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Hi. Need your help. how do I create a left sidebar menu like in this page Is it shortcode? is it menu? It is not documented and not part of the demo data. thanks!

You can get that side navigation menu simply by using the feature template itself.

Kindly watch out this video manual for your reference,

Fantastic! Another one: How do I add at the bottom of the mega menu an image and link? do you have a link to all your instructional video? thanks!

Yes ! Here we are to help you with video manuals for the reference of setting up Mega menu with links and images.

Setting up Mega Menu :

To add image in Mega menu :

Hi i am interested in this template but i have one question. How easy is it to make this template work in two different languages? Sorry i am a beginner in wordpress.

Thank you,

Thanks for your loving interest on our theme anyways !

And you can easily get it work with different languages with the help of WPML plugin below,

is there a way to enter or change the author of a post?

Kindly watch out this video manual we’ve composed here for your reference of changing author of post in this theme,

On the portfolio Items, I would like to remove the link and center the expand button (I already removed the link to the portfolio I just need to center the expand button). How can I achieve this?

Example Here

Please get into the “style.css” from your theme directory.

Then please find Line.No:562, to add the following properties thereby.
.portfolio.dt-sc-one-third:hover a.zoom, .portfolio.dt-sc-one-half.with-sidebar:hover a.zoom {



margin:0 auto;


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I keep getting the following error in the ‘Date of Appointment’ field when trying to use the ‘Book an Appointment’ form:

Date format seems invalid.

I cannot figure out how to change the setting in Contact 7 or what Date Format it requires. The rest of the fields seem to work.

The default format for Contact form date field is (YYYY-MM-DD). So please try adding this format near the date field as below,

You can change this default format which supports all types of browsers itself without any problems.

Great theme – I have a small issue – the Carousel Slider for Testimonials… I am trying to hold longer on the quotes – they are fast… I tried adding animation_delay=”500” as in the sample files – it does not work? can you help please? Thanks!

Kindly have a look at the screenshot attached here to be clear on changing Testimonial Carousel animation duration and to make it hold longer on quotes.

Hi! Thank you for this beautiful template. I just installed it with wordpress 3.8.1, Is this template compatible with this version of wordpress? Thank you!

Yes, our theme is compatible to work with Wordpress 3.8.1 version.

Hope you’ll just enjoy using our Soulmedic Wordpress theme.

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Hello, beautifull theme. great work. Almost sure I’m gonna use it for my next project.

Just a pre-buy question: - in your ” Book an Appointment” module. the user can choose “by department” . Is it possible when the user choose the department he wants, then showing other dropdown with the doctors of that department for him to choose from?

What I want is that the user can choose the department and then the medic of the department.

I hope you understand :)

Keep up the good work.


Hey NP !

Thanks for your loving interest on our theme anyways !

We have just used Contact form-7 plugin for that “Book an Appointment” form.

So you can possibly make it through some customization with Contact form-7.

Thanks, DT.

How to remove the shadow under the slider on the homepage?

Also, is there a support forum for this theme? Please provide link.


You can remove the shadow under the homepage slider easily as shown below,

And of course, We do have a support forum for this “SoulMedic” Wordpress theme here with,

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Hi Can you add a instagram icon to be used on the sociable please.

i should have really asked before purchasing the theme

Currently we didn’t have the sociables with instagram icon added on our theme.

But once if you’ve purchased our theme, we’ll help you get it by adding it on your end ASAP !

Hello. I have installed theme and setup demo manually because provided demo was not functional. Also I need theme slider xml file to import to make it look exactly as it is appearing in demo. Please guide/help me for the procedure. Here is the url i am working on at the moment.


We have checked your site, and it seems that slider already looks exactly as our demo theme.

But anyways, here you can try installing the demo slider data (XML file) we’ve attached here with,

Hi i have a problem with the hompage pagination, when i click on second page or next the url change on ”/page/2” but the page remains the first

Thanks, Simone

Hi Simone,

Thanks for the note ! We’ll take a look and will consider fixing out this issue ASAP !

But before that, please help us to be confirmed that you’ve purchased our theme actually by getting back with the purchase code or the purchase ID you’ve used to buy our theme.

Thanks, DT.

google web font not work in my slider

You can make use of the Google font to work on your sliders easily as following,

1). Please open or get into you slide Editor and select any of the Captions (or create a new one).

2). Click on “Edit CSS File” option thereby to import and integrate the Google font you’ve preferred or taken as below,

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HI! Very nice theme…. Very helpfull and lokk great for our site!

But I have one problem… On my products page, the portfolios does’nt displaying nicely.

When you click on a categorie to filter, somethime only few portfolios appears on the first page and others on page 2 and 3, even if I already set ’’All’’ in the portfolio options.

