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The best theme ever. Before I buy it, please can you tell me : 1. why this theme is more suitable for healthcare industry? I want to use for ecommerce. 2. Can we have a Product Search Box (for the ecommerce) in home page? If so, can we put it before the top menu? 3. For multilingual site: Do the front page slideshows and the “Add to whishlist” button translate very well when we switch from one language to another? 4. How many icon-boxes do you have in the package? I need for different industries 5. Can we show the product categories under the image (before Add to cart icon) in home page

Thanks for your support

Please get us back with your WP login credentials immediately.

So that, we can check and have a clear look on your end.

And then, we’ll help you get rid of it with a better solution ASAP !

I did it 3 days ago and so far I’ve seen nothing from your work. To be honest your support is disappointing! I’m not happy! I hope you’ll read your emails and help me out.

Sorry anyway for the delay from our end.

But we actually have trouble accessing your WP backend, whereas we’re getting the error message which shows that the password seems to be not good (wrong) or invalid.

So please check and make sure that you’ve just sent the valid credentials and consider sending us the valid login details again.

Can we use The Slider (revolution) anywhere with Shortcodes? Like in the primary page or homepage? If no, I think it will be a good idea to add this option in the next update of the theme. Thanks.

As we mentioned already, we will check this slider issue while doing other customization works. And we are extremely sorry for the delayed reply. Since we were on holidays, we can’t able to work on your customization’s.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Since we were on holidays, we didn’t notice your invitation to join the site.

We have just imported the Dummy Content on your site. You have sent the sub-domain details to us. And so, we can’t able to manage the plugins and add the sliders to the page. Please mail the credentials of your main site [link removed] ASAP!

Ok, I emailed you for the credentials (with Super admin privilege. Check your email.

love this theme, but i have some questions before purchase. 1. is it possible to use a static image insted of the slideshow? 2. can i customize the background color with the boxed layout? can i also customize the color schema? 3. can i customize the homepage content? thx

Everything You have Asked is Possible. Kindly Purchase and let us know if you have any difficulties… We have included 20 color schema! If you need to change the individual section color, that is possible via adding custom CSS or by editing the CSS..Home Page Content is Easily editable..

Sorry for the Delayed reply!

1) It is not possible to use Static Image instead of the slider.
2) Using Boxed Layout BG Background option, you can customize background with pattern or color or bg-image.
Refer this Screenshot –
3) Yes. You can customize the Homepage content.

Great Theme! Couple Questions though:

1. How do you make a testimonial shortcode not show the image slot? cause not every testimonial will have a image associated with it. 2. On a single portfolio page is there anyway to change the category instead of it displaying /dt_portfolios/ to something custom such as /procedures/? 3. Is there a shortcode to display a blog feed on the homepage like the one you have on the sample site? I think thats it for now… Thanks!

We have checked our theme again with IE11 and below.

And we didn’t get any issues as you’ve mentioned.

So please get back with the URL of your website ASAP !

Figured out the issue

Glad that you’ve just figured out the issue on your own. Hope you just like our theme, support and all.

Please feel free to give us your best rating, if you haven’t done it yet.

Hello. I’m still waiting for your answer. Have you received my message for the customization taks? Check your inbox, please. Thanks.

Yes, we’ve got your mail (message) regarding the customization tasks.

Please wait while we’ll check and get back to you with exact time and cost details ASAP !

There is no SoulMedic theme folder seems to be installed as we can’t find it in your server.

Kindly install our SoulMedic theme first. So that we can proceed importing the dummy data then.

It is very easy to import the dummy data, whereas we’ve given the button option for it in the top right of our BuddhaPanel.

Very nice theme! Will you have a html version soon?

Thanks for your love and interest on our theme anyways ! But sorry about that we don’t have any plans to put the HTML version for now.


With last theme update you include Rev Slider v4.1.2 but last update of that plugin is v4.1.5, wich seem inter to fix importing slider setting issue.

Please can you tell me where I can download the Rev Slider v4.1.5 updated version?

Thanks in advance, and have a very nice 2014. BTW, nice theme!!!

Here we attached the revolution slider import file (dummy data) for you to use in your site as like our demo theme.

1). Go to “Wp-admin (Dashboard) / Revolution Slider” and click on “Update Plugin” as below,

2). Then please find the updated version (v 4.1.4) attached here, to import and use thereby as following,

Is there a place that lists all of the shortcodes for the different small icons, such as the phone, arrow, email icons etc.?

We have used FontAwesome icons ( in Contact info and icon boxes.

Contact Info –

Icon boxes –

And you can easily change any other icons using their corresponding class names as shown below,

Hi, I’m working on this theme correctly, but few weeks ago with the new version of wordpres 3.8 i have a serious problems in the media section. I always have an error when I upload an image, but when I visit the library the image it’s up whithou thumb and 2 or 3 times,...what happens??? it’s very urgent for me to solve it, thanks in advance.

Kindly watch out the video given below, whereas we didn’t get any issues as you’ve mentioned thereby.

So please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form @

Kindly watch out the video given below, whereas we didn’t get any issues as you’ve mentioned thereby.

So please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form @


(1) I am new to website creation but know very basic Wordpress. Do you think I can use this template for a single license for a single project.

(2) Will I need to organized professional website developer or is it user friendly enough ? It will be for a specialist clinic. Any guidance ?

(3) Does the single license comes with everything appearing in the demo ?

(4) Are there any hidden costs apart from this single license and my own domain registration & hosting expenses.

Will appreciate your response.

Thanks, Jacky

Hi Jacky,

Thanks for your interest on our theme anyways !

