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Is there a way to remove all comments from the theme? thanks

Hey awsjulio!

Yeah! There is an option for that in Theme Options > General.


Hallo, ein sehr schönes Theme, vielen Dank! Funktioniert auch alles wunderbar. Eine Frage aber doch: Wir kann ich auf der Audio/Album Seite die Facebook und die twitter share Buttons entfernen? Aus Datenschutzgründen würde ich die gerne entfernen und ggf. an anderer Stelle durch eine “Zweiklick-Lösung” ersetzen. Vielen Dank und viele Grüße

Vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort. Hat funktioniert. Habe allerdings jetzt erst gesehen, dass die Buttoms auch auf der News Seite sind. Welche Zeilen muss ich denn dort löschen? (Sorry, für die Fragen in Häppchen…)

Kein Problem, vermona..

In loop.php, Zeile 41-80 und in single.php Zeile 40 – 80 (beginnt und endet wieder mit dem selben code wie in single-audio.php)

Fantastisch, vielen Dank! :-)

Is there a way to make space for a few more boxes in the Tour Dates section. I would like to be able to add a Title and time to that section, but I am not sure how. There is a space to write a title, but it doesn’t appear on the website

Hey meheard.. that would require a pretty good amount of customization work and knowledge of PHP and CSS …

An easier way to add more info would be to put both, the city and venue info into the venue field, and then put any additional text (for example title / time ) into the city field. Maybe this is an option for you..

Can’t seem to get the twitter widget working… I have put the full URL in the Theme/Social/Twitter filed and then added the Soundboard Twitter widget… is there anything that must be included in the Soundboard Twitter widget fields for it to work?


The settings in Theme Options > Social > Twitter have nothing to to with the Twitter widget.

Simply put your Twitter Username into the Twitter widget and enter the number of tweets you want to display.

So for the twitter feed of “” only put “wahoooos” into the “Twitter Username” field of the Twitter widget.

Also make sure your tweets are not protected!

Hey red_sun is there anyway I can make the topnavi smaller? I have increased the text size but I prefer it in the smaller text form. I’d much rather just resize the navigation bar to fit the text. Help please? :)

Yes. I tried balancing it with text size and resizing the navi but its as close as I can get it. Is there some custom CSS I can use to make the hovers bigger?

Also, is there a reason I’m having a hard time getting images to center using this theme? They appear centered in visual mode..but when I click update they aren’t centered on the site. I can’t even get the text to center properly.

It will be a little hard to make the last navi item exactly line up with the right side of the navi bar. But you can try to add some padding to the navi items with this code (change the values to whatever you like):

.sf-menu a {
     padding-left 17px;
     padding-right: 17px;

As for centering images and text in posts.. I just tried that on my test site and didn’t have any issue with it. If you want me to check it out, send me a link to your site.

I purchased this theme and the homepage slider isn’t appearing. I did not see any troubleshooting section on this. Were there further steps I had to take to activate or recognize Nivo Slider?

Hey speedshape. Thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

The Slider will only work on the page that is using the “home” template. Please make sure you are following all the instructions in the documentation on how to set up the homepage (especially step 6!)

I just installed this as a brand new theme, and the slider doesn’t seem to work. I followed the slider instruction, but when I upload the images in the slider section, it doesn’t scroll through the various images. Do I need to install a plugin or something for it to work??

Please get back

Hey bilzmusic.. no, you don’t need to install a plugin.

Where it says “Drop images here”, you can upload multiple images for the slideshow.

Also make sure your image has a size of 940×360px, the image that you have in the slider right now seems to small.


Hi Gerda, is it possible to set the search widget on the right top of the page so that it is visible on every site? Thanks in advance for your respnse.


Hey Peter! You would have to open up the file searchform.php, and copy everything within it into the file header.php, within the div #loginwrapper. Then you would have to adjust the CSS a bit. Increase the height of #loginwrapper, give the div #searchform a width of about 220px, and a few more CSS adjustments…

Hope that helps. Cheers!

Regarding using a non-Google web font, you mentioned previously that this was possible by manually adding the font of choice to the theme files (via I’ve had a look and just can’t figure out how to do this! Can you help please?? The font I want to use is Bohemian Typewriter.


Where did you upload your font files to? I would recommend placing them in a folder called “fonts” within the folder Soundboard…

The code I gave you is just an example. Of course the URLs needs to point exactly to the font files that you uploaded. Doesn’t really matter where you place it in the file style.css.

There is no folder called fonts! The only folders I have within the Soundboard folder are:

css images includes js jwplayer

So maybe that’s the problem??

