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Quick question – does the template automatically optimise pages for mobile devices/ If not, how would you suggest I do that?! Any plugins you’d recommend?

I’ve seen a few but didn’t know if there’s one you tend to use more than others?

Hey RichD687…!

Soundboard is not responsive, but I’ve tested it on iPhone and Blackberry and it works fine on those devices. I don’t know of any plugins that would optimize templates for mobile devices.

Hello, how do I view the page with all the post and put it in the menu? This page is not the home page of the site but a separate page

How do I create a page with all the blog post?

Hey andreasapienza! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard…

Please follow the instructions in the documentation on how to set up the News page:


thank you very much

Hello! I absolutely love this theme, it has been fantastic. Two quick questions; First, when I input links from youtube or vimeo on the video page, they do not work, no video shows up, just the text i entered. Help? Second question; How do i incorporate the soundcloud feature, I can not figure out how to get the player to show up anywhere on my site. Please Help. Thanks!!!!!!

Hey Monkeymusic…

you need to set a “Featured Image” for each video. More info on that in the documentation under “Setting up the Audio Page”:

You can use a shortcode to insert a SoundCloud player. An example you can find on the Soundboard Demo page: You can place the shortcode into any page, post or into a text widget.


Hello, is it possible to put video on slide ?


No it is not possible to place a video in the slideshow, davco…

Hello, I use the german translation, but in the news section/widget the “time ago” is shown as “5 Stunden ago”. I translated “ago” into “vor”, but how can I use this word as prefix? I should look like “vor 5 Stunden”.

Thanks for the support.

Hi. Three questions:

1) Is there a way to hide or remove the date, month and year of a single post and/or all posts.

2) How can i change the text that appears in the BUY TICKET button for a specific event?

3) In Tour Dates, How do i change the heading ‘UPCOMING DATES ’ and PAST DATES ’.


Hey Coastdesign..

1. Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS :

.post-date {
    display: none; 

2. You can’t change the button text for just 1 specific event.

3) You can change the text in the file template-tourdates.php, line 11 and line 145.

Another question: How do i display a excerpt for a post? Then a ‘Read More’ button takes the reader to the full post?

You mean on the news page? You can use the “insert more tag” button in the visual editor for that.

ahhh another question… I find that the headline on all pages and posts is really tight to the top of the page… is there a simple way to add a little more padding? For example, I’d like the top of ‘TOP DECK ..’ to be aligned with the top of the search field. Is there an easy way to apply this padding across the site?

The headline is all the way up there so that there is equal padding to all sides. You can add some spacing to the top, but it would move the search field down too and again it would not align with the headlines.

Add this code to Theme Options > General > Custom CSS , if you would like some padding at the top:

#wrapper {
    padding-top: 20px;

Use this code to move the search field up to align with the headlines:

.widget_search {
    margin-top: 30px;

Thanks for the help. Is there no way to add a new button that i could apply instead of ‘BUY TICKETS ’. How about ‘FREE’?

Yeah it would be possible to add another checkbox “Free” to the tour dates post type. I’ll send the instructions a little later today, when I have more time.

Also I think I will add an option for another button text in the next update of Soundboard…

Hey.. if you are still interested in the instructions on how to add a “Free” checkbox to the tour dates post type, get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll send you the code…

I, How to change Date Format in Tour Dates page for french people.

transform “Fri -Oct 05, 2012” to “Ven 05 Oct 2012”


Hey Romano!

If you don’t want to use the included .po file, you can make the changes in the file template-tourdates.php. Weekdays are in line 52 – 58. Months are in line 64 – 75. (Only change the text on the right side!)

Also you can rearrange the Days and Month and remove the comma in line 84 – 87.

Cheers! Gerda

Hello red sun,

Great theme ! Just one question please. I need to get the rss feed of the video & galery page. Can you help me ?

Quick question red_sun, just realized my news page does not summarize the articles like in the demo. What can I do to fix that? Big thanks again.

You can use the “insert more tag” button in the visual editor for that.

That was fantastic! Thanks again! Your the best!

Hey red_sun,

How do I edit text size of material in the sidebars? For example, I want to make bold (or larger) the Link Categories (ie. Blogroll), so that the link category is larger than the actual links, similar to what you did on your Soundboard homepage with the “TWITTER FEED ”, “LATEST VIDEOS ”, etc.


Can you send me a link to your site via email and tell me exactly which text you want to make look like the headlines?


I just started building a website with the theme but the upload files button on the slider widget doesn’t seem to work. I Installed the latest flash upgrade, cleared cache and cookies, tried with safari,chrome and firefox on 2 different computer ( mac and pc ) on different network and the problem persist. Also the drag and drop function does not work. Is there a way I can fix this ?

Yeah.. there seems to be something wrong with the WordPress installation… Have you already checked your folder and file permissions? Also, is your WP version up to date?

If you want you can send me a link and login info to your site via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll take a look.

Thanks, I do have the latest wordpress. I’ll send you an email with the info.

Ok I’ll check it out!

got a question news post within a video doesn’t work on a mobile (ipad/iphone/android). Do i miss something? look at

gr, john


I use a file format which is supported by ios. If you look at my video page on a ipad it work, but if i put a video link like this

[video image=”http://mydomain/my-preview-image.jpg” width=”540px”] http://mydomain/my-video-file.m4a [/video]

it will not work. I put it in a post…

What can i do to let it work? The same link as what the video page has but i don’t know what it is qua code.

gr, john

John… would you please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me the link along with the login info to your wordpress site?


Hai I’ve send a mail. gr, john

Great template. Is there a way to add logo at the same level as menu (not above it), and make menu width smaller for that specific logo size?

Hey ralemicic! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard.. I’m glad you like it :)

In the file header.php move

<div class="clear"> </div>

from line 98 right below the “topnavi” div in line 110.

Then add the following CSS styles to Theme Options > General > Custom CSS :

#topnavi {float: left;}

#logo {width: 300px;} 

#topnavi {max-width: 600px;}

(Change the logo and navi width to whatever you like. Together they can not exceed a with of 980px)


That works perfectly – thank you! One more question – is it possible to have menu direct straight to the actual photo gallery instead to photo albums that point to different photo galleries? I would like to skip page with photo albums, and use only one gallery containing all the photos.


in Appearance > Menus create a “Custom Link” and under URL enter the URL to the gallery page containing all the photos…

Thanks a lot Red_sun have à nice day ;)