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Hello guys!

Now I’m logged into the account that I’ve purchase Soundboard.

Well, I bouth “Soundboard” theme and I have to translate to the months of the “Tour Dates” (“Pretty Date” I think) to Portuguese. For exemple: FEB to FEV , DEC to DEZ etc.

The thing is, when I opened the file code and changeed the months at “widget-tourdates.php” (soundboard > includes > widgets), the month just desappeared in the website! It seems like it doen’t accept FEV … only FEB .

How can I change the MONTHS names and it doesn’t desappeared? Can someone help me??? Thanx!

PS: please reply at as well (if it’s possible).

Thanks Zanforlim!

The right way to do this would be to work with the included language file (default.po). You can open this file with the (free) program called poedit. Here is a tutorial that might help you:

If you really want to make those changes in the theme file, make sure you only change the month name on the right hand side, like this:

case "Feb": $pretty_date_M = __('Fev', 'gxg_textdomain'); break;

Ill send you a copy of this message to your mail address.


Hi, Will you add responsive support in the future? :smitten:

Hey Tehranshahr!

I don’t have any immediate plans to make Soundboard responsive…

Firstly, great theme – I love it.

Secondly, apologies if this has already been mentioned (didn’t have time to read all 500+ comments) – but I wondered if you were aware that Ocean Colour Scene (only one of THE greatest bands ever) have used your theme for their new website design released a week or two ago?

Check it out –

Now that’s pretty cool! Good work!

Hey Dmxr100!

Yeah that’s really cool!! Awesome band :)

Thanks for taking the time to post this… Cheers!

I’m interested in purchasing this theme, but I’m not sure if my purpose could work? I’m a music producer and basically need a theme so I can upload and sell my music, with a song player, and download button, and could I somehow possibly integrate a “store” into the theme so users can add songs to their cart and checkout? I’m sorta new to wordpress themes so sorry for the questions. Thanks in advance

Hey SOSA300 ..

You can create pages with song player and download button with the help of the included shortcodes. If you would like to add a store, you would have to additionally add a e-commerce plugin.

Cheers! Gerda

Hey, I’ve got a little problem, maybe you can help me…

I’m making the page for more than one band, so I’d like to make visible the title of the tour dates so people can see which band is playing each date. Is that possible?

thank you!

You can either open all or no images in the lightbox. How about you put a link right next to the image that says “download” and links to the full image?

thanks red_sun! I tried that but it did not work either. finally I just put a link to a page where all the images are.

one last thing, if you don’t mind… I’m trying to make the text on the fullwidth page a little bit shorter, so I replaced grid_14 by grid_10 on the fullwidth page template. but I’d like it to be centered, not left aligned. and I thing I should write something like push_4 maybe, but I dont know how..

can you help?

thanks a lot!


in order to make those changes to the fullwidth template, you can simply put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS :

.page-template-template-fullwidth-php #content {
    margin-left: 90px;
    width: 800px;


Hi guys,

I’ve just downloaded this theme and it looks like it’s completely screwed my site up. I tested it originally on which is now offline.

I then uploaded it to my other site, just to see if I could get the “Preview” to work. When I clicked “Preview” I was presented with the following:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare soundcloud_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/content/r/e/d/redefinedmedia/html/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/soundcloud.php:39) in /home/content/r/e/d/redefinedmedia/html/wp-content/themes/soundboard/includes/shortcodes/shortcode-soundcloud.php on line 41

Please help ASAP . Although far, far from a pro with WordPress, I have worked with various themes for the past few years and never had this problem.

Many thanks, Paul

Hey Paul..

simply deactivate Soundcloud in the Jetpack plugin. Soundcloud is already included in Soundboard and can’t be loaded twice. That’s why you get an error message…


Thanks guys, that’s worked perfectly. Great Theme

Hello! I’m finding everything in the theme great. I was wondering if anyone (author or users) can suggest a mobile plug in to install that would work well with this theme. I’m familiar with WordPress, but nothing mobile appreciate any advice!

Hey heliocreative! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard! I’m glad you like it :)

I haven’t tested Soundboard with any mobile plugins, so unfortunately there is none that i can recommend to you…


Love this theme. It makes things very easy for a musician not necessarily savvy with code. I have a couple questions though: first of all, is there a way to put social media links in the header so they are visible to someone as soon as they are on the page? Secondly, is there a way to put a specific time for an upcoming show? Thanks

Hey belletla.. if you are using the latest version of Soundboard (v.1.06) you can change the button text for each individual date to whatever you like.

