file

        manualAdvance: true

change this to false.

2.) Re: child theme issues – can you email me your child theme to and I’ll take a look.

3.) Re: floating of title/meta – ideally the images should be wider, but if they’re going to be smaller you’ll need 2 minor css modifications:

layout.css line: 1058

add clear:both

.entry-title {
clear: both;
font-size: 20px;
color: #0B0B0B;
margin: 0 0 5px 0;
font-weight: 600;

and line 1078:

same change – add clear:both:

.entry-meta {
clear: both;
border-bottom: 1px dashed #efefef;
line-height: 28px;
margin: 0 0 15px 0;
position: relative;
text-transform: uppercase;
letter-spacing: 1px;
font-size: 11px;
padding-bottom: 8px;

That should do it!


p.s. your site really does look brilliant – great work!

How can I delete the ‘Register’ key at the top and make the Login one look like Register/Login. The Register on its own takes you to the wordpress registration which I don’t want.

Hi there seeseerider,

thanks for getting in touch.

You’ll see on the main demo that the link in the top links to the WooCommerce login page

This is set in:


line approx. 117:

            $output .= "
  • ”..”
  • ”; } $output .= “
  • ”.(‘Log In’, ‘tfbasedetails’).”
  • ”; }

    Hope this helps,