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Great template, I would like a bit of help with a few queries before purchase: (Im pretty new to this so please excuse silly questions)

Facebook Widgets 1. Can I add a ‘like’ button to the homepage? 2. Can I add a facebook widget on the homepage to replace the twitter feed?

Homepage layout: Is it possible to alter the layout and change location of the current widgets? I was looking to have a newsletter sign-up widget instead of “New Album Out Now”, also replace “Latest Videos” with “About Us”

News: Can i adjust the dates of posts so they can appear from the past or does it only publish the date you take a post live?



As for the Facebook button: What you could do is to place the facebook button code (get it here: in a text widget and place it on the homepage. Soundboard does not include a facebook widget. You would have to use a plugin for that (

Yes, you can move/add/remove the widgets on the homepage however you want. Only the news section in the middle can not be moved.

Yes, you can change the date of the news posts. When you create/edit a post, on the top right side, under “Publish”, you can change the date.


Hey there,

i had a question in terms of the drop down menu. on the drop down menu on the demo “theme features” does not allow one to click on the heading page, but i have discovered on my drop down menu the main menu heading is clickable, how do i change that?

also is one able to change the posts on the home page to a static welcome to our site page at all? [just thinking about customisation]

Hey.. just sent you an email!

Firstly, AWESOME theme…

Secondly, I have some problems…

i can’t seem to change the font or the colors i wanna use… :( I choose the color and font i want.. But the color stays red and the font doesnt change.. Any ideas what im doing wrong?

Cheers! Tommy

Tommy, I already replied to you in an email.

If anybody else is having problems with the Settings in the Theme Options Panel not being applied, I just uploaded an update (Version 1.02). It should be available by tomorrow.

Will 1.02 include the .xml of dummy content?

Yes it will.

Your Welcome,

Thank you for creating such an amazing template.. Sorry about the delay but yes I know how to use css and php.. How do I change everything to make it run the way I want it..

Hey! Please send me an email via the user contact form. Thanks!

Hi! I’m not able to update the background through the Soundboard Options panel – I have version 1.02 – any ideas? Do the images need to be of a particular minimum size? Thanks so much for your help :)

Hi junktrain, thanks for purchasing Soundboard! Please get in touch with me via the user contact form. Thanks!

LOVE this template! I have an issue with the JW player. When you go to my page: – and try to look at a preview of th esongs they don’t show up. I uploaded all of the songs and have the plug in. What am I doing wrong?

Hey Tommyland… thanks for buying Soundboard, I’m glad you like it :-) The JW Player in Soundboard will not work with the JW Plugin. Please follow the instructions in the documentation on how integrate JW Player into the theme:

Also I saw that there is something wrong with the layout of your tour dates page. You can either download the newest version (1.02) from ThemeForest to fix this or go to the Themes Options Panel > General and activate “Hide Past Tour Dates Section”. (This bug only happens when there is NO dates in the Past Tour Dates section.

Cheers, Gerda

Hello sir! I am having a great time with this template – thank you so much for creating it! The button advice was awesome, got it working straight away. However my server guy said there may be a bug? The amazon and Itunes buttons work perfectly, but I also installed another button entitled “buy CD” which should take the user to a paypal page. However it currently just redirects them to itunes? site is in development and currently here

Many thanks – sorry if its something I did wrong I am very new to wordspress!

Hello! No you are right, I just checked and there is a bug. Thank’s for reporting this!

I fill fix this in the next updated. But you can send me an email via the user contact form and I will send you the modified single-audio.php right now!

Cheers, Gerda

Hello Red sun sir! Thank you for that most awesome and quick reply! I think I posted a message to you correctly, I arent sure? Anyways was just wondering if there is a way to change the layout of the “album page” – so for example here – I have the tracks in the middle and then my album writeup in the sidebar. Its great, but I wanted to add alot more content, the musicians, the song lyrics, the album artwork etc, but that would make the sidebar a hugely lengthly part of the page, while the track listing only comes down that far. is there any way to put all the content into the middle (where the track listings are) or just swap it so the song titles are in the sidebar and the writeup can do in the main window of the template?

Again many thanks on a brilliant template

Hey misterwillguitar.. i will send you the answers to your questions in an email! Gerda

Hello Red Sun!

Good work on the Soundboard Theme! I’m interested in buying it but I need to install it on a bilingual website.

Have you ever tested it with any language plugin such as WPLM ( Do you think it would work?

Thank You, Daniel

Thank you. So I’ll wait for your feeback about this.

Hello. Do you have any news about this? Is the theme compatible with WPML or other multiple language plugins? I really have to decide about the theme. Thank you.

Hey contiago! I’ve installed the WPML plugin and started with the testing. I haven’t run into any issues so far….


This is the best template I have seen in a long time. I do have a question however. at the bottom of my page (footer) I see all of the social media icons (Twitter, FB, Apple) etc, I want to add a few new logos to this area to fill up the bottom. How do I go about doing this?

