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Turning responsiveness on/off does nothing.


We take care of all support through our website to improve response time and make information more readily available to others who might have the same questions.
Please open a ticket at our support System if you need any more help.

Can I get some support please. I sent through a request last thursday and and all am told is to refresh my browser. C’mon Chimpstudio, you can do better than this.

hi @shikabwe,

please send me your ticket number so i can look into your issue.



Really like the theme. Very modern. I am starting work on a new project next Monday and will be buying the theme. Can you let me know when the update will be for the bugs mentioned in the comments above.

hi @cloudtechdesign,

we are working on its updates and i hope it will be there in coming week.


Vendo em seu DEMO DO SITE…...... Que a parte relacionada a PAGINA DO FACE BOOK nao aparece

Essas sao as opçoes do widgets example: OU


Brigado novamente pela rapida resposta. Percebi tambem q quando colocamos i widgets de comentarius.nao aparece direto o comentario feito… Aparece tipo o local(atalho) aonde foi feito o comentario ai temos q clicar .para só assim ver o comentario

Nao teria como ja aparecer direto o comentario na pagina inicial

desde ja fico grato

hi @paulinhomk,

i am sorry but i didn’t got your question. if you can write it in English that will be great.


hello friend! I meant, when q is placed widgest of the comments on the page pricipal, the same does not appear to directly comment q else did

Ex.uma person made ??the comment of an album …..... this comment does not appear right on the Home PAGE


Out instead of appearing all over the comment made ??john q …..

Appears only John made ??a comment in this album

For me it would be better if every comment aparessece on the screen, type a box of scraps, ja nai qo site has esa function errands.


I can’t drag and drop page content to settings (blog, news, sliders etc). Please help. I am stack.

I bought this theme for its look but have clearly misjudged the actual functionality. I had it installed for less than 24 hours and it completely shut down my site. At first, I blamed my hosting service until I called them and they had to go in and re-set the theme to its default setting – then it worked. BUYERS BEWARE. This is not a good theme, nor is the customer service at all friendly or helpful. Thanks for nothing.


Guys, We are back with soundrock music band theme. almost all bugs fixed, please see the list below:
Common bugs
1. Facebook widget.
2. Wordpress 3.5 JQuery Issue.
3. Responsive Issue.
4. Some Styling issue.
5. ShortCode Functionality.
6. Event count down.
7. Media play list
8. Language translation & RTL
and a lot more completely Solved!

How to update

Better not to update old files with new theme files, its major update which required buyers to delete all the theme files and re-upload them using FTP. Make sure theme main folder name should be same as Old if you want to keep Old Settings.

Hi. Is there any way to show Flickr on the image gallery? I know it supports YouTube and Vimeo if you paste the url in ‘lightbox to video’.

Plus when using 3 or 4 columns the title and description don’t show on hover they only work with the 2 columns. Am sure it’s a simple fix

Thanks Chris

hi @cloudtechdesign,

I am sorry flickr integration is not developed so thats not availabe. for title and description yes there is a simple fix for that but you need to edit style.css file for that. please pass me your URL so i can guide you on that.


Hi. I have sorted the title/description, I removed the display none and added percentage to the padding. I should be able to modify the prettyphoto js file to enable flickr just will need a bit of playing with. thanks.

hi @cloudtechdesign,

thats great.



I trying to create the album page but to be honest I am failing as I can not work it out can you please give me some adviced or point me to a users manual for the template. I have tried to open a ticket on your site but it is not letting me. My email address is

cheers stu

hi Stu,

I am sorry but your purchase code already used for a support ticket. are you sure you never opened a ticket, maybe you told someone or anything. please provide me your email address so i can test it.



As far as I know no one has used me purchase code to open a ticket, my email address that is attached to the purchase is

cheers Stu

hi @VoiceMedia,

I need to figure out this, need some time to know who is using your verification code. i will get back to you soon.

meanwhile please write me an email with your all issues at


It seems like my top menu is sorted from A-Z, although I got a customized order. Whats the reason for this system or how I can change this?

hi @WorkaholicsGfx,

please send me URL so i can see it.


thanks for the response.

here is the url:

also, how can i change the hover color in the top menu from red to purple to match the page color scheme?

hi @WorkaholicsGfx,

this is strange, please send me your wp admin login detail via email. you may use contact form located at our profile page. i will send you the instructions for navigation color change in email reply.


Hi, we are very interested about your theme. We are gonna buy it nex week. But before, I have read about some bugs in the Discography track list and the buy button not showing: “Buy MP3 URL” in the dashboard. Is this fixed? Also, I would like to know if I can put a “add to cart” shortcode for every track?

Thank you!

hi @hellixgmail,

you can create a ticket for sure for any help, but we will not do customiztion. we can only provide help for the features we are offering, we can’t add any further functionality to it.


because of very busy schedule we are off for cusomization so we are not able to add that functionality for you, you may hire an expert php developer for that. I hope you will not mind it.


I lost my support ticket number, purchase is less than 30 days old. How do I get help now? (there doesn’t seem to be a way to get lost ticket number from support site)

Is the theme update out yet?

hi @shikabwe,

yes its out since almost 3 days.


I recently purchased this theme and I am very excited about developing my music website with it. Can you please tell me where to find instructions for implementing this theme? There are aspects to the implementation that are confusing for me.

hi @vanigreene,

you may read documentation propperly and you can easily do it – if you feel any issues please submit a ticket at

you can even ask support team to install a demo setup for you.


I am having difficulty understanding how to set up my theme. Is there anywhere that I can find instructions and documentation for the theme? The support link has very little information available.

hi @vanigreene,

sorry for late reply, please submit a support ticket and ask support team for a setup, they will help you.


I will definitely go ahead and ask the support team to install a demo set up. That would be a big help. I am excited about using this theme to market my band and envision it as being really beautiful and exciting, once completed!

@ WorkaholicsGFX: I had some trouble with changing the menu color from red to orange, too. I finally found where it was hard-coded into one of the .css files (colors.css). Open that file in a text editor and do a find/replace on the color: #fd4239 and change it to whatever color code you need.

hi @HeruGawen,

we already know about this bug and this will be resolved in next updates. thanks for your help for others.


UGH! I give up. This was a big waste of money.

hi @HeruGawen,

I hope writing your issues will be more helpful. I am not sure whats the reason behind your sentence.


Hello… I have two first problems with theme in WP.

1- To create post, I can’t write anything in field.

2- When I want to manage a slider, and I make changes, it’s in a “thinking” state and don’t upload my changes

hi @iremoru,

thats because you didn’t updated it properly, please submit a support ticket any my support team will help you.


I didn’t update theme, I instaled for first time.

I submited a support ticket right now


Is there any way I can take feeds from multiple twitter accounts on your twitter widget without having seperate widget boxes as this messes with the spacing etc


hi @webdesignwand,

I am sorry for now its not possible, you may do customization in order to meet your requirements.