I tried to update the theme, but it does not have a butoon to update to the latest version. I am currently running version 1.05

how do I update it without having to re-install the theme?

You could upload the theme files via FTP to your server. Here’s the changelog:

The only other way would be to delete Soundboard and install the new version…

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your help!

First of all, love the WordPress theme. With a comment that you made 3 days ago…

2) In the file template-home.php, line 50, replace + <?php echo time_ago(); ?> + with + <?php echo the_date(); ?> +

I have edited this as well. But the weird thing is that only some of the homepage’s news posts show the date. Some don’t. Could you help? Here is my URL :

Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes, any symbols. Because all four of the posts with symbols in the title, ! & ,.... doesn’t show the date. Thanks for your help!

Hey unwritten.. I think I found out why the date is not displaying. Check out the “Special Note” on this page:

Try this code instead:

<?php echo get_the_date(); ?>

Perfect. That did it. Thanks so much for your speedy reply. Love your work, design and support!

Hello – thank you very much for the great theme. I must be missing something easy though – any upcoming date that I put in shows up as a past date. Any ideas? Thanks for any help you can provide :)

Hey alstromm.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard. I’m glad you like it :)

Can you send me a link to your site via the user contact form on my profile page so that I can check it out?


Thinking about purchasing theme (NICE Works seems very user friendly too) Does the slider have other options other than Fade? THNKS

Hey sterlingwilliam!

Soundboard uses the Nivo Slider and 16 transitions are possible. You can find more info about Nivo Slider here:

You would just have to modify one line of code in the theme files. Just let me know if you need any help with that!


I “fixed” the problem with the dates through a reinstall. The tour dates field didn’t show the calendar control after the reinstall. After, I found that the dates selected with the calendar control are formatted yyyy/mm/dd. This puts the dates into upcoming :)

Hello Maybe this was answered already, but i’m having trouble once i upload the them to my FTP i don’t see it in my wordpress appearances/themes section. Am I missing something?

Hey commonersandkings.. make sure you are not uploading all the files that you’ve downloaded from Themeforest (including dummy content, license, psd files, readme …) but only the theme files in the folder soundboard.


I am trying to get my site up and running with this theme, but I’m having trouble setting it up. I’m trying to add pages and they won’t show up when I check back to the actual webpage, I’ve also uploaded some pics and images for background and none of them show up, basically the page looks the same no matter what I add or change. It looks like this blank blog entry, but the way this theme actually looks like doesn’t show up at all on the site. I’ve installed everything properly (both wordpress and theme) is there anything I’m missing or something else I should be doing? I’d greatly appreciate some help on this. Thanks a lot!!


Hey Vic!

Can you send me a link and login info to your site via the user contact form on my profile page please so that I can check it out? Thanks!

Is there a code I can put in to change background per page or template? Any help would be great, thanks.

Hey jordiepayne… thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

You would first have to find out what ID the page has that you want to give a different background

(Go to pages > edit and hover your mouse over the page name and look in the bottom browser status bar. The last digits after the equal sign ( = ) is the page ID number. )

and then add some code like this to Theme Opstion > General > Custom CSS (change .page-id-23 with the ID of your page):

.page-id-23 #bg-image {
    background: url("http://www.fullURLtoTheImage.png");


red_sun, I have looked through the comments and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Could you help? I would like to center the logo above the menu. What code should I add to move it over? Is there a limit to how big the logo is?

Hey travispamaral..

if you are using the latest version of Soundboard (v.1.06) there is an option to center the logo in Theme Options > General.

If you have any more questions, please log into the account that you’ve used to purchase Soundboard before posting the question, so that I can verify you as a customer. Thanks!

I’m having trouble with the gallery and video page. The footer and social footer is not sitting at the bottom. I have a good sized white gap at the bottom of the page.

I tried doing code you posted earlier in the comments to put the footer at the bottom but the white then switches to above the footer. Any idea how to fix?

Hey tombremermusic… thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

What you could do, is to give that white area the same color as the footer:

html {
    background-color: #292929;

Or, if that is not a solution for you… here is a tutorial that I found. Maybe that helps? (I haven’t tested it yet)


I’m trying to get thumbnails videos but all I get is a play icon. Is there an easy way to resolve this?

Hey z1lt0id… you need to set a “Featured Image” for each video. More info on that in the documentation under “Setting up the Video Page”