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Do you know the name of the font used for the SOUNDBOARD logo?


Hey.. it’s calles “Snickles”

Thanks a lot for the previous answer! We’ve encountered another little question: we’d love to have the spacing (so white lines etc) of the news messages the same on the News page (where they’re displayed correctly) as the Home page. You can see the way it is now at

...looks like you wrapped the code in < c ode > < /code >. Remove that…

...which didn’t seem to work as well… I’m so sorry to bother you with this :(

Hah, nevermind! I accidentally copied both lines of code to line 82 ánd 90. It works now! Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Red_Sun,

Is there anyway to limit the amount of posts the home template shows? And changing it from ‘summary’ to ‘full text’? I’ve applied the changes in the reading settings however due to the page template being in place it wont affect it.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


yeah you can set the number in Theme Options > Home.

And as for displaying the full text, please check out the answer I just posted to NONAMusic’s question.

Thank you for this amazing theme! Everything is working as smooth as possible, just one problem :)...

Trying to add a new audio album, uploading mp3s to my local server. After hitting the publish button, the script is redirecting me to Post admin panel, and the album remains as: “draft”, but without any mp3 attacked to it.

This is a common problem? ( file permission is changed to 777 to whole script to be sure is not from this one ) Any solutions?

With respect,


Hey Ben..

have you checked the maximum upload file size for your WordPress installation?

I have a couple questions:

How can I make my home page display as a 2 column with my News Feed showing full posts instead of just excerpt?

Is it possible to have either my tumblr feed or instagram feed automatically make a wordpress post to my news feed?


Thank you!

I apologize for the inconvenience but I have one more question.

I successfully made the changes on my blog. I did however change my menu and switched from dark theme to light theme. Now only my homepage shows the light theme while when I click my other pages they remain on dark.. Is there something specific I need to do to fix this?

can you send me a link?

Hi- first of all I love this theme- very easy to work with- except- how do I get rid of the “log in” at the top right? Also, the contact form does not work. Is there anything special I need to do? Finally, I want to make the menu text larger- how do I do this?

Hey digitalon.. thanks for your purchase! I’m glad you enjoy working with Soundboard :)

1. You can remove the login area in Theme Options > General.

2. If your contact page seems to work on the front-end but doesnt deliver a mail, be sure that your server supports the sendmail protocol (ask your server admin if this is turned on) If you cant activate it I would recommend to get a plugin for your contact page.

3. Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.sf-menu a {
    font-size: 16px;


One very laaaaaaaaaast question: is it possible to make the Slider multilingual? I’ve used the qTranslate plugin for the whole site, and it would be absolutely awesome if it’d be possible to have a Dutch, English and German slider :)

Well, I have no experience with that plugin.. but can you actually translate regular image captions with that plugin?

Not really, no…

...I just found this in the support forum for qTranslate.. maybe that helps?

Hey red_sun- thanks for the speedy reply, and for not making fun of me for missing the “log in” option. I still have a problem though- I can’t get the css override to work. I can put a pixel size of 100 in, and the menu doesn’t change…

digitalon.. try this:

.sf-menu a {
    font-size: 16px !important;

If you still don’t have any success with this code, send m your login info via the user contact form on my profile page and I will take a look why your code doesn’t work…


That worked- but it almost seems like Chrome was the problem, not the theme- anyway, thanks!

hi there is there anyway you can have a “subscribe” section? to subscribe to this blog?

Hey klavold..

this features is not built into Soundboard. You would have to find a plugin for this…

Hi Red_Sun

I’ve uploaded mp3 in my site, but how can I create a link to download the MP3 directly. When I set the

Well.. you could use a shortcode to create a button that links to the permalink of the uploaded file.

I’ve installed the shortcode plugin but how do i add the shortcode to the audio page under the buy/download links section.

eg. I added [download label=”Download”][/download] under the downloading link field but when i click it gives a 404 error.

You don’t need to use a plugin for shortcodes, they are already built into the theme.

But for the “other buying/downloading link” you don’t need to use shortcodes anyways, if you enter a linke to a downloadable file into this field and a label under “Button Text for other buying / downloading link” it will automatically create a button.

