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Hi red Sun! (me again!) Is there a way to make the “click button” open the page in another window? Thank you!

Hey… are you talking about the shortcode button?

Hey Red Sun!

It has been a privilege thus far using your theme. Everything is laid out so nicely and I am enjoying working on the project. I am actually astounded I have not ran into any issues until now…

It is a minor issue, but still one nonetheless. I am using a background image I created, and have it set to top center in a fixed position. The characteristics of the image dictate the layout and overall website appearance, so it has to be set as so.

You can see it here on my developmental server.

While testing the layout for a separate matter, I noticed the background does not appear correctly when viewed on a iPhone 4S, but appears how it should on an iPhone 5. The screenshots are below..

The 4S background image rendering seems to be incorrect. How do we go about fixing this problem? Please let me know if you need any more information.

Thank You!

- Nicholas Bianco

Hey Nicholas!

It’s great to hear that you are having such a great experience working with Soundboard :)

I did a little research and testing and I think I found a solution. Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS :

#bg-image {
-webkit-background-size: 1920px 1161px;

This should fix the problem.. Cheers!

Worked Perfectly. Thank You So Much!

Hi Red_Sun, Love the theme, a well organized layout with a cool design! I had a question regarding the “News” page- How can I get it to act more like a Posts page where the most recent headline appears at the top? I’m already using Posts for a blog and would like to use this type of layout for News as well. Also does the Posts page automatically archive blog entries and then show that in a sidebar? There’s no “Posts” section in Appearance>Widgets for me to drag Archives over to. I don’t want to use that widget in any other section. Thanks for your help! – Michele

Another question, The JW player isn’t working, I didn’t do the installation in the correct order (I wasn’t going to use it at first, so I installed theme before installing the player). If I re-install the theme, will that overwrite my pages or any css changes I’ve made along the way? Is there a way to use a reverbnation music player widget on the audio page instead of soundcloud or jwplayer? How can I change the template (mind you, I’m not a developer;P? thanks again, michele

Hey Michele..

I just responded to your email.

Hey gerda, everything o.k! thanks :) ignore my email

I’d like to add a Subject Query to the Contact Form that’s a drop down box. The end result would be an email that contains a subject line with predetermined results. Any chance you could help me out on this one?

Thanks, Brad

Hey bvega.. You would have to make some modifications to the file template-contact.php. If you are not familiar with PHP , maybe an easier solution would be to use a plugin instead of the built in contact form (for example contact form 7)

Hi, i love these theme, i wanted to buy it, but got some problem here, i am using a virtual credit card (entropay) which is not supported by paypal and moneybrooker, is there any other payment option?

could you please send a paypal invoice for this theme to i will pay as soon as i receive the invoice

Hey te-a. Thanks for you interest in Soundboard. The only way to buy this theme is via ThemeForest.

Mabe this link helps?


Hello, I hope no one has something against it if I write in German.

Ich habe ein Problem mit den Tourdaten, dort wird für den Monat “Januar” nicht “Jan” angezeigt sondern “Jän”. Weißt du wie ich dieses Problem beheben kann? Ich habe die deutschen Language files nach “Jän” durchsucht, doch nichts gefunden.


Hallo! Du kannst dies entweder im file de_DE.po ändern (dafür brauchst Du aber das (kostenlose) Programm PoEdit) ...oder lade hier bei ThemeForest die letzte Version (3.0) herunter (im Tab Downloads). Da habe ich bereits den österreichischen Jänner in den deutschen Januar ausgebessert ;)

Red Sun!

I know this might be a customization request, but would there be any way to replace to logo with a slideshow?

I was planning on having the logo slideshow be much slower than the main slideshow on the page.

Maybe even a random loading logo? You can see the project here…

As you can see, I have replaced the logo with an image with a 980 width so it takes up the entire space.

Planning on putting a testimonial, or even a different logo background image.

Any input on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

- NB

Hey NB… this sounds like a real good amount of customization work. Do you have any knowledge of PHP/HTML/CSS? Otherwise it might probably be easier to try and find a plugin for that….


I’m using the light version of the theme but the JW Player is kinda dark in this theme. is it posible to make it lighter

You can look for yourself @

Hey Rik… you would have to make some changes to the theme files:

in jwplayer/JWPlayer6/sixPlaylist.xml, line 75, change the backgroundcolor to <setting name=”backgroundcolor” value=”ffffff” /> and in line 81 the fontcolor to <setting name=”titleactivecolor” value=”222222” />

Now, in the folder jwplayer/JWPlayer6/playlist, open the files active.png and item.png in Photoshop and change the color to white.


