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A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Just purchased can’t wait to use it! Great work!

:-) Cool. Let me know if you need help with anything.

Does this theme support Disqus comments?

Hey! This was the first time i’ve heard of Disqus. I just tested the plugin with Soundboard and it seems to work perfectly. It’s actually a really cool plugin!

Great theme! How can i adjust the date format in the tour date section to d-m-y and translate the days? Thnx in advance.

Hey! Thanks for buying Soundboard.

You can translate the days along with everything else with the help of the included .po file.

In order to format the date like that you would have to modifiy template-tourdates.php. Starting with line 83 you can find the date. The day, month and year are all placed in separate divs. You can switch them around as you like.

gr8 work…

Thank you :-)

Gerda, the developer has gone out of her way to help me with all of my previously noted issues. Amazing customer support, and all is now well with this great theme.

this is a great template! forgive me if my questions are obvious but I’m new to this..

1. I am wondering can other pages be added? i.e. biography, services pages 2. can drop down menus be created? 3. is an e-commerce plugin possible to be added? 4. can the background be changed? i.e. made static with an image? or have desired images?

I’m thinking of a recording studio website…

your response are appreciated and thank you for your efforts.

p.s. it amazes me that the music industry is a multi million dollar industry, yet there is literally near zero useable recording studio website templates.. if you would like to design one and want to communicate with me about it i would be happy to assist with suggestions.. As i am positive there would be many small/medium studios who would take it up.

Hey tracklab! I’m glad you like Soundboard!

So here are the answers to you questions:

1. Yes, you can add as many pages as you want.

2. Yes, drop down menus can easily be created. On the Demo site, if you hover over “Theme Features”, you can see an example of how that would look like.

3. I don’t see why that would be a problem.

4. Yes, there is a background image uploader in the backend.

I am not sure yet what I am going to be working on next, but you can definitely throw some ideas at me and i will take a look at them! Just send me a message via my contact form!

First off, great theme.

The Tour Dates page doesn’t seem to be working properly.

It’s here:

Your help is appreciated.

hey! could you send me your login dates via the contact form so that i can check it out and fix this?

Hello, what is the size of the background. Im trying to make mine fit

Hey.. my background image has a size of 2800×1750. It shouldn’t matter though which size your image is. If you choose “Background Position : Stretched Background / Fixed Position” right below the background image uploader, it will automatically make the image fit the screen…

can anyone please inform me if a extra page like a biography page, services page, can be added/customised for a music business website like a recording studio please?

id like to get this try to modify it accordingly.. thanks

great thank you! for your time and effort

I’m not sure what you’re asking for. The page just isn’t displaying correctly.

hotelalexis, I’ll take a look at it and will get back to you asap.

Thanks for reporting this bug hotelalexis. There is obviously a bug where the page doesnt get displayed properly if there are no past dates in the “Past Dates” section on the page. I fill fix this in my next update. Until then, you can just go to Theme Options > General and activate “Hide Past Tour Dates Section”. Then the page will display just fine!

any way to have like 400px x 200px featured image per post in the news section above the title in the homepage?

Hello and thank’s for purchasing Soundboard!

The Homepage was designed to just show a Headline without image.

The News Page supports featured images. The image will be placed right below the title and has a size of 520×220.

Dear developer,

ist your theme working with the wpml plugin? I need the side to switch between english and german.

Is it possible to integrate a guestbook?

Is it possible to skip the BUY TICKETS button?


Hey.. in order to make sure Soundboard is working with the wpml plugin i just took part in the certification program ( I will let you know of the result.

If you would really like to use a guestbook, i could code a fullwidth-template with comment-function for you, which would work perfectly as guestbook. This would just take me seconds to do. You would just have to add it to the Soundboard files.

Yes, if you don’t enter a link into the BUY TICKETS field, no button will appear.


hi, purchased the theme and have installed it – it would really have helped if there was sample content to edit which would help us navigate around it.. so i am setting it up as with test/sample content mostly to make sure things work for me..

I cannot seem to get the menu bar working, i mean Ive created menu names and attached pages with same names as menu, but i cannot see the menu bar on the live preview with the menu names i created. [if that makes any sense…?]

any advice guys?

Hey.. I will respond you to your email that you’ve sent yesterday. I will also send you and xml file with dummy content!

:) cool.. I’m sure its something simple but i cannot seem to get my head around making the menu appear live..

Don’t worry. We’ll make it work.

Hi There, I am encountering the following problems, the background image doesn’t load, the colorisation doesn’t work.I am guessing this is a wordpress 3.4 issue. Is there a fix, its a premium template and at current unusable :(

Hello! The Demo website is running on WordPress 3.4, so that can’t be the problem. I’m not sure what is causing this issue… If you would like me to take a look at it get in touch with me over the user contact form! Thanks.

Gerda; the author and designer of this template definitely goes above and beyond any other author i have come across with her eagerness to serve those who have purchased the theme!

She responds swiftly, attentively and has a great attitude!

Just be a little patient if you are experiencing some challenges with the theme and communicate well and with detail so she may look into it as required.

Great work and Well Done!

TrackLab Melb – Australia

Hi – would just like to thank you for this template – really really awesome stuff! Just wondered if I can somehow add my “buy now with paypal” button on any of the albums I load up there…..sorry if this is a silly question Im quite new to wordpress!

Hello! Thanks for buying Soundboard! So glad you like it :-)

Next to the Amazon and iTunes button you can create a button with whatever text you like and that links to whatever site you would like.

Just type the button text into the field “Button Text for other buying / downloading link”. Paste the link into the field “Other buying / downloading link”).

Hope that helps.

I have a couple of questions about your template.. Are I am able to combine single-audio.php and template-audio.php so I can show the Main album and a horizontal list of albums beneath it? Also how can I add a sidebar to the single-audio.php page?

Hello! Thanks for buying Soundboard, I really appreciate it.

For both changes that you are describing you would actually have to modify single-audio.php and make some changes in style.css. Are you familiar with php and css?