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I’ve noticed that when I search for say Contact, it shows my Contact page as a search result, but in a blog post format with a large image. Is there a way to disable images from showing when searching Wordpress pages?

Example here:

Hi iam a doctor and am interested in your soulmedic theme for my website, i have a doubt -the scroll bar at the side appears only when the mouse is pointed at it. can it be made visible at all times?

Yes of course !! You can possibly make it visible all the times with the help of browser custom scroll behavior option we provided in our backend.

But how can you globaly change the default layout across ALL pages. For example; I want all “posts” to default to using the side bar. Doing one at a time will take weeks so I need to set them globally.

Can this be done? Is there a config file I can edit? Or a file the switch is made in so I can modify the code myself in php?

I have referred many clients to this theme who have purchased it, and I have purchased it also. I will not refer any more clients to this if I can not fix one simple thing which is so critical. There are other themes out there which are similar and and happen to be easier to customize. I like your theme the best because it is very nice and clean, it also looks great. I don’t want to have to switch themes. But if I have to I will certainly not use this theme any longer and I will quit customizing client’s who use this theme also. It may only be 10 to 15 sales a year for you but word of mouth spreads quickly.

Please get back with the purchase code or purchase ID you might have used to buy this theme.

Look at the screenshot attached here to be clear on it,

So that we can confirm your purchase and then proceed help you with the queries then.

Please get back with the purchase code or purchase ID you might have used to buy this theme.

Look at the screenshot attached here to be clear on it,

So that we can confirm your purchase and then proceed help you with the queries then.

how can i disable style-picker? i change Disable Body Settings but not work !!

You can disable the style picker we’ve provided in this theme simply as below,

Note: If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating.

how do I use this sidebar “right” menu reverse this page

Yes, you can possibly have the reversed “side navigation” page with the help of CSS customization.

LayerSliderWP, bundled with the theme, is old—need v.5.0 (currently 4.6.6) but no option to Update the plugin. Some of the features (specifically parallax) in 5.0 are needed per the client’s slider control requests. Please advise.

OK… I also see it at a 2nd location at: upon initial page load—after a refresh, things look proper. Obviously, that first page load is crucial to the client.

Further info to hopefully find out why this is occurring in some instances: - iPhone 4S - running iOS 7.0.4 - all apps are up-to-date, including Safari for iOS

Please aggressively help me troubleshoot this? Just because it isn’t giving you “any issues on your end” doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist for others, including your customers and their clients? Should I take this thread up with LayerSliderWP instead? The fact that it doesn’t happen other Themes pointed me back to you, as did LayerSliderWP… feeling a bit “passed around.”

any response please?

As we checked your site again from our end with, we found that issue may have been occurred because the slider layer you’ve used thereby.

You can get rid of it simply by making the following things.

1). Try to use the small icon on the bottom left corner along with your slider image itself.

2). And then, please check and make sure that you’ve used that icon layer in the middle of the slider properly.

Or if you want us to help with it, we’ll be ready to help and it will goes beyond the scope of customization.

Because the problem has been occurring from your end, but not on our side whereas our theme works fine without any of such problems.

Please let us know your interest soon with your site credentials. So that, we can get started with it.

am trying to get the portfolio setup, with right side slider or possible static image with quote on left, like this page i don’t see that setup in the demo install.

1). If you want o use the different background for the footer bottom Copyright section, you’ll need to add an extra div with some CSS styles for it.

So we’ll be ready to help you with it, once if you mail us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form @

2). And we’ve just used the “Font Awesome” icons for the “Health Resources” list widget section. Still you can use any other icons you preferred from the following link,

But, you should add the CSS rule as given in the below line into the “style.css” of Child Theme.


#footer .widget .textwidget ul li:before { content:"\f14c"; }

Also, please note that the icon code varies each other as you can see from the above list of icons.

Or if you want to use own custom icon, you should add the custom CSS for it with background styles

Note: If you’re really happy with our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating (5/5 stars) which will be much appreciated and helpful for us to proceed support you all forever !!