Hi I ‘ve just purchased the soundboard template. I can’t install it. When I browse it and click on “install now”, the installation fail because a style.css is missing. Please Help!


Hey Quentin.. Thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Make sure you are not uploading the whole zip file that you’ve downloaded from Themeforest (including dummy content, license, psd files, readme …) but only the file.

Hallo red_sun, ich hätte da mal ein paar fragen: ich hab hier was von einer Editor Software gelesen??? Diese war aber nicht im download enthalten.

Und nun zur wichtigsten Frage: Wie bekomme ich bilder in die Slider???? z.B. Homeslider??? Da steht drag and drop aber des funktionert nicht…

Hallo Snowrocker.. schick mir doch bitte Deine login Daten über das Kontaktformular auf meiner Profilseite, damit ich mir das ansehen kann.

Wo stand das mit der “Editor Software”? Ich weiss nicht so genau was Du damit meinst…

In English: Red_sun Hello, I have asked a few times since: here I read something about a software editor? This was not included in the download.

And now for the important question: How do I get pictures in the slider?? e.g. Home Slider? It says drag and drop but it doesn´t work! ...

Hi Red Sun,

Love the theme so far, my client couldn’t be happier with the way the site turned out. Unfortunately, we’re having a couple of issues right now though with the theme (site can be viewed at The first is with the audio page. My client has three audio entries published. They show up on the audio page but when you click on an entry to see more detail you get a 404 page error. The second issue is that the image sizes offered by wordpress (thumbnail, medium, large) aren’t showing scaled down correct proportions of the full size image. What I mean is if I have an image that is 1000px high by 300 px wide, the large image isn’t scaling to something proportional like 500px high and 150 wide and so a lot of the image is being cut off. Not sure if this is a theme issue or a wordpress issue but any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Richard

Hey Richard!

That’s great to hear that your client is happy with the design :)

For your first issue, there’s an easy fix: Go to Settings > Permalinks and simply click “Save Changes”.

And as for the thumbnails: In the file functions.php, starting with line 133 you can find all the thumbnails sizes. Remove “true” from the lines of code in order to resize the images proportinally. For example:

add_image_size('medium', 520, 300);
instead of
add_image_size('medium', 520, 300, true);

Please be very careful modifying functions.php. If something goes wrong, the whole theme will break. Make a safety copy!

Cheers, Gerda

For some reason my galleries aren’t working. I’m uploading the images and I see them on the photo page but when I click on the cover image, it goes to page not found. You can see it at

Any help would be great! Thanks.

Hey howdykate.. Thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

You can find the solution to this problem here:


Hi sun,

I finally succeed in installing the Soundboard theme with Fillezilla. Now I want to upload a slider. I go in “slider”>”add new slider” but when I drop the image, wordpress open it in a new page and when I click on “select” nothing happens.

What is the problem?

Thank you


Hey Quentin..

please send me the login info to your site via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll check it out!


how can i add a video in the posts section? I know how to add photos but i cannot add video… :( Can you help out??

Thank you in advance

chotito.. have you followed all the instructions in the documentation under “Setting up the Video Page”?

Yes. That i know. I have done that. But its not what i want. I want to add a video in the posts section (as if it was a blog) Now i have the option to add picture(image) in posts, how do i add videos??

Solved it! Thank you anyway! ;)

Hi. Just uploaded the theme to my site. i can’t add/remove widget. Widget area wont save any widget it just keeps loading?

Uninstall woocommerce plugin and the widget area works, any idea why this happen??

te-a… I don’t have this problem on my test page(s). Is there maybe another plugin that would cause the problem in combination with the WooCommerce plugin? Please try to deactivate all other plugins and activate WooCommerce only just to see if that works…


I just bought the theme and it looks great.

I would like to have a front page that has no content except for the footer so just the background image is showing. When I delete all of the widgets and content from the front page, the content box still appears very small. I thought I could work around it by changing the transparency of the menu and page backgrounds. Is this possible to change?

Thanks very much!

Hey jpharrower.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard. I’m glad you are happy with how your site is turning out :)

Please enter the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

 .home .bg-wrapper {display: none;}