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Is there a way to change the dimension of the featured image in the blog view? It looks great on the homepage, but the extreme landscape of the blog view is not optimal in the instances where I want to upload a portrait image.

Hey BlackKeyDesigns.. for theme support please log into the account that you’ve used to purchase Soundboard before posting a question, so that I can verify you as a customer!


I’m just the developer for a client who purchased the theme. I’m not sure what their login is. Don’t worry about it, it’s easier to just figure it out myself.

Thanks, ~G

G.. Check out the “Thumbnails” section in functions.php to make those changes. (You might need a thumbnail resize plugin after making your changes)

If you need any more help, just tell your client to log in and send a quick message via the user contact form on my profile page…

I’m still on the previous version of JW Player and am having a few issues with it:

1. Some mp3’s won’t play, even though I have ripped and uploaded them several times. These files play fine everywhere else I have tried them (computer, ipod, iphone, I’ve used them on other sites, etc.).

2. The self hosted audio files window is too small (height) so that when the song is paused or stops, the window beneath the “share, info, embed” tabs can’t be seen.

3. When using the JW Player for an album, is there a way to adjust the height of the player so that all the songs can be seen, rather than having to scroll?

Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

1. Here is a list of supported audio formats for JW Player: A great program to edit audio files is

2. You are talking about th JW audio shortcode, yes? You can change the height in the file includes/shortcodes/shortcodes.php, line 295
 'height': '28' 

3. You can change the height in single-audio.php, line 197 ( and line 251 for the player within the PrettyPhoto lightbox)

Hope that helps!

Is there a way to change the dimensions of the featured image in the blog view?

You can change the dimensions in the file functions.php, line 137:

set_post_thumbnail_size(520, 220, true);

Changes will only affect newly uploaded images. For existing images you will need a plugin to resize the thumbnails. Try the plugin “AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild”.


wondering how to edit .post-info-h { } I just want to put some padding to space the text out. Here is my url:

Hey mixtouring.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

You can place the code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS :

.post-info-h { 
word-spacing: 0.25em;
letter-spacing: 0.25em; 


Oh… and your background image is loading a bit slow.. you might want to decrease the filesize a bit. I usually do that in Photoshop with “Save for web and devices”...

Thank you so much! Yeah I noticed that the image is really large. We’re going to be adding a different one. I appreciate the response!!!

Hi, habe ein kleines Problem mit dem Theme.

1) Die Startseite ist quasi mit der Newsseite vertauscht. Sprich, wenn ich auf das Logo klicke erscheint das, was ich eigentlich unter der Rubrik „News“ haben möchte und umgekehrt. Lässt sich das irgendwie beheben? Kann deswegen u.a. auch keine Verlinkungen in der Slideshow machen.

2) Der Befehl [one_half]...[/one_half] bzw. [one_half_last]...[/one_half_last] füllt den Inhalt die Seite nicht vollständig aus. Habe die Befehle jedes Mal am Textanfang und -ende gesetzt. Oder ist das so nicht richtig?

3) Gibt es keinen Hover-Effekt von selbst eingefügten Links? Im Muster funktionieren sie, unter „Contact“ in der rechten Spalte. Bei mir passiert da leider gar nichts (s. „Links“ + „Kontakt“).

Zum besseren Verständnis, kannst du dir selbst einen Eindruck machen:

Vielen Dank im Voraus :-)

Hallo jungspund!

1) Bitte beachte die Anweisungen in der Dokumentation unter “Setting up the Homepage”, speciall Nr. 6!

2) Auf der Seite “Band” hast du das “default” template ausgewählt, welches rechts Platz für die Sidebar freihält. Wenn du das “fullwidth” template auswählst, wird der Text auf die volle Breite ausgeweitet.

3) Wäre es möglich dass ein Plugin dieses Problem verursacht? Bitte alle Plugins deaktivieren. Wenn das nichts hilft bitte gib mir nochmal Bescheid und ich werf nochmal einen Blick drauf!


Hi red_sun,

danke für die schnelle Hilfe. Hat alles geklappt, so wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe. Außer die Sache mit den Links. Die Plugins habe ich alle deaktiviert, sind aber weiterhin statisch. Das selbe auch mit “Read more” Links. Quasi überall, bis auf das News-Widget (z.B. in “Termine”) und die Artieklüberschriften.


Versuch doch mal, diesen code zu Theme Options > General > Custom CSS hinzuzufügen:

a:active { 
        color: #aaa !important;

Gefällt mir übrigens sehr gut was Du aus Soundboard machst!

Hi there. My Twitter widget all of a sudden doesn’t seem to be displaying any tweets :stress: Any ideas? This is my site:

Hey weezer! Yeah, twitter updated its API recently, this is why your twitter feed doesnt work anymore.

