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Three questions (these also apply for your other theme, ‘LEXTRA’):

1- Is it possible to change the background color of the blocks, and even using a background image for them?

2- Is it possible to use individual backgrounds for page or post, even for block?

3- Is it possible to use slideshow (dynamic) backgrounds?

4- Is it possible to use different backgrounds for header, content and footer sections?


1. yes, in custom css
2. no
3. yes
4. yes in custom css

Hey Rachata,

Your horizontal accordion slider does not work out of the box. I’ve added the images I want as posts in the slideshow custom post type section. I’ve assigned them all to a category, and then added that category to the slider short code on the home page where I want the slider to display, and I get a javascript error on the page.

Do you have a suggestion on an easy fix on this?

Change links , go to soulize option > layout > Custom Top Right Navigation

yeah, I can’t figure out how to change which social icons display. By default the theme allows for facebook, twitter, google+, and an rss. I can see that there is linkedin.png icon in the images folder. How do I get linkedin to display in place of facebook? How do I turn off google+ altogether? Is there an icon for just an email link in that section? I need instructions on editing the option on this area. Thanks.

You have to edit theme file

go to soulize > lc_framework > library > gen-front.php , then find the function name “get_right_top_nav”.

When I activate the Custom Sidebar the Portofolio shows like this! http://abload.de/img/bildschirmfoto2013-0637bw1.png

When I turn off, the Portfolio looks like it should. Can you help plz?

Could you post your url link ? , I will inspect the problem.

There is a problem in the shortcodes.php File in Line 943. When I move my WordPress to the Server and change the URL of the Location in the config.php, the Portfolio Detail Site still have the old localhost URL.

How can I fix this?

You hardcode in config.php right ?


when you move from local to the real server, do you use this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-migrate-db/ ?

It’s very useful and you do not need to edit config.php.

install new wordpress and theme in real server then move the local db to the real one.

The pagination on the blog does not work. Please advise.


Could you contact me via email themeblade@gmail.com ? I found a solution for you.

/////// Version 1.5 [19-06-2013] ///////

- fixed pagination does not work when using permalink.

- supported twitter feed (new API 1.1) ,setting OAuth in options panel > general > twitter feed

Pagination on my website’s blog is not working either, can you help with this? Also, the twitter feeds on my website as well as your demo site are not working, are you working on this?

Oh so sorry about my mistake.

The first one is “Consumer Key” , the second is “Consumer Secret”

“User Token” and “User Secret” are “Access Token” and “Access Token Secret”.

Its not working for me, or your site.

I have updated the new version of soulize. I fixed about calling twitter API. see my demo site. Hope this works :)

Is it possible to use accordions inside of tabs?

Yes, you can try it

[tab title='test']

[accordions ]
[accordion title='test2'][/accordion]


This doesn’t seem to work for me unfortunately. The short code for accordions shows as plain text inside of the tab.

I have update the new version of soulize. This will fix this problem.

The Homepage Slider does not work on iOS Devices…

I will notify you when this problem will be fixed

hi, I have already updated the new version

Hi, my client has advised me that her Flickr feed is not updating when she adds new images. Maybe Flickr updated their authentication? Could you advise on this?

Maybe about cache on browser or server ? waiting for 1-2 days.

We updated the theme today and the pagination is still not functional with permalinks set…?

I update the fixed version today.

Shortcode is not working in block . For ex : style=”one”] ABS/column /block is not rendering


Do you use block inside block ?


ur theme is waste .very poor support

I do not know what you mean. in your example ? Please post more clearly ex.

The other customer did not have this problem.

DELETED, no problem here. My client has been using this theme for over a year now, and overall it has worked out great.

Shortcode générator button has disapeared from editor.

Do you know how to make it come back ?

Hello Rachata, I am having trouble with the slider not working on a smartphone.

Hi Rachata, I am stille having trouble with the slider not working on a smartphone. http://www.scooterreparatie.nl/

Please check..

Hi Rachata, After the update to WP 4.2.1. the slider does not work anymore!!!

Please update your theme to work with the latest wp version