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Nice template mate,.

Thank you.

Very nice layout! I send you an email with a question…... :-))

Thank you, we have replied on your email.

Great template! I like it….. :-)) 5 stars!!

Thank you :)

Do you mind if i ask you how did you go about using revolution slider? i’m referring to the license stuff, thanks. Btw nice looking theme !

Hi, you need to get permission from the author of the slider.

Thank you.

Thank you:)

Awesome theme! Any plans of doing wordpress approach?

Hi, yes there will be wordpress version of this theme.

Thank you.

Great job. Looks cool :)

Thank you:)

I noticed the MP3 player on the EVENTS section right side is off the page in Firefox. Can you check into this? Nice theme!

hi, yes thank you, i will fix it and send update to themeforest.

Problem fixed, update pending on themeforest ( demo is updated already)

Thank you.

Nice ;). Hope to see a WordPress version!

Hi, wordpress version of this template should be available in next week.

Thank you.

can i use this theme for word press?

hi, this is html template, the wordpress version of this template will be available for sale in next week.

Thank you.

how to change the twitter and flickr id ? from the twitter feeds from the footer?

sorry found it :l custom.js :l

Glad you found it:)


I have a question…I would like to order this template now, but i want to order and the wordpress theme as soon as you make it. Can i then just pay the difference? Also, can you tell me when you will have the wordpress theme ready?

Regards, z0reli

You didn’t respond to my first question however…i will get the html template now since i can’t wait any more, but can i pay the difference only when i buy the wordpress theme or i will have to pay the full price then?

I’m sorry, but we can not sell the template other than by ThemeForest. They only control the price and sales, so we can not change it. Regards, Paul

Wordpress version of this template is ready for sale at our profile. Thank you.

Great theme, however, I am having some issues with RS. Which file contains the file path info for the images and how to change the text overlays. Thanks

where is the wordpress versión?

Hi, Please download again “sound animal” theme. Thank You.

Hi, if I purchase the theme, can I use the background photo as is or do I need to change it?

Hi, yes you can. Your photo can be a background image.

Hi, can I use the photo you use in the live preview?

hi, we don’t include photos from live preview, but in documentation you can find links to authors of this photos.

Then you can go to Flickr account of this authors and get this images from there. All images are on creative common license and they can be use for commercial purpose.

Thank you.

Where do you put the URL for the track in the audio player widget?

hi, first you need to choose how many track you wan to add in widgets ( Appearance > Widget), then url field appears where you can put your trucks.

If you have trouble with it, you can mail me with your wp-admin details and i will make a demo widget for you.

Thank you.

Just got this template a couple days ago and I really dig it. Has all the features I wanted and customizing has been easy. Thanks!

Thank you:)

How do i remove the search bar in the navigation? Also how do i change the font for the navigation?

hi, you need to got to css/style.css file then find class: .top nav form on line 288 and add there: display:none;

Thank you.

Hello, Does this template have custom display .css classes for desktop, tablet and mobile devices to handle views for different devices? Kinda like boostrap has ”.hidden-sm and .visible-sm” classes. Thank you in advance.

hi, it has code for mobile and tablet in css. Like @media all and (max-width:959px ),

Thank you.

Also Twitter Feed is not working on the Demo, or the Downloadable file. How do we get the twitter feeds to work?

hi, thank you for your feedback we will release tweeter fix in html version for new API.

Thank you.