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Hi, thanks for the nice theme.

I try to have more slides on the homepage. Only one slide appears.

How can I see more slides on the homepage.

Greetings, and keep up the good work….

Hey koningalbert!

When you create a slider, where it says “Drop images here” you can drop (or select) multiple images.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the info Red_Sun, I’m going to need a hand from a friend to make sure I do this right…for some reason, I just don’t trust myself with this web jazz…

I do have another question…I don’t see an option for the sliders to automatically change from one to another…ya know, like 3-4 seconds for one image, then move to the next one. Can you assist?


Well the slider should do that by default.. Can you please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link? Thanks!

Hi, before i will purchase this awsome template i would like to know, if there is a limitation of NEWS posts visible in main screen. Right now i can see 6 posts in NEWS section. Can it be more? Let´s say 30? Something like in this case:


Hey lumaz! You can display as many news post as you would like on the home page.


On the photo page, is there anyway of making the photo’s title appear over the photo thumbnail, like the video thumbnail and the photo gallery/set thumbnail does, with the rollover movement? Thanks so much!

Hey unwritten! This is not possible with Soundboard out of the box and would require a good amount of customization work..


Sorry to bother again with another JW player question….

Is it possible to eliminate the “jwplayer” water mark that appears on the player with the full purchased version of JW?

Thanks again for all the responses.

Yeah… purchasing JW Player Pro will get rid of the water mark. Please know that the current version of JW Player is 6.0 and this version only works with Soundboard version 2.0 that I’ve uploaded yesterday.

Hello, I don’t want to display the article picture on the single site only on the HOME site as thumbnail. Where do I have to change something?

Remove the following lines in the file loop.php line 87 – 92 and single.php line 87 – 92:

<div class="tnail">
          <?php if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) {
</div> <!-- .tnail -->  

Hi red_sun,

danke nochmals für die Hilfe. Mit dem CSS Trick hat es leider nicht geklappt. Der Hover-Effekt funktionierte letztlich nur im Menü. Ist aber nicht allzuschlimm, wenn es nicht funktioniert – außer du hast noch ein Ass im Ärmel ;) Was ich eigentlich noch fragen wollte ist, wo ich die Schriftfarbe (von allem: Artikel, Termine, usw.) änder kann. Habe im Quellcode-Editor nichts gefunden.

Danke schon mal im Voraus!


Hmm sehr seltsam.. wenn Du willst kannst du mir über das Kontaktformular meiner Profilseite deine WordPress login daten schicken und ich kann nachsehen wieso das mit den links nicht funktioniert.

Du meinst den generellen Schrifttext (hellgrau) oder? Den kannst Du mithilfe dieses codes ändern:

body {    

Ich würde nichts im Editor ändern wenn es nicht sein muss. Denn nur so kannst Du Soundboard immer problemlos updaten. CSS code sollte immer in Theme Options > General > Custom CSS eingefügt werden…..

Hello – I just purchased this theme and noticed that the Twitter widget is not working. After reading the comments I see that you mentioned the fix in the recent update, however, the theme I just purchased does not reflect the change. I simply pasted the Twitter username but it is still throwing an error. Any help would me much appreciated. Thanks

Hey murkington.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Are your tweets protected maybe?

To display a PopUp on the start page including a video, I installed the following plugin Since I installed this plugin, the twitter widget doesn’t work properly. No news are displayed anymore. Any idea?

Hmm… I just installed this plugin on my testsite without any problem. Can you get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link and login info so that I can take a look at what is causing this issue?

Having major issues with this theme. Please check the site. – It wont allow me to add slider images and every time I upload an image & I click submit for review it takes me to a page that says “are you sure you want to do this” & the only option to click is “please try again”. The theme was working fine and then all of a sudden everything was gone. This has happened on both sites I have installed the theme on. I need to fix this issue asap or use a different theme. Thanks!

Also all of my content has been deleted on both of these sites. This is crazy. :/

Hey.. I just sent you an email!


Been using the theme since some time, but having trouble with the “TWITTER” plugin onboard (it didn’t show any tweets since some time) and the slider doesn’t seem to work anymore either…

Here’s the website => [ ]

Any idea what could be wrong?

Twitter updated its API recently, this is why your twitter feed doesnt work anymore.

Please update Soundboard (current version is v. 2.00) Here is the cangelog:

As for the slider images. Also the images in the footer area seem to not work anymore. Did you add any new plugins that are causing this issue?

I use Version 1.05. How can I update the theme? Download the themes once more and overwrite the changed files?

Kann ich eigentlich auch in deutsch schreiben? ;-)

Ja Du kannst mir in Deutsch schreiben! Genau, Du kannst Soundboard hier auf TF unter Downloads herunterladen und bekommst automatisch die neueste Version. Wenn Du viele Änderungen in den theme files vorgenommen hast wäre es wohl das Beste wenn Du nur die geänderten files via FTP hochlädst. Sieh Dir einfach den Changelog in der Dokumentation an!

Hi! I just wonder how to do with the Gallery widget. When i put it on my site its just came the gallery name and a black box?

Hey Whosone.. Thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Make sure to set a “Featured Image” for each gallery. More info on that you can find in the documentation under “Setting up the Gallery Page”.


How do I change the button hover color in other plugins to match the color of my theme in sidebars and widgets? I read your post about links, but I’d really like to make the buttons match.

Here is my url:

I think you sent me the wrong link ;)

Sorry about that!

Talking about all of the buttons in widgets and side bars that aren’t shortcodes from theme. (plugin widgets)

The submit button of the form that you have in the footer does not have a class assigned to it.

So unless the plugin lets you define a class for the button, I don’t think it’s possible to style that button.

Hi, I’m Manu, and just purchased your Soundboard theme : Some dummies question : ( 1 – (I have a dark skin) How can I put opacity to 0.5 for example on the table, is it possible on the WP editor, or do I have to work on files of the theme ? 2 – Is there any solution to put some separators in my menu, to make some groups of buttons. 3 – (The most important for me…) My JW audio player doesn’t work, how can I do ? I tried to reinstall it, and… It’s the same… In fact, in the adress bar, I think it tries to call #prettyPhoto… For audio, it’s seems bizarre, no ? 4 – Is it possible to catch Youtube thumbnails to put directly on videos thumbs ?

Thanks for your Theme, it’s very cool. And thanks for the replies. Manu.

Hey manicmar… I just replied to the email you sent me.


And, another question, is it possible to make the background pictures changing with the pages (One page = One background…) ? Thanks again !

Awesome theme guys.. Any plans to make it responsive for mobile and tablet?

Hey middo! I don’t have immediate plans to make Soundboard responsive. But this is a popular request and might still think about it in the future!

Hey there!

How can I make the music player (JWPlayer) work properly with iOS devices?

Thank you, LD

Are you using the new JW Player 6? I will release another update soon that will display the playlist properly on iOS devices.

.. in fact I just uploaded an update (v.2.01) to TF right now. Should be available for download in a few hours.

Music pages are not working properly. Works fine in preview but once they are published it shows “page not found”. Any suggestions on how to get this to work?

Hey 59diamonds..

Please go to Settings > Permalinks and click “Save Changes”.