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Hi, eine kurze Frage zum Audio Player. Welchen Code hast Du genutzt, um bei dem Album mehrere Songs in einer Playlist zusammengestellt so erscheinen zu lassen? Habe das so nicht hinbekommen…

Soundboard wurde bis version 7.2 getestet. Ich werde das theme baldmöglichst auf version 7.3 testen!

Wenn ich auf 7.2 umstelle, bekomme ich auf mancher Seite auch diesen Fehler und die entsprechende Seite wird nicht angezeigt:

Fatal error: ‘break’ not in the ‘loop’ or ‘switch’ context in /homepages/42/d235859813/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/facebook/social-plugins/widgets/like-box.php on line 84

Dagegen läuft es mit php 5.6 alternativ ohne Probleme…

Sorry, mein Fehler, das war ein andere Plugin… habe es deaktiviert, jetzt läuft es…

Hi Guys, do you include a WYSIWYG page editor? Are you compatible with WPBakery Page Builder? Thanks

Hey there, thanks for your interest in Soundboard! I’m sorry, a WYSIWYG page editor is not included in the theme also I haven’t tested WPBakery Page builder with the theme yet.


Sorry. dass ich nochmal zwei Fragen habe:

1) Immer, wenn ich unter Album irgendwelche Änderungen speichern möchte, fliegt der Link für Soundboard raus. Ebenso kann ich unter Soundboard keine Linkinformationen hinterlegen, beim Speichern werden diese immer wieder gelöscht (normaler Text, also ohne Linkinfos, werden dagegen gespeichert). Dieser Effekt ist mir aufgefallen, seit ich 5.0.4 habe – kann es irgendwie damit zusammenhängen?? By the way, ändere ich den Eintrag direkt in der Datenbank ab, funktioniert der link dann wieder.

2) Ich möchte unter Album gerne unter Additional Info Center ein YouTube Video hinterlegen, das funktioniert aber auch nicht. Hier mal mein Link: <iframe width=”560” height=”315” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/6Mpmsd2IODI” frameborder=”0” allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Über entsprechenden Support würde ich mich auch hier sehr freuen. :-)

Danke & Gruß, Frank

Hallo Frank!

Version 5.0 war unter anderem ein großes Sicherheitsupdate und seither sind nur genau festgelegte HTML Attribute in den Eingabefeldern erlaubt um das Theme sicher zu machen. Du findest die Attribute in der Datei includes/theme_functions.php, beginnend in Zeile 23. Ich werde die Liste in einem update erweitern, damit iframes hinzugefügt werden können.

In welchem Feld wolltest Du denn den link einfügen?



wie schon oben beschrieben: Wenn ich das Album erstelle, wo man alle Songs etc. pflegen kann, gibt es auf der Page ja auch das Textfeld “Additional Info Center ”, da würde ich gerne das YouTube Video verlinken.

Nochwas, wenn kein iFrame aktuell zulässig ist, wie pflege ich denn dann den Soundcloud Link? Normalerweise nimmt man doch den Wordpress Code, den Soundcloud zum Einbetten vorschlägt und das ist ja eben ein iFrame. Oder geht das alternativ jetzt anders??

Wenn ich zudem iFrame bei mir erlauben würde, kann ich dann den iframe Code unter theme_functions.php (Zeilen 78-88) nehmen und denn beispielsweise unter &allowed tags am Ende einfügen??

VG Frank

Hallo Frank!

Die erlaubten Inhalt sind für jedes Feld anders festgelegt. Im Soundcloud Feld sind (NUR) iframes erlaubt.

Ja, du kannst den iframe code oben hinzufügen, und zwar fügst Du unter Zeile 67

'br' => array(),

folgenden code ein:

 'iframe' => array(
                'src' => array(),
                'width' => array(),
                'height' => array(),
                'scrolling' => array(),
                'frameborder' => array(),
                'title' => array(),
                'webkitallowfullscreen' => array(),
                'mozallowfullscreen' => array(),
                'allowfullscreen' => array()



Does the theme support sticky header?


Hey Priyanka!

The theme does not include a sticky header but I just tested the “Sticky Menu” plugin ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/sticky-menu-or-anything-on-scroll/ ) and it works well with the theme.

In the plugin settings, simply add ”#topnavi” into the “Sticky Element” field.



varela Purchased

Nice theme, in version 5 of the theme the Slider does not work. thks

Hey there! Please get in touch via the support tab and send me link and login info to your site, I’ll help you set up the slider. Cheers!

Hi! Can the individual album pages be rearranged? For example, the lyrics in the middle rather than on the right? Thanks!

