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Perfect theme for musicians! Good luck with sales!

Nice work, I think you have submited to the wrong category.

Yeah.. I should have probably put it under Entertainment. Do you know if I can change that?

Submit a ticket to themeforest! The stuff will change it for you.

He means Site templates…:) you have Wordpress.

Right! I just submitted a support enquiry and hopefully it will get moved to the WordPress category quickly..

Never seen a wordpress theme getting added to the site templates category, looks like a pretty good theme though. Bookmarked for future.

You plan on making this theme responsive?? Would be a very nice feature (but hard to implement)

Good luck on sales ;)

Thanks evasive! I don’t have any plans on making the theme responsive at the moment. I think I might work on a responsive music theme in the future though…

Buying this…glad to see a music theme -awesome!

I’m glad you like it, agent 8!

The Login at the top is there a way to have the word “register” appear up there as well? Some people may not know that once you click on log it they can register. and How would I block pages like the gallery unless a user is logged in?

Hello! You are right, there should be a register button up there. I will work on that for the next update. As for the gallery only being visible for logged-in users you would have to modify the gallery template with something like this:

if (is_user_logged_in()) {
// You page code goes here
} else {
echo "You must be logged in to view this page.";

Awesome debut, like the layout a lot. Wish you many many sales. 2years ago was my last visit to the hurricane festival. Greetings. And keep up Rock n’ Rolling

Thanks :)


does this theme come with dummy content?

Only my opinion, but I would get that dummy content added within the next couple of days…if not sooner. You only get around a week or less on that first page of themeforest.

If I was to buy it, I have no intention of using it for anything music related, which shows its quite a versatile design. Needs the dummy content though as you are competing with a lot of themes where that comes as standard. Good luck with sales.

Micatuca, I will put this up top on my ToDo list. I’m glad you like the design :-)

UPDATE : An .xml with dummy content is available upon request via the user contact form and will be added to the download file with the next update.

Your album posts aren’t formatting correctly on the output. Instead the website is just using a regular wordpress post format.

The theme included no documentation.

The theme comes with a “readme” folder which includes the documentation. Also in the themes option panel, clicking on “documentation” in the upper right corner will direct you to the documentation. Follow the instructions on how to set up an audio page.

NO! It doesn’t! I just downloaded the theme folder again and it had no such folder, nor does the link in the Options Panel actually work.

Also the individual gallery pages only generate a 404 error – they don’t actually click into the gallery itself.

Hello! You need to link the featured image to Attachment Post URL .

That makes no difference. Even when I click “view details” from the gallery edit page, I get a 404 error.

i dont see the instructions for this in my file

Also…...your drop down menu items are only set to the “dark” theme. If you switch to light, the font/background of any child nav items is the same and you can’t see the nav words.

1 star rating until this and my other issues are addressed.

I will try to figure out why the documentation is not included in the download file even that i uploaded it. Until then, here is the link to it:

I will fix the dark background of child nav items in the light skin in the next update within the next couple days. I hope you can fix the other issues with the help of the instructions in the documentation.

Hi! Is it possible to choose different background image for every category?

I’m sorry, it is only possible to upload 1 background image for the entire page.

Your documentation doesn’t say anything about setting up audio pages or galleries that is any different than what I did.

Your individual galleries are generating a 404 error.

The album pages are not appearing as album pages, instead as regular Wordpress posts.

Please provide a fix for the theme asap.

i am working on an xml file with dummy content right now, maybe this will help. If you want you can also send me a message via the contact form with a link and login info and i will take a look and make it work!

A note to other users or potential customers, this theme is NOT currently compatible with the Shopp plugin.

UPDATE : We figured out a solution to the problem: If anybody else is having problems using the Shopp plugin with Soundboard, just go to Settings > Permalinks and simply press “Save Changes”. That should do the trick.

I am having a similar problem with the albums. I cannot access the page by entering the url, going to preview post, or clicking the link in the homepage or albums page. I keep getting 404 errors when trying to access my albums url. I followed every direction in the documentation you linked to here. The theme is great otherwise. =]

I’m glad you like it :-) Please deactivate all your plugins to see if one / which one is causing the problem. Thanks.

Love this theme!! Will be purchasing soon! Any chances of a audio widget in a future update ?

Cool! You can place the JW Player shortcode and Soundcloud shortcode in a text widget to display an audio player in the sidebars.

Does purchase include any PSDs? Thanks.

I didn’t design this theme in Photoshop so there are no psd files available…

What a great theme! FINALLY something has been designed that includes everything a musician or band needs. Will be coming back soon to purchase this one, cheers!

Thanks BlackFlag. I’m glad you like it :-)

Hey there, nice theme! One question, how did u get that well organized lyrics drop down thing in ur audio page?

Thx :D

There is an instruction on this in the documentation under “Pages > Setting up the Audio Page” :-)