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I like your menu its looks very unique.

Thanks a lot… We have added custom mega menu.

Hi, It is ready for Woo Commerce ? I can not seem it on demo site.



Not yet, will update this week.

Fresh and fantastic job. Good luck dude :)

Beautiful Theme!Good luck with sales :)

Thanks dude. Hoping for it!

Amazing! One of the Best Hospital Theme in Tf


Thanks a lot for your appreciation..

Thanks louiejie

Good Job, I Like Job , GLWS ;)

Thanks for your love..

Great job! Good luck with sales

Thanks for your wish and appreciation…

Hi, the theme looks great. I think I want to buy, but some questions before: I really like the event/calender option. Is this feature included? I think so?! Can I simply edit the language of the “eventfeatures”... for example “Monday”, “Month”... and the little “icons” like a calender sheet displays the first three letters “THU”. Furthermore here in Germany we don´t have the difference between “pm” and “am”... I would like to display a 24 hours “system” Can I modify all these calender words…??? Thank you! :-)

We hope that all those things possible to do with.

And the Event Calendar plugin we’ve used in this theme is actually from,

So, it is better to contact their support and you’ll have a better solution ASAP !

Hello there! I recently bought this awsome theme and would like to use one of the sample images on your website. Can you name me the source of the image so I can buy a licence? Thank you!

Here in this attachment, we have included the file with link of image sources we’ve actually used in this theme,

Thank you, that helped me out :)

If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating !

We’re expecting 5/5 stars which will be much appreciated and we’ll help you all happily..

I have a pre purchase question. For the event calendar. can you have multiple venues and multiple calendars? We are looking for a good calendar to keep or OR surgical schedule for 4 different rooms. :et me know!

Sorry it is impossible to have multiple calendars for different venues (and events).

Still you can have multiple venues of events on a same day within a same calendar instead, and this only seems to be the right way as possible.

Hello, how I can setup the slider on the frontpage like in the demo?


And how you have made the appointments?

Please get us back with a mail via the right bottom @

So that, we can send the slider import file (dummy data) only for you personally.

The SoulMedic Theme is compatible with contact form 7 (free) plugin. And so, you can easily create the form as per your requirements. You can use it in the appointment form too!


I Have recently bought this theme. But there is a error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. How can i solve this?

Sorry for the inconvenience anyways !

Kindly refer the following video manual and you’ll have a better understanding with installing our theme,

Still if you get the same issues then, please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form @

So that, we can check out the problems from your end, then we’ll help you get this theme installed and setup successfully.

How do you get content into the footer? I understand how to edit the layout in the Buddha panel. But, how do I get content in there? Such as the recent blog post, contact information, map, etc… like on the demo?

To get the content on your footer, you just have to setup the corresponding widgets as you would like to use.

You can add those widgets simply by drag & drop option with the available ones from “Wp-admin (Dashboard) -> Appearance -> Widgets”

I want the slider in the preview, how can i get it?

You can get the slider as in the preview simply by installing and activating the corresponding slider plugins.

Here are the documentations that will help you setup the LayerSlider and Revolution Responsive sliders.

And we can’t provide those slider images we’ve used, instead you can purchase them yourself.

Hi, great theme, we just bought this theme, but where is the psd.

just sent mail, also should we upgrade to wordpress 3.8, is your theme compatible

Sorry. Our Soul Medic theme is not compatible with WP 3.8. We have to work more on the Theme Admin Panel, to make it compatible with the latest version.

WordPress 3.8 “Parker” comes with some new unique features like Refined theme management, Admin color schemes, etc. After having a clear look into all those features, we ‘ll make our theme compatible with WordPress 3.8!

Now our theme is compatible with Wordpress 3.8. You can update the theme. Also Here is the changelog for the recent update.

- Added Theme Customizer
- WooCommerce Compatibility
- Sticky Header Feature
- Added Mega Menu Animation
- Compatible with Wordpress 3.8

why does the header highlight when mega menu is active but not on the page

I filled out the form

Yeah! We got your mail. We’ll get back to you once after getting a fix for it.

The issue occurs because,

On the Sub menu items named as “cities”, you have provided the homepage link. And so, the Mega Manu is active on several menu items.

Refer this Video for better understanding –

Hi, It appears that I cannot use any formatting (, (ul), etc inside of the tabs or accordions, is that correct. Or is there a way to format content within these two areas?

You can use Ordered, Unordered like formatted Lists within those Tabs and Accordion shortcodes.

Look at the screenshot attached here for your reference,

And here is a text document to be clear on using list formats in those shortcodes,

Hope that these attachments will help you a lot on this, with the better understanding.

Hey, this is a very well crafted, and easy to use theme. Excellent work. I am a professional Webdesigner and I really appreciate this piece of work. This is the very first theme that I have ever bought instead of designing and programming it on my own. I have only two question: Can I Update the wordpress core (to 3.8) or should I wait? How can I place the small calender which can be found on the right hand in the event-site of the live-preview.

Thank you and keep up good work! Ben

Thanks for the Appreciation and Purchase!

We are now planning to make the Theme compatible with WordPress 3.8. It will take some reasonable time!

To get the Events calendar, Events countdown and Featured Venue:

Go to dashboard > Events > Event Add-Ons ( Refer this Screenshot- )

Using the Events Calendar Pro Add-on, you can get these widgets.

Hey whats up? When I load the theme its completely broken with no images loading. Any ideas?

Sorry for the inconvenience!

The Theme Package doesn’t carry any images. You have to purchase it online!

Purchase from , ? ,

even in the backend, and there is no css