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lol No future buyer :-), i want all the pages left-right-left and the left layout navigation menu also on the right :-)

ooo Sure copy-past. )

Thx for your fast answer, your purchases just climbed up with +1

Your purchase of SOUL – Premium HTML Template is complete! Thank you! You can download your purchase from this page.


Thank you )

All pages have the “all” css and java scripts files.

There is no way for me to tell which java script is required for which page.

I don’t want to have full list of CSS and JS files on every page.

I can’t find any documentation for it.

This is static HTML , not dynamic. And i have to include it.

I dont get it. I work with static HTMLs too but I don’t include script files not needed on the page. I don’t think homepage requires all the script files, right?

For many buyers it is much easier to work when all JS files ALREADY included and initialized on every pages, coz not everybody can handle with this. But, sure, i will agree with you, that this is not the best way ;)

On IE 8 or more (i don’t know) there is an error on the left bottom, object expected “custom.js”

And is there a way to do the send from contact look nicer? now it’s just a blank page saying “message sent” (no way to get back to the site?, or do it within the layout ?)

I will look at IE8 and contact form

thx for looking in

Nice template! before purchase I would ask if I can put a button on the homepage for multilanguage switch

yes you can :)


Really nice template, thanks.

Hi, I have purchased it and would like to know how you get the flickr gallery at the bottom of the pages to relate to your actual flickr account.

Hello OrangeIdea. i got a question about html templates. How does it work when you submit new photos for example to the portfolio? will they be added automatically ? is there some kind of admin panel to create new images or texts on the site which will be added on the right position ? or do people have to go inside the html file and add images ? sry, i dont know alot about it ;)

The slide out (color picker) doesn’t come with this? Why do we have the colorpicker.css then? Thanks

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Hi, congratulations for this very elegant template. I have a question : in 3 COLUMNS PORTFOLIO, is it possible to display thumbnails with a height > 190 pixels ? If so, what is the max height I can use ? Thank you.

Best regards,

Okay :)


emmanuelr Purchased

Hi, how can I do to delete the social tool TWEET (and the link to TWITTER.COM) inserted under large images of the gallery ?

Thank you.

Best regards,

In fact, I’d like to remove the social tool “tweet”, AND the grey & white bar below.

Thank you.