GRB Purchased

Thanks for responding… I sent you FTP Details thats all really we need to be fixed and we are good for now with all the technicalities.. Thanks again for your awesome support, I did rate your service… Good luck in all your endeavors We appreciate the level of support

2. can you elaborate more on how to use own icons with css… i am assuming the font-awesome framework is already in theme, so what i have to do now to use my own icon i already exported the png file with our icon how can i use the framework built in theme to get our icon desired…. just point me to it and ill do it thanks


GRB Purchased

any updates on my last comment

Hi just bought your theme and l love it. Is nice to work with it But l have a question: How can l reduce Main Menu Text Size ? I think is now H1 if l’m right. Thanks.

Thanks for your loving interest and the purchase on our theme !

Please look a the screenshot attached below to have a better understanding on Menu Text font size changes and further settings.

Note: If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating.

We’re just expecting 5/5 stars, which will be much appreciated and helpful for us to proceed support you all for ever.

Hi I am interested in purchasing this theme. Do the images used in slider or background in your demo website for this theme come with it when I buy?

Is it SEO friendly or compatible with SEO plugins? Thanks

(a). We are using Revolution slider and Layer slider. And the Images used in the Sliders are not available with the Theme!

(b). Our in bulit SEO options are user friendly, which supports SEO plugins like “All in SEO” & “Yoast SEO” etc.

Note: If you use SEO plugin, our default SEO options will be disabled automatically. And so, you can use without any conflicts!

Hi Thank you. Can you provide me with the link from where I could purchase those images?

Also – Is it possible to change the icons( + sign) on top of the text ” Advanced Technology” on homepage? If so is it a simple code change? Please let me know.

Yes, you can possibly use any of your own images and no specific size needed.

Here are the documentations of sliders we given for your reference,

Revolution Slider –

Layer Slider –

How do I use the gallery lightbox popup for images that are added in the content of regular pages? At the moment they open in a new window. I’d love to see them in a popup (and with the gallery option so that I can click the next/previous buttons).

Thank you =)

Please could you confirm that there is no way to open images in the included lightbox, and that users of this theme should install a gallery lightbox plugin on their own?

ps. two weeks waiting and still no reply is kind of crap.

sorry about that. When you do a search on discussions the replies does not show, only the direct hits. I just found your reply and will try the suggested plugin.


What about the video integration? Is that easy to integrate? In the main page? In the blog? etc…?

Other question, do you think it is possible to do something like the slider with the numbers backgrounded with colors and the possibility to choose an option then to have other options linked to the first option – staying in the main page? : Host Name Website

I don’t if I explained it well ahah

Thank you in advance

1) With the help of Wordpress default Video Integration, you can easily integrate videos in your blog and page content area.

2) We are not clear with your queery! We have used Revolution and Layer Slider.

Checkout the Slider Documentation fom here:

Revolution Slider – Layer Slider –

For the 2nd request : Welle did you see the main page? At the landing page you see 5 options (1 : Hosting para mi o para un amigo / 2 : Blabla / 3 : Blabla….) If you click on the first solution, you will have new opportunities? Do you get it? I’d like to know, if I can do that easily via your theme :)

We can’t understood or didn’t get into your query clear as what you’re asking for actually.

So please help us have a clear view on it by getting back with screenshots like any references.


I want to buy this theme.. Is there a sample installation available? I want to have the same demo installation (slider, content, shop content) like on your demo site…

Thanks for the interest on our Theme :-)

You can easily make your site as like the theme demo, by clicking “Import dummy data” button on the Buddha Panel! And, we will guide you for Setting up the slider and woo-commerce pages.

I am having a problem with adding the image in the mega menu. I have watched the video help you provided, but my menu item does not include the field “CSS Classes (Optional). What do I need to set for that field to appear so I can set it like you did in your video?

Please look at the screenshot we attached here to be clear on getting “CSS Classes” field enabled.

Thank you!

Hope you are happy with our Theme. Please don’t forget to place your Useful Rating! If you offer 5 Stars, we too will feel happy :-)

I also want to know, for the images in revolution slider, can i use any image, or specific size? if specific then what dimensions.

