Discussion on Sound Rock - Music Band Wordpress Theme

Discussion on Sound Rock - Music Band Wordpress Theme

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Is this woo compatible?

Hi @ redsixstudio , No its not officially recommended and tested.


Is there a simple fix for the broken music playlist (since WP version 4.9.8)? We’re hoping you can tell us this small thing without making us pay for new support. Thanks.

Hi @ AME-Network , Theme is tested and advertised upto Wordpress version WordPress 3.5. Soon we are releasing a surprising new update that will be compatible with latest version of wordpress.


Hi. The Google Maps you integrated have stopped working with this theme. You can see this by checking your own demo. Can you give us the fix or how to disable the maps feature in the theme. We don’t believe we should have to pay for the answer. Thx

We are using Sound Rock 1.7 – There is no Page Builder in this version. Thx

Thanks anyway, we figured it out. A simple css directive: #sub-banner { display: none; } solved the issue. Embedding maps manually requires no bs Google api.

Thanks for acknowledgement!

Hi, can I know if will is there new update of theme?

Hi @ Lamoka , We had started working on theme updates and soon Sound Rock will got its turn. Thank you!


Thank you too

You are most welcome. You can help us out greatly by rating our theme for us, visit your downloads tab and give us a nice 5 star rating!

The slider on the homepage no longer works. When you add an image and save the slider it misses off the file name producing a broken image. It only uses the path up to the end of the month i.e. /wp-content/uploads/2018/04/. Will this be fixed in the updated version?

Hi artisanwebsites,

Can you please ensure either you are using recommended version of WordPress on your site: WordPress 3.5

If No, Please downgrade to use recommended version, until official announcement.

Note: Currently compatibility hasn’t been officially assured and advertised with latest version of WordPress so until its not recommended.

Feel free to write if you have any question about theme.


When can I expect an update for this theme? Some features are not working because of the latest version of wordpress. Thanks in advance!

Hi @ EugeneRodin , I would like to inform you that we have already started updating all of our themes and very soon we got the turn for sound rock theme as well along with compatibility with latest version of WordPress and php version 7.0.2. You will receive email once update will arrive on theme forest.


The dates on the gig listings page do not display on mobile, and the thumbnails are blurry.

- Thanks for writing. Images are appearing as small according to the smaller view in mobile and is fine. I have forwarded the date concern to technical department and will inform once it will be added in mobile view. Thanks!

FYI, the thumb sizes are smaller than they need to be on a mobile and look anemic. Be that as it may, the bottom line is we need the DATE solution ASAP or the Upcoming Events view is USELESS on mobiles anyway. Thx

Thanks for suggestion. I will inform on priority once it will be added in mobile view. Thanks!

Hi, I bought this theme years ago, and now my client tells me galleries are being duplicated like in this post, http://www.swingmanagement.cl/francella-marrale-y-puig-nuestras-mujeres-en-teatro-nescafe-de-las-artes/ I already deactivated every plugin to check if any was the reason for ti, but nothing, and I don’t see any weird code either comanding this to happen, can you check and give an idea please? Thanks!

Thanks for followup! You will receive reply shortly over ticket.

ok, but its been 4 days now, please check my ticket

Hi @ carolaforest, Please check and follow your ticket you had been replied after forwarding your concern to technical department and will be replied once it will be resolved.


Hi, Is the theme compatible with last version of WP?


Hi @xadimiz, Official compatibility and update is not given for last version of WP yet. You will be notified via email as soon as update appear on theme forest.


Ok. Which version of WP is compatible with Soundrock theme?

Hi @xadimiz, Please be advised last compatibility has been tested with WordPress 3.5 as advertised on profile page.


Can I add Woocommerce to this theme and sell digital Music downloads directly on it?

Hi @CCSagan, I am afraid i can’t say any word about plugin that hadn’t been tested with theme.



We get this error when testing the newsletter “Subscribe” widget using a valid email:

“Warning: Wrong parameter count for preg_replace() in **/wp-content/themes/sound_rock/include/newsletter_save.php on line 10 Email field is invalid or empty”

How can we fix this? Thanks!

AME Network

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

I have the same problem with 4.5.3 version : “Why does not the home page slider work with wordpress 4.5.2? How can you fix it to work again ? “

No more pics in my gallerys and in my slider.

Please could you help me ?

The compatibility of latest WordPress version has not been released. You need to roll back to previous compatible version to make it work.

Why does not the home page slider work with wordpress 4.5.2? How can you fix it to work again? my hosting company will not let me downgrade. Please send me a fix. please

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

My slider on the main page is not working. It will not allow me to up load photos. This is a major problem for me. Please help

Are you using right information (Email address and ticket ID) claudiab@i*ntivadesign.com is the email address you used to create ticket no 310516.

She is my webmaster but she is traveling overseas right now. Can I add my email to the ticket

You just need to give email address and ticket number. If you have complete email address, go to this link http://chimpgroup.com/support/view.php and give related information. Ticket will open.


We just bought your theme. How soon will it be compatible with the latest version of WordPress, and are there any plans to expand the width of the overall theme? Thanks!

You are welcome. Looking forward to see things good at your end. :)

Working on it… thanks. BTW, can we use Facebook videos in the video gallery, and if so, what info is needed for the URL? The full URL from FB doesn’t seem to work.

Welcome. By default there is no such option available for the Facebook video in the video gallery you can do code customization at your end to achieve this functionality.

hello when i post the link of my website www.cedricgervy.be to facebook they are no image near the url. If i check the link, it’s redirect to www.cedricgervy.be/actu in place of the index page. appently, it’s not linked to a img file….how can i adapt it?

You may contact support team via item support page. Provide your login details and url, issue will be resolved. :)

Hi, I’m facing some problem with “Page Builder”: I’m unable to add elements. Is the theme compatible with wordpress 4.4.2? thanks

Suggested wordpress version is 4.0 I actually noticed it only now… WP 4.0 is dated oct-2014, a little too much for a paid premium theme… I’m sure you’ll understand that we cannot use an almost 20 months old theme for a customer asking him not to update his website. I would kindly ask you to update this theme as soon as possible. Thanks.

sorry for the double post… double click action was too fast :)

Hello @smartwebtools, Our developers are working on theme updates to make them compatible with latest version of WordPress. You will be notified as soon as update appear on theme forest. Thank you!

Good Morning. Can i remowe the search bar?

Hi @salvomattina1980, Yes you can remove it via customisation. Thanks!

why audio player ,Album Track lyrics button not working

Hi @shameen_crontus, Please follow your ticket you will be guided regarding your issue accordingly. Thank you!

Will there be any problem if this theme is set to latest WP4.4.1

Yes, you might face some issues. Please wait till the theme is updated to the latest version.

why when the site “restore down(manually changing browser width)” from “maximize” the right side bar widget images hides some part from image .. even live demo shows the same and ipad protrait is same.

Issue has been added in the list of next update and fixes. It will be available in couple of days. If you are looking for urgent solution, Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.


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