Thanks Tommyland :) In order to add more icons to the footer, you will have to add some code to footer.php and style.css. If you would like to try that, get in touch with me via the user contact form and I will give you the exact instructions! Cheers, Gerda

I really like this theme. Its been dry on good themes for musicians and labels. So good work!

However i have some things i miss that i hope to be added / changed.

1. The links in the bottom would be nice to have more options. Like linking to Spotify and Beatport which many uses these days.

2. When u view a album it would be nice to have the audio player directly on the page also and the option for a popup option os the visitor can keep browsing while listening.

Other than that I’m happy :)

I’m glad you like Soundboard, chris1981 :) Thank you for your suggestions… I will definitely keep them in mind for future updates!

Cheers, Gerda

Heya Gerta

I got it all working! but a weird thing happens in IE which doesnt happen in firefox or chrome…...... it doesnt load the full page or the background to the page… there something Im doing wrong?

Mr. Will, I will take a look at your page and get back to you via email!

I am really enjoying this theme. It works — almost — perfectly for what we are doing at

My one issue is trying to change the text on the Tour Dates buttons. Instead of “Buy Tickets” I want it to say “Check In” since we do not actually “sell” anything, but would like people to RSVP to our events. I went into the editor and tried to change the text, but it did not work.



Hello! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard.

In order to change the “Buy Tickets” text you would have to modify - template-tourdates.php for the tour dates page and - widget-tourdates.php (in the folder includes/widgets) for the tour dates widget in the sidebar.

I saw you are using the Tour Widget on the homepage, and since you probably just changed template-tourdates.php in the editor, the Button text didn’t change.

Cheers, Gerda


I uploaded the pictures to the slider, but the slider isn’t showing up on the homepage?

Also, the menu items aren’t showing up? Is there any reason these aren’t their by default?

Please email me

Hello christina! Thanks for purchasing soundboard.

Did you follow the instructions in the documentation on how to set up the slider and and the menu?

If yes and it is still not working, please send me the link to your site and the login info via the user contact form and I will take a look at it.

Thanks! Gerda

So here come’s a newbie-question:

How can I open the “ticket links” in a new window?

and by the way I found a mistake:

in single-audio.php files is this: if ($buy_other){ ?> <form action=”<?php echo $itunes; ?>”> <input type=”submit” class=”button1 buy-other” value=”<?php echo $buy_other_text; ?>”> </form> <?php } ?>

but this is right:

if ($buy_other){ ?> <form action=”<?php echo $buy_other; ?>”> <input type=”submit” class=”button1 buy-other” value=”<?php echo $buy_other_text; ?>”> </form> <?php } ?>

Hello tizrockt! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard.

In order to open up the Ticket link in a new window you would have to modify template-tourdates.php.

Simply replace
<form action="<?php echo $url; ?>">
in line 108 with
<form action="<?php echo $url; ?>" target="_blank">

Thank you for taking the time to report the “buy other button” error, however I just fixed this in my last update which i uploaded today :)

Cheers, Gerda

So one last topic (and extremly important for me/my client):

For the tour dates it lookes actually that way:

festival 1 festival 2 festival 3 tour gig 1 tour gig 2 tour gig 3

is it possible to “headline” the tour?


festival 1 festival 2 festival 3 (break) tourheadline (own font possible?) tour gig 1 tour gig 2….

thanks a lot. tiz

that would be great ..just something in any way would be helpful.

okay…got a new problem … on the contact page …for all the damn germans we cannot see our Ä,ö,Ü,ß and all the other letters you might not have … any idea?

Maybe you are using a font that does not support those characters? <—search for your chosen font here and find out if it supports ÄÖÜß …

Great theme! I’m having a small issue with the slider though. When I go to “add slider” and the following page pops up, I am unable to upload files. Please help.

Thank you.

Hello! Please send me the link and login info via the user contact form and I will take a look at it. Thanks!

Im very interested in buy this theme Just have a few questions…is there anyway for images to show in the news section on the home page? Also, he sidebar titles are editable correct? Maning I can have mine say Events instead of Tour Dates or whatever?


The news section on the homepage do not support thumbnails.

Yes, you can change the sidebar widget headlines to whatever you like!

Cheers, Gerda

Me again. First, I could not find the “widget-tourdates.php (in the folder includes/widgets) for the tour dates widget in the sidebar” item you responded with about my “Buy Tickets” questions from before for Any more guidance on this one?

Second, I messed up the size of the header and I cannot seem to get it back to the original size (I actually would like the height to be smaller than the default). Any change I made that I disliked in the editor I immediately changed back to the original code. But for some reason, the size of the header is now 1664×596. Huh? I was trying to make it smaller, so I don’t know why it’s now this big. Please help.


Hello! Are you looking for widget-tourdates.php in the WordPress Editor? I don’t think it is possible to look at any files that are in folders in the WordPress Editor. You would actually have to modify widget-tourdates.php in a text editor and then upload it to your server via a FTP uploader.

So the reason why your header looks like that now is because you set a 400px margin at the top of the logo:

#logo {
    display: block;
    margin: 400px auto 0;
    opacity: 0.9;
    width: 940px;
The correct code would be:
margin: auto 0;

Cheers! Gerda