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I have installed everything on my template but my friends see a 404 error when they open my wesite


Corrected and fix the problem thanks

Where is the 404 error? I do not see it any where on your site. Every page is working fine. Please point to right page where you are facing this issue of 404.

I have a minor issue with the theme

As you can see the thumbnail loads in full scale.. and also if I add a thumbnail it automatically loads into the event is self. how can I change that?

Please create a ticket at and provide your login details and url where we can see the issues for you and will resolve it.

Dear Chimp support i try to login with my ticket number but it is not working please can you let me know how i can get in contact with your support regarding a question is have the purchase code but because i already made a ticket he is not reacting on that one.. hopefully somebody can help me.

Can you please give me your ticket number here? I will make it work for you by finding out the issue.

Hola, Tengo el siguiente mensaje de error en mi pagina principal:

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in / on line 325

Cual puede ser el problema, porque hace mucho tiempo que no he realizado cambios en mi web?

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be sorted there.

I can’t for the life of me figure out where to edit the homepage text content at the the top of the page below the slider. The “lorem ipsum” text under “Latest Album”. Where is this in wordpress? Thanks.

It is description of selected album category which you select to show albums. When you make a New Album category, write it’s description and select it from from Chimp Theme Options > Home Page Settings > Home Page Album. It will show you the desired album.

Thank you so much!! Thanks for the great template as well.

You are welcome. Thank you for the nice words. :)

Hello, I wonder if the file is not in the languages / folder portugue.po

I think you should give support for Portuguese-Brazil

You can get .po file and export it from the bottom of the page.

Our have no idea how to do, There is no easier way, may even be more ferramento not know this “site;

Want thema translated into Portuguese and possibly you have this file?

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

Hi, I love this theme. It is almost perfect for my content, except the main landing page. It doesn’t have enough hierarchy and I would like to create my own landing page. The theme does not seem to let me do that. Is there a way?

Also, I tried to create a ticket through Chimp Support but I keep getting an authentication error.


Thank you for the nice words. You can add as maximum content as you want, and theme is flexible enough to make your own hierarchy. There is a drag & drop page builder which allows you to pick and choose any element you like for your site.

HI Support, I am looking to purchase this Template but need to know if i can do the following with is theme. Can i create events and track events on this theme – Can i create ticketing(billable Events) Does this theme support or have a social integrated aspect to it – can users register and create profiles and interact with each other.Can I create adverts and list other bands/entities on this site with contact details – Can you send me a link for the full list of features that this templates has.

Kindly send details to Nathan Moodley 0761997739

Hello @ webbitt. Yes, you can create events and can track events on the basis on dates. You cannot create billing events, but you can give external link for ticketing. Social integration aspect are not available. Users cannot interact with each other. No, bands cannot be listed on this theme.

Thank You for your response – much appreciated. Do you have any templates that can do the above – or recommended such a template or close to that.

Kind regards Nathan Moodley

Anyone know how to delete the bottom menu. I can’t find the option in the Menu Options????

Bottom might not be the case. Can you confirm how you are adding password protection? Are you doing it through back end option or using some plugin for this?

Using the backend option when adding a page, There is the option to password the page. I have used it before on other wordpress sites with no issues.

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your ft details, url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there

Hi, I created a ticket 5 days ago, but I didnt get a ticket Id. I try to create a new ticket, and it says that I already have one open and it gives me the number, I tried to check it and it says that its invalid…???

How can I see my ticket?

So, I have to write everything again?

Ok, I’ll write everything for the third time

Thank you. It will be responded as soon as possible.


I was wondering how you go about changing the colour of the text in the twitter widget.



Please give me link of the page where you are seeing it. I will cross check it to find the issue.

Go to style.css on line no 92 and make the margins as mentioned in bracket ( #header{margin-bottom: 0;} )

Chimp have been amazing and offer great support for their themes after purchase.

I am very happy, and will be purchasing more themes from Chimp in the future.

It is nice to have satisfied and happy clients. Thank you so much for nice and kind acknowledgement. :)

Before i am goin to buy this theme i would like to ask 1. if i can incease the upload for 15MB or more for the tracks, 2. i went to your website and play the sample mp3 but it does not work, will it work on the live hosting? 3. can i upload video and play it on the members area? 4.and lastly can i use FTP to upload all my MP3,MP4 files and display it on the members and admin area for eding and play? that’s all i can ask and if the answer to all my questions above are yes then i will buy now as soon as you reply. thanks more projects.

(1): Yes, you can upload 15MB & more it depends on your php config files which are working on your hosting company server. (2): Please send me link of the page where mp3 is not working on our demo theme, as all mp3 should works on our demo theme.May be there are some link issues. We will resolve this on our demo theme. (3): You can upload mp3 via online link, need a little theme customization to achieve video upload. (4): You cannot upload videos via ftp

I purchased this theme a few months ago with another account. I updated to Wordpress 4.0 and the slider is now completely missing. When will this be fixed?

It will be fixed as soon as we send an update and make the theme compatible with 4.0 I cannot give ETA for next update at the moment.

Hi, when will you update this theme to be wp 4.0 compatible, also there is twitter widget which doesn’t work anymore.

We will work on it in coming week for sure.



I wonder if all the functions of the theme work in version 4.0 of wordpress?

A new update has been sent and it will be available for download in next few hours. You will be able to get 4.0 compatible version of theme.

how can I add images to the main Page Slider and change the color scheme, it is possible for a black and white or silver and black? Really need some help having trouble customizing this awesome theme. Help?


Ticket ID# 769477, thanks so much really appreciate it!

Any update? I see someone went in and deleted all of the plugins I had installed. my ticket number is not autheticated.

Please provide required details at ticket. Reply the ticket so that your issues may get sorted.

My playlist won’t load… What am I doing wrong or missing?

It keeps saying I have a ticket open and won’t load the old ticket(#383983) or won’t let me start a new one.

My email ticket number was 1151

Ticket number 1151 has been reopened now, you can communicate with support staff now to get your issues sorted.

I purchase this theme for a artist website but since upgrading to Wordpress 4.0 I have an error message which reads Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/sitename/public_html/home/wp-content/themes/sound_rock/header.php on line 268

Could you please help fix this or advise on how I can fix? Thank you so much!!

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

Please could you tell me how save settings to upgrade theme in 1.5 ? I need it to upgrade to WP 4.0.

Thank you in advance

Please take a complete backup of your data base, then update your wordpress and replace your files. (Please just replace theme, DO NOT activate or deactivate theme)