Hey there!

The album pages include 3 extra fields to add any content into the left, middle and right column. So yes, you can add the lyrics into the center field, below the audio player.


Hi, I have one tip for improvement. Add a product from woocommerce to the Audio template. To make a choice between standard audio albums or directly offer audio CD sales. https://obereg.cz/nase-cd/

Hey there! Thank you so much for your feedback!

Hello, I support a friend and he has installed SoundCloud.

We updated the theme from 4.09 to 5.05. I missed an important notice in the download file telling that it is a major update and there is a lot of things to take in consider. Afterwards with a scrambled site we read that in the changelog.

Despite of all the tricks mentioned there to fix the scrambling, no change happened. So after a few hours I found out that you have set the #footer to position: absolute by which is was in the uppermiddle of the screen. I changed that and that was the trick to bring everything back in order (post was left and half visible instead of center, right sidebar was 1 cm small, no margins on the sides). So for people having this problem. We use a child theme and we just put the #footer {position: relative;} there and all was fixed. In your tutorial there are some errors (those I remember): 1. Recommended plugins: nr 5 and 7 are the same 2. The Intuitive Custom Post Order isn’t update for over a year and not compatible with the newest WP version is says 3. The same counts for the AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild plugin

In how to update a theme, we miss the recommendation to use a child theme (which you offer freely, thank you for that). Isn’t it that if you use a child theme you can just upload the new theme without needing to delete the old one? It worked for us anyway.

Hope it helps to make your theme even better. Luc

Hey Luc, thank you so much for your feedback!

The position of #footer in the current version of Soundboard is actually not set to absolute. Maybe you had some extra code added anywhere, like maybe in the custom CSS field?

Thanks for the info that I mentioned the “One click demo import” plugin twice.

The Intuitive Post Order and AJAX thumbnail Rebuild plugin may not have been updated for a while, but I still use them often and they still work very well for me.

You will still have to delete the parent theme when uploading the updated parent theme. A child theme is not necessary to update the theme.



lochie Purchased

I know this is still available but not sure if still supported. I have seached the comments here, read the documentation, and I am struggling to get the slider to show up. Can you help?

Hey there, please get in touch via the support tab above and send me your link and login info. Cheers!

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Soundboard’s customers will be able to get more further points for advertising (additional 1000 points – using purchase code). We will promote your theme in the Purchase section: https://pasteboard.co/Jd5gO8C.png

Let me know if you want to include WP Booster in your package. Release date: 21.06.2020 Limit of themes: 100

Pre-purchase questions:

1) Is it possible that a user can download the free albums as a .zip folder so they don’t have to download the tracks individually? 2) Is there an option for login/register? 3) Is it possible to make it mandatory that the user must be signed in before downloading the tracks? 4) Can we bulk upload tracks instead of uploading them one by one to an album? 5) Can we offer credit based subscription model to customers where they’re limited by number of albums in their download list based on the plan selected?

Thank you!

Hey there, thanks for your interest in Soundboard! I’m very sorry but the theme does not include such functionalities, you would have to add extra plugins to make this work. Cheers!


medsdeb Purchased

in version 4 I had my front page banner work across all my ages, now when I upgraded to version 5 it seem to have broken that. I had this css code in the old version but it won’t work in 5. any idea please?

.header .logo { background: none !important; } #slide-bg, #bg-wrapper { margin-top: 0; } #content h3.widgettitle { font-size: 10px; }

Hi! I replied to your email.

Hi, Has this theme been abandoned? Since the last WordPress update I’ve had an issue with my top logo being aligned left when I clearly have it set to align center. Plus all of the social media icons on the top and bottom footer are missing I emailed a support ticket a week ago and haven’t had a reply (!?)

Just replied too as I’ll need that icon CSS code I think :)

Just sent another email. Hope you got it!

Thanks! Got it :D

do u have plan add some player .. ajax player… ?

Hey there! I don’t have any plans adding an ajax player. You would have to add a plugin for that. Cheers!

Any chance we can get the ability to add tags for categories to the custom post types? It is strange that those were omitted in the first place. Ideally, we should be able to filter what is generated from a page template using tags or categories. This template doesn’t allow for any customization of page content without those features.

If I had the ability for tags or categories then I could easily modify the theme to create custom templates for custom pages. But as it stands now, I’m looking at having to add these features to the plugins myself and then having to forgo any future updates on the plugins, and that sounds like a pain.


Xowi Purchased

Great theme, have a quick question. Is there a way to add a 4th album link after soundcloud on the audio page? Need to add bandcamp and hope it’s possible. Thanks!


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