You dont HAVE to put them in a folder, I just think it would be more organized. you would have to create that folder yourself and put the files in there.

But if you want to use the code that you posted here, don’t put them in a subfolder, but straight into the folder Soundboard.

If you keep having trouble figuring it out, please send me an email via the user contact form on my profile page and list all the changes/additions that you’ve made to the theme files and I will l see if I can point you in the right direction to make it work.

ive got an other question is it possible to make categories in video en audio? gr, john

So is it possible to have the slideshow actually point to posts then? I mean it would be great to have that feature then just have images slide .

Yeah that is possible. Simply click on “Edit” of the slider image and then put the URL into the field “SLIDER Image Links To”.

please help! I don’t know what happened but i was setting up the general settings and now i get this error that I cannot even go to the WP-ADMIN

i fixed it. How can i get my main domain to point to

Please follow the instructions in the documentation on thow to set up the homepage (step 6!)

Hi! Very nice theme, but we need to translate the time on the twitter widget, instead of ’.. minutes ago’ at the end of the tweet. Where can we localize it?

Any other thing. Any plan to make the song player compatible with iPhone, iPad, etc?

Thanks in advance!

Hey schwaller… There is no way to translate the twitter widget time with the included .po file. I am using the twitter API to display the tweets ( and you can find the code in the file includes/widgets/include-widgets.php, line 30. I just can’t seem to figure out which code needs to be added to display the time in a different language…

The audio player works fine on iPhone, iPad (check out my demo site on those devices)!


Hi! I’m using Soundboard on two different sites and love it. On one the tour dates are working great. On the other however, the tour dates appear in the order entered with the most recently entered at top. i.e. not in date order. Appreciate your help in the past, and looking forward to getting this resolved. Thanks!

Hey Amanda! I’m glad you enjoy working with Soundboard…

For the tour dates page, you can change the date order in the file template-tourdates.php, line 26 and for the tour dates widget in the file includes/widgets/widget-tourdates.php, line 59:


'order' => 'ASC',


'order' => 'DESC', 


Hey Red Sun! Great theme!

I just realized the contact form is not sending the emails. Is there any reason for this? Also is there a way to have the contact email send to 2 different recipients?

Thanks for your help!


Hey.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard.. I’m glad you like it!

If your contact page seems to work on the front-end but doesn’t deliver mail, be sure that your server supports the sendmail protocol (ask your server admin if this is turned on)

I tried a few things to send mail to 2 different recipients, but none seemed to works so far. If I find a solution I’ll let you know..!

I am having same problem as adschnelle above with tour dates order. Also can I change the text color of some tour dates to reflect a different band lineup – i.e. accoustic vs full band?

Hey Hobonat.. thanks for your purchase!

Hmm, seems like quite a few people would like the dates to be ordered differently… so I think I will add an option for that in the next update of Soundboard.

Anyways.. for the tour dates page, you can change the date order in the file template-tourdates.php, line 26 and for the tour dates widget in the file includes/widgets/widget-tourdates.php, line 59:


'order' => 'ASC',


'order' => 'DESC', 

Hi, thanks for your theme, it’s perfect..


1- Is it possible to change the name “TOUR” of the homepage ( e.g EVENTS )

2- How can i change the text that appears in the BUY TICKET button? ( e.g. DETAILS button)

greetings from Istanbul :)

Hey ebaykara and hello to Istanbul!

Thanks for purchasing Soundboard.. I’m glad you like it :)

1. Yes that is possible. Simply go to Appearance > Widgets, select the Tourdates widget that you’ve placed in the home sidebar and change the title to Events.

2.You can change the button text in the files template-tourdates.php, line 109 and includes/widgets/widget-tourdates.php, line 127


This theme looks great! I am considering purchasing it for a client website.

Couple questions for you..

1) Is it possible to place an audio player directly on the homepage? I see that it launches in a modal window on the current audio pages.

2) When clicking on the ‘audio’ tab all the Album titles are shown. Is there an easy way to add a filter to this page? Want to give users the options to filter results based on a category or tag applied to the post.

I’m familiar with WordPress and PHP / CSS / HTML .. So I can write additional code. Just wondering if it is possible.


Hey workbysimon.. I’m glad you like the look of Soundboard :)

1) Yes, this is possible with just one click in the Theme Options Panel

2) This would definitely require a good amount of customization work. The audio post type does not support categories or tags right now, but this is something that is easy to add. Definitely more complicated would be to add a script that filters the albums by category. is a pretty cool plugin but might be really hard to implement. Depends on how good your PHP skills are, I guess..


The change you suggested is having no effect. I sent you a link by e-mail. Thanks!