Great Theme!

Thanks! :)

Hello, I purchased this theme and upon entering the soundcloud embed shortcode it only displays the code and not the embedded player. Any ideas?

Hey kidryno..

I just looked at your site and it looks like you’ve figured it out.. the SoundCloud player seems to display just fine now…

Hello, i have downloaded the file but i have a problem with install

Installing Theme from uploaded file:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Ohhh yes…. but i have new problem After installation i cant see Theme Options

What went wrong?

Hello again Red Sun :-)

Everything is ok. I would like to know how can I post my articles on my page in the way that my viewers can see them all according to the date I have posted.

Hey… I’m not sure what you mean? The most recent news posts should always display at the top by default….

Hi again Red Sun, If I wanted to add color panels behind the text to widget headers such as this site, how would I add this (ie: each post header, playlists, so bino, arists, etc…)? thanks!

You can put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

#content h3.widgettitle {
    background-color: #000000;
    padding-left: 6px;

Change the background color to whatever you like.

Hi again, as you know you helped us out a bit already with some CSS issues with gigpress and we’ve just moved server and somehow those CSS changes didn’t migrate. Can you remember what additional code you supplied me? Also we can’t seem to add new items to our slider. We select the image, click on upload and then 2 red boxes appear briefly with the one on the left with an animated circle loading animation but then both vanish and nothing else happens?

Hi yes, I’ve also tried 775 and still no joy. I’m using the latest theme and latest Wordpress and my host is looking into it also but so far still no joy.

It appears the issue has been resolved now. Modsecurity was throwing an error saying that it could not write to a tmp folder. All that was needed was defining this tmp folder in the PHP configuration file and also the modsec configuration file.

Great.. I’m glad you figured it out, lochie!

Hi Red Sun,
another question, how can I make the home page a two column page (content and right sidebar) like the default template page style? thanks again!

Simply don’t put any widgets into the left home sidebar and increase the width of the homepage center column.

Hi Red Sun,

I just purchased your theme and it works great!

I have one question, Im using soundboard you tube widget, and links are displayed and if i click on it, the movie starts. However, only the captured images are not shown, do you know how i can solve this??

Thank you in advance! Lodsminority

Hey lodsminority.. thanks for your purchase. I’m glad you enjoy working with Soundboard :)

You will need to set a featured image for each video. More info on that you can find in the documentation under “Setting up the Video page”:

Hi, thanks for your reply.

yes i have checked the link and solved the issue!

Thanks again. Lodsminority

You’re welcome!

Does this theme work with WP 3.5 ?

Hey jjunblog… yes Soundboard works with WP 3.5

how do,

thinking about purchasing your theme, and i have a few of questions

1) is there a limit on the size of the logo top left of the page?

2) can you have many video pages? e.g. i want different pages showing official videos, live, and unplugged?

3) under the album cover on the home page there is a amazon and itunes button. are these fully customisable, e.g. can i have a button offering to buy direct from our website?

4) how many slides can be displayed?

5) what options are available in the footer?

many thanks. if these answers have already been cover i apologies. i did go through plenty of them and couldn’t find the answers.


Hey resinonline!

1. The logo can have a size up to 940 pixels (full width of the page)

2. It is only possible to have 1 video page with Soundboard. In order to have more than 1 video page it would require to change the theme files.

3. besides the Amazon and iTunes button you can add 1 more button and you can choose any text for the button.

4. You can add unlimited slides to the slideshow on the homepage

5. The footer is fully widgetized and you can add any widgets to the 4 sidebars.


Is it possible to create a Band Camp button, similar to the other social media buttons? (Facebook, Soundcloud, youtube, etc)

If so, how would one go about doing that?

Here is a link to the bandcamp icons:

As for the tour date: Did you follow all the instructions in the documentation on how to set up the Tour Dates page?

If that doesn’t help, you can send me a link and login info via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll check it out.

Hey, thank you for all of your help. I got the tour dates to work. I still can’t get the band camp one to work…sorry I’m asking so many questions. This is the link to one of the icons I tried,

After I hit save, the link goes away.

Any advice?

If you want you can send me the link and login info via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll take a look!