Can youhelp me with taht please?


Well… Its already done selecting the number of posts per page, and its done from the beginning of my project. But not working. Sorry

Just try it…. And you will see, each time you clickon the next or previous page icon, its displaying ’’All’’ , and never more than 10 items, and I have like more than 20. Even If I set 9 items per page, its displaying 10. Something working wrong here.

We’ll be sure to help you with the better solution for it. But before that, please help us confirm your purchase by getting back with the purchase code or the ID you’ve just used to buy this theme.

So that, we can check and have a clear look to get confirmed about your purchase. And then we’ll proceed help you with the further solution for all the queries ASAP !

Sorry, but I would like to buy your theme, but I would like to know if the Italian language is available. You can manage your newsletter? thanks

You can enable or integrate the Social network icons simply by changing your header option as below,

thanks for the reply. Buy now your theme

Thanks for purchasing our theme anyway ! Please rate it, if you really like our theme, support and all.

I have a blog setup as News at:

and would like to lay it out like:

but no matter what I change, it won’t show on that News page as a right hand sidebar. Currently I have two Widgets in the Display Everywhere sidebar option: 1 Text Widget and 1 SoulMedic Posts Widget. Neither are visible on the site. I have also set the page template to Blog Template, thinking that could be the issue, but no change.

Can you show me how/where to make that sidebar appear properly?

Thanks in advance!

Steve C. 3Cstudio

Hey Steve,

Please check and make sure that you’ve used or chosen the sidebar layout as we shown here with the attachment below,

And if you’re still getting any difficulties with it then, please mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form @

Thanks, DT.

Right, my second comment (above) states that I found the issue—the theme doesn’t allow for the ‘standard’ WordPress page structure in Settings, so I ‘fixed’ it by setting the Blog Homepage to ‘nothing’, then selecting Blog Page as your screenshot indicates. So, it’s now all set… I just wish some theme designs wouldn’t create their own admin features that override the standard WordPress settings! :) Nice theme overall, though – thanks for the response.

Thanks anyways for your kind information ! If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating.

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Hello. I have a problem. How to change the font and font size in my post?

Sorry anyways that currently there is no specific option to change font and font-size for your blog posts.

However, you can make it possible by custom CSS properties along with our theme styles.

If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars will be much appreciated).


1st : I’m not an expert of Wordpress. I’ve worked only once with it. Before purchasing this theme, I’d like to know if I can Hide the “Shop section” for a while after having published the website? At the beginning, we will use this website as an informative platform. Then we would like to setup a ecommerce platform so that we can sell some products.

2nd : we are not a hospital. It is for the job of my wife (she is a speech therapist). I’d like to create a nice page like : Aboutme. Is it possible to change the doctors section with an aboutme section?

3rd point : On the Main page, on the sliders Ive seen twice the medic with the tablet on two websites. Can I change that?

4th point : This website will be in Spanish, is it easy to translate everything?

5th point : Is it possible to integrate in the future a Forum section, with a forum plugin?

Thks in advance for your time and your precious answers!


Hi Nico,

Thanks a lot for your loving interest on our theme ! Happy about that our theme will be the best suit and works for you !

1). We have just provided that Woocommerce plugin along with our theme package. So you can install and make use it whenever as needed.

2). And you can change or customize any pages as you want simply with the help of using the Shortcodes we’ve provided.

3). We can’t get to know what you’re about to say with this third point towards the slider at our Main page.

4). Yes, you can translate everything to any of your preferred language easily with the help of WPML plugin itself.

5) We didn’t checked out the compatibility with any forum plugin yet. But if you find any difficulties while using, we’ll be ready to help you fix them out then.

Hope you’re all clear now and be sure about to make a purchase with this theme ! Also, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars would be much appreciated), if you really like our theme, support and all once if you’ve purchased it.

Thanks, DT.

hello, thanks for a great theme. 1. my logo is bigger. how can i edit the logo area to make it bigger? 2. the text (font) in the slider in my installation is not styled like in your demo. i uploaded the 2 css files you supplied in your dropbox link to revslider css folder. what can i do to style the fonts as in your demo slider text? thanks.

Love the look and functionality of the theme but I receive the following when installing.

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Am I missing something? What steps do I need to complete the installation? sorry I am a newbie.

F/U: using Wordpress 3.8.1 – really excited to start working with this theme.

It seems that you’ve just tried to install the whole theme package .zip archive file as you downloaded.

So, please check once again and make sure to install the .zip archive file of our actual theme folder we’ve included.

Or please watch out the video manual we composed for your reference,

Yes ! You can enjoy using our SoulMedic theme with Wordpress 3.8.1 version as well :-)