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Can I change the tour widget to include “Open Door” or “Free” rather than buy tickets or sold out? Thanks

Hey ainfield..

yeah the newest updated version of Soundboard lets you choose the text for the “Buy Ticket” button.


I’m interested in purchasing this theme. I’m a music blogger not a musician. Are all the page names customizable? I’m sure they are, but wanted to confirm before i purchased.


Hey Markedwordz!

Yeah you can give each page whatever name you like..


Hello, when I klick e.g. on the MUSIK Button, the word in the navigation appears white with a red background (on my site), but when I switch to the single-audio site, the effect is gone. Same problem with the single-gallery site. How can I fix this? For me it’s important that the user can see where he is on the site.

Hey graphicarts…

I’ve done tons of research on this topic before I uploaded Soundboard. The thing is, that if you are visiting the single page of a custom post type (audio, gallery,...) WordPress applies the “current page” CSS class not to the audio or gallery page navi item as you would expect, but to the blog navi item. Which means that “news” would get highlighted instead of audio or gallery… Therefore I removed the highlight for single audio and single gallery pages alltoghether…

Hi. In terms of updating this theme is there anything i need to do differently? I usually just switch the theme to ‘Twenty Ten’, upload the updated version and switch… is this how i should do it?

Hi.. yeah, if you haven’t made any changes to the theme files, this is exactly how you do it…

Hi Just wanted to check if this theme is responsive?

Thanks ;-)

Hey talkmonkeys…

Soundboard is not responsive. But I’ve tested it on iPhone, iPad and Blackberry and it works fine on those devices.


is there anyway of keeping the permalink ID structure to Post Name, while still having the site work properly, with the videos and pictures.

Hey RS,

I noticed one band was able to post pictures next to their postings on their SB. Is that a special feature I could get? I went to my posts but I only see the “visual/html” option. Is there a “featured image” button I’m missing?

Thx, Shaun

Shaun… if you are using at least version 1.05 of Soundboard, there is an option to display the Featured Image for each post on the homepage in Theme Options > Home > Preview Image for news.

You can set the Featuread Image in the bottom right corner when you edit a post.


Sorry if you’ve answered this before, but I can’t seem to find it through all these comments.

Is there any way to change the number of videos that show up on each line of the video page? Right now it makes a line of four and with the five videos I want to show, it looks awkward.

Thanks. Love this theme by the way.

Hey.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard. I’m glad you like it :)

Did you mean to decrease the size of each video so that you can place 5 videos in 1 line? This is not possible with Soundboard out of the box and would require a good amount of customization work…


Love the theme and everything works fantastic except that the galleries are not advancing to the next image when clicked, and there’s no “Previous” and “Next” links. How can I troubleshoot this? Thanks, here’s the page:

Hey attackandrebuild.. thanks for your purchase! I’m glad you enjoy working with Soundboard :)

Did you change anything in the theme files? Or are you maybe using any plugin that arecausing this issue? (Please try deactivating all your plugins to see if it makes any difference)

If you can’t figure it out, send me your login info via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll take a closer look.


Also, my when I select full page width, the sidebar is gone but it texts and words still stop, and dont go full on the page

Also, my when I select full page width, the sidebar is gone but it texts and words still stop, and dont go full on the page

Hey markvallena.. can you please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link to your site so that I can check it out?


I created a slider, checked the add slider to home screen box, chose my slider and saved. Why isn’t it showing on the home page?

Hey orraao.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

The slider will only work on a page that is using the “home” template. Please make sure you are following all the instructions in the documentation under “Setting up the Homepage” (especially Nr. 6!)


Any way to make the home page paginated? And if not, is there a way to add a button or link beneath the home page posts that links to a category page?

..yeah I guess you could add a link to the cagegory page. You would have to add the code to the file template-home.php..


Thanks for the clarification. I obviously haven’t kept up with all the updates….so, I check Soundboard’s Homepage and I cannot find a location where to upload these updates. I must be missing something really obvious.



So.. you updated to the latest version of SB?

And you checked the checkbox in Theme Options > Home > Preview Image for news?

And you uploaded a Featuread Image for each news post?


I deactivated all the plug-ins, and upon turning them on one at a time, the culprit was Simply Instagram – with it deactivated the photo galleries function properly; with it activated the “Previous” and “Next” options are missing on the photos.

Hopefully, there’s a solution where I can still use Simply Instagram.

Hmmm.. maybe the author of the Simply Instagram plugin can help you..

Hi! Purchased this the other day, got everything thrown up nice and quick so really happy – credit to your work. Haven’t really used WP before, so excuse the rookie questions.

1. how do i change the font of the body text? 2. when i put in the facebook address for the social button it adds the domain to it first, then facebook and i couldnt get it to work

Site is


Hey throbins.. I’m glad you enjoy working with Soundboard :)

1. Put the following code into into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS :

body    {
        font-family: myFont;

Change “myFont” to the font that you want to use.

2. Make sure the Facebook URL starts with http://


Is there a way to center the navigation, rather than it be aligned left?

Thank you!


put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS :

.sf-menu {
    width: 700px;

Change 700px to the total with of your menu items.


Is it possible to remove the “COMMENTS: 0” beneath the date a post anywhere that might appear?

Thanks again for your answers. Great theme!

You can hide all comment sections for Soundbaord in Theme Options > General.

I purchased Soundboard Theme. I like this theme but I couldn’t use JW player. I guess this issue due to JW player’s version. Current version is Version 6. Also I couldn’t get a previous version. According to “readme.html”, the download file is included jwplayer.js and player.swf. However, JW player 6 folder is included “jwplayer.flash.swf” , “jwplayer.html5.js” and “jwplayer.js.” I’ve tried rename from jwplayer.flash.swf to player.swf but didn’t work unfortunately.

Hey, I really like this theme, but I cant get the JW player to work. dunno if they upgraded to a different version or what, but It doesnt work.

Please help.

website here

Hey traskmusic.. thanks for your purchase!

Yeah they just updated JWPlayer to version 6, which I just realized doesn’t work with Soundboard yet. I just got in touch with Ethan from Longtail Video and he sent me a link from which you can download the free non-commercial JW player version 5:

I will have to make some changes to Soundboard within the next couple days to make it work properly with the new version of JW player.


Works like a charm now, Thanks!!