Please update Soundboard (current version is v. 1.06) Here is the cangelog:

Hi, great theme! However, I’m having trouble getting sliders to show up, which was one of the selling points for our decision to buy this theme.

I created one slider by clicking “add slider” and then uploading a series of images (940×360) and clicking “publish”. I did not add captions or edit the parameters for any of the images. When I view the slider it looks like an empty post:

Additionally, it is not clear (to me) how to add sliders to pages. The “slider” section of Theme Options only shows two options, “Select a Slider” and “show on homepage”. However, I have set a static page as the home page, so I am not sure what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, and keep up the good work! -Stephen

Hey Stephen.. Thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Looks like you are not using the “home” template for the home page. The slider will only show on the page that is using the “home” template.

Please follow all the instructions in the documentation under “Setting up the Homepage”, especially Nr. 6!:

Hope that helps!

Thank you for all of your responses.

Concerning the JW Player not playing certain mp3’s, I figured out why this was happening. The songs I’m uploading are in Spanish. Many of them have characters like á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, ¿, ¡. If the FILE contains any of these characters, JW Player (ver. 5) WILL NOT play them.

Rename the original file eliminating all those and similar characters before you upload them, then rename them in WordPress and the player WILL play them.

Hope this helps anyone with a similar issue.

Thanks for the info!

Is there a way to reorder the songs in an album for the self hosted player (JW Player) after they have been uploaded?


No, unfortunately there isn’t…

Another question about JW Player integration.

I am considering purchasing JW player for the skins. Does this theme support JW skins?

You would definitely additionally have to make some changes in the theme files if you wanted to use another skin…

can I make the category posts on my site, display as an excerpt, instead of the whole thing?


you can manually set the “more” tag fo each post:

Hi, I installed in my wp-content (themes) the file soundboard…but it gives me problems with mammp…how can i do? the theme blocks the site and i dont know why thank you!

Hey casinototale.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Please make sure you are using a current version of WordPress, then deactivate all plugins and try again to install Soundboard, following the instructions in the documentation:


Hey Red_Sun

Thanks for the amazing theme! I read through some other comments and noticed that you suggested another user to update to version 1.6 to update the twitter API . How can I go about doing that without overwriting the site I’ve currently built with your theme? Thanks again!

Hey fleinerdesigner!

..simply download the latest version of Soundboard and then only upload the file soundbaord/includes/widgets/widget-twitter.php via FTP (for example with FilezillZ) to your server.


Thanks for the quick response to my previous comment and the information! Can I bug you about just one more thing?

I would like to make the background to the content area and menu a little more transparent (so that the background image shows through more). I’ve given it my best effort to try to identify the style info using the inspector in Firefox, but my CSS knowledge is not so great. If it’s not too much trouble I would love to know where to find that line of code in the style.css Thanks!

The content-, slider-, and navi-area are using a transparent background image. You can find and replace that image in the folder /images and if you are using the light theme it is called fff90.png (color #fff and 90% opacity), if you are using the dark theme you need to change 22290.png (color #222 and 90% opacity) and 22297.png (color #222 and 97% opacity).

Again, more top notch feedback, from a top notch designer~! Thanks for helping me through that. Worked like a charm. One more question for you Red_Sun. I was using v1.0. Are there any other pieces of the current version update that are critical to update in terms of future expansions? Figured I’d ask while I had your attention ;)

what goes in the right side of the header? can i put an ad there. is it a widget that allows me to drop a code for top right header open space?

Hey markpine…

The area to the right side of the logo is not widgetized. You would have to make some changes in the theme files if you would like to add some content next to the logo.


Hey Red_Sun,

Nope, I haven’t run the updates. I’ve looked all over this page and cannot find where the update button is….where do I run the update through?

Thanks, Shaun

Hey Shaun….

you will have to manually upgrade Soundboard.

Simply redownload Soundboard from the Downloads tab here on Themeforest and then reinstall Soundboard (remove existing SB theme and upload the new one).

If you have made a lot of changes to the Soundboard theme files that you don’t want to lose, then only upload the files mentioned in the changelog via FTP to your server. (First make a safety copy of the Soundboard version that you are using right now!)

Here is the full changelog:

Hope that helps!


Is there a way to add a background image to the main body area? I’m not talking about the slider, or the main site background image, but in the centre of the page, to sit behind the main content??

Thanks in advance!

Hey.. yeah that is possible. Simply put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS :

#bg-wrapper {
        background:url('Myimage.png') repeat !important;

Instead of “Myimage.png” enter the full URL to the background image that you want to use.