1). You can use the images we’ve actually used in this theme, from the following attachment link

2). We’ve just used the Font Awesome icons, and you can possibly change any of them easily as here,

Hi, great theme. Well done. Can you please provide a fresh list of all the available icons and their shortcodes. The ones you have provided in the past in this comments forum no longer work. Thanks

Thanks for the Purchase and Appreciation :-)

Totally 5 types ( ) of icon boxes are available!
[dt_sc_icon_box type =" type1" fontawesome_icon='key' title='Well Trained Professionals' link='#']
[dt_sc_icon_box type =" type2" fontawesome_icon='key' title='Well Trained Professionals' link='#']
[dt_sc_icon_box type =" type3" fontawesome_icon='key' title='Well Trained Professionals' link='#']
[dt_sc_icon_box type =" type4" fontawesome_icon='key' title='Well Trained Professionals' link='#']
[dt_sc_icon_box type =" type5" fontawesome_icon='key' title='Well Trained Professionals' link='#']
Also you can use font awesome icons from ( refer – ) For Example:
[dt_sc_icon_box type =" type1" fontawesome_icon='rub' title='Well Trained Professionals' link='#']
Note: Hope you are happy with our Theme. Please don’t forget to place your Useful Rating! If you offer 5 Stars, we too will feel happy :-)

Thanks – I have rated you five stars. One more thing…my woocommerce pages didn’t automatically generate (shop, cart, payment, etc.). I don’t want to have to create them all myself and then link them in with woocommerce. Is there a way to regenerate them? Uninstall and install?

Thanks again for providing the 5 stars rating to us for this theme !

Please get into your theme directory at, “Wp- folder(Soulmedic) -> wp-content -> plugins”

Just remove the “WooCommerce” plugin and then please consider installing it once again.

So you can check your shop pages now by installing the WooCommerce pages as below,


Purchased. Thanks for a great theme.

I have encountered a bug with the icons on Firefox. If I visit the web address with the www (example, it displays fine, but if I visit it without the www (example, it DOES NOT display the icons (telephone icon at the top, menu arrows, home page icons). I assume it is not pulling FontAwesome font. This obviously only happens on the home page where the www is not specified but my client is not happy.

How do I solve this problem? Please help urgently.


You can enable or disable the Sticky navigation menu easily from our Buddha Panel options below,

Pre purchase question

Can we run the theme it 960px with?

Sorry anyway, that we didn’t provided any option to change the grid width of our theme currently.

Still, we can adjust the container width as needed to the screen-size, in this fully responsive theme.

Hello, I was not able to find a valid link on this board to the List of Icons for this theme? We need to change up some of the icons in the Text Boxes, but cant find a list of whats available for use. Can you provide that please?

Thank you,

Thank you for the Reply, but I am not looking for the Small Icons, I am more interested in the Larger Icons such as the BIG KEY or GEARS in the Bottom Example of your Screen Shot.

Where can I find those Icons?

Thank you,

Actually, I just figured it out. Thanks again.

Glad that you’ve just figured it out ! If you really like our theme and support, please feel free to give us your best rating !

We’re just expecting 5/5 stars, which would be much appreciated and helpful for us to proceed support you all for ever.


I am using this theme for a client of mine. Right now I am working on the demo server of my site so that once this is complete I can migrate to the client hosting.

There is an issue with the 3 column blog layout that I am using. Please check this out and let me know how this can be fixed.

Looking forward for your help.



When can I expect an answer from you guys?


You can get rid of it simply by using the same size images on all your blog posts.


I knew that this is not the case with the image not being of the same size. Well to show you that the answer provided is not correct I have used the same image on all the post now please check the link.

It does not make any difference. Please check it out for your self.

Another issue that I found was the featured page:

This is your demo link:

Check how evenly the sidebar looks.

Now check the same thing on my side:

There are serious CSS issues or some kind of conflict and I am sending you an email with the login details. Appreciate if you can look into this and give a permanent fix than going through this over and over again.


I was of the understanding you can use this on but after purchasing I think that maybe that is incorrect? I pick up technology quite quickly but I am certainly no website builder – am I going to be able to use which after reading several blogs I think I have to do?

Of course ! There are many plans available to use from as well.

So, you’ll just have a look and refer them, to proceed using with it then.