1). Yes, you can use this theme single license for a single project as needed.

2). This SoulMedic theme is not just specialized for clinics (or medicals), whereas we have made it to be a Multipurpose theme and of course this one will be the complete user-friendly theme.

So you can’t have to organize any professional website developer instead.

3) Yes, on single license purchase you’ll get everything that appears in the demo of our theme.

4). There is no hidden costs and you won’t be required of any additional costs apart from this single license purchase.

Thanks, DT

Hi there, This template is awesome!

Please, could you tell me where I can change the text for breadcrumbs ‘Home’ text, and maybe some other like the Title of 404 page etc??

Thanks, Giorgos

Thank you very much!! You were so detailed and helped me!!

I have one more (I hope last!) question. How I can disable the link or change the target _blank of icon-boxes?? I searched all over the files of the template but couldn’t find where the link for icon-boxes is located. Could you help me?? Thanks again!

Found it out man! In wp-content/plugins/designthemes-core-features/shortcodes/shortcodes.php delete href in line: 871!

1) You can change the link of Icon Box content easily as shown below,

2). Or please download and make use of the files attached here by replacing your existing ones,

“soulmedic / wp-content / plugins / designthemes-core-features / shortcodes / shortcodes.php”

“soulmedic / wp-content / plugins / designthemes-core-features / shortcodes / tinymce / js/ sc / iconbox.js”

Hi! i have a question, in the services pages can I put an image in instead of the icons?

Thank you!

Currently there is no option available and it is not possible to put images instead of the icons in services.

But once if you’ve purchased our theme, we’ll help you get it simply with customization itself.

Currently there is no option available and it is not possible to put images instead of the icons in services.

But once if you’ve purchased our theme, we’ll help you get it simply with customization itself.

Hi, I bought your theme, just a quick question. Is there a way to disable the “folder” looking chrome on the top of the main menu with it’s on an active page? I can seem to locate it in the CSS? I’d just like a solid color. Thanks.

Please find and open “style.css” from your Child theme directory.

There you can change the active page menu style with the following css.
main-menu > > li.current_page_item span, #main-menu > > li.current-menu-ancestor span { display:none; }
And then, use the CSS style below to remove the border thereby.
main-menu > > li.current_page_item a, #main-menu > > li.current-menu-ancestor a { border:none; }

How do I display upcoming events as on the following page ?

Here is the shortcode we used to display the upcoming events. And you should have the Events plugin installed before it.

[dt_events_list limit='3' excerpt_length='15'/]

Hello, I imported the dummy data but none of the pages is showing up. But when I click from the menu I get thisL Home LOST 404! The page you are looking for is Not Found! Can you help me?

Please delete ”.htaccess” file from soulmedic (wp-folder) or on your theme directory.

Then choose “Post Name” option from “Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks” as below,

Hi, we purchased the theme after reading that html files were included (in the description box on the right). However we cannot see any html in the package. Could you please provide the html files? Thanks

Extremely sorry about that we don’t have and cannot provide you the HTML (version) files anyway !!

I just purchased this theme, I imported the dummy content, however the slider was not imported. How can I import this?


Thanks for purchasing our theme anyway !

You can get the Revolution slider by importing the dummy data attached here as following,

1). Go to “Wp-admin (Dashboard) / Revolution Slider” and click on “Import Sample Sliders” as below,

2). There you can select and import the .zip file of demo data we’ve provided as shown here,

3). Once if you’ve imported the slider data, you can then view the Revolution Slider created thereby.

Then you’ll just get and show your slider simply by selecting it from “Slider Options” metabox at the backend of your pages.

Or else if you want to use LayerSlider only, you’ll just get and set them up simply by importing the sample sliders itself as shown below,

Note: You should have to purchase the images on your own to use with your site.

Awesome theme! can I manual add social icon for Yelp easliy?

Yes, you can add the Yelp social icons easily as following,

1). Download and extract the folder we’ve provided below and place the icons with the corresponding directory.

gray colored icon – “soulmedic(theme_directory)/images/sociable”

white colored icon – “soulmedic(theme_directory)/images/sociable/hover”

2). And then place the below lines into your “style.css”
.dt-sc-social-icons li.yelp:hover:after { background:#a30f01; }

.dt-sc-social-icons li.yelp:hover img { border-color:#a30f01; }
Now, you can find the Yelp icon listed in the Sociable section of your BuddhaPanel, yet to be activated.

I am unable to upload soulmedic zip via wordpress admin. Files seem to upload then generate an error page with the following text:

Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

I tried deleting the readme.txt file – saving zip and then uploading – but I receive the same error message.

Please check and make sure that you’ve used the proper ways while installing our theme as shown here with this video manual,

Still if you get the same issues then, please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form @

So that, we can check out the problems from your end, then we’ll help you get this theme installed and setup successfully.

Kindly check out your website, whereas we have fixed that issues now.

Note: If you like our theme and support, please feel free give us your best rating.

We’re expecting a good rating (5/5 stars) which will be much appreciated and helpful for us.

Hello! Thank you for this theme, very much. But there is one problem.

The problem lies in the menu. When I am bringing mouse on the menu and try to go to some sort of partition, the menu disappears. It turns out I can not get into any of the sections. This problem occurs in the browser chrome and partly in IE (IE in less work). Same thing when viewing the demo from your site.

Sorry for my bad English, I hope to understand. (If I can write and Russian :))

We have checked it again from our end. And we didn’t get any issues with the drop-down menu as you mentioned.

Kindly watch out this video we’ve composed for your reference,

If possible, can you please let us know the browser versions as you’ve found all these issues with.