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Hi, is it possible to remove the footer, I tried with the following: #footer { visibility:hidden;} but then a I still get a dark-grey area at the bottom of the page. I used a stretched background and would like it to show instead of the footer.

Thank you in advance, David

Hey David.. can you send me a link to your site please?

Hi red_sun, you can see my problem here: any help is appreciated.

Please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll send you some files that should solve your problem.

Hi there,

Thanks for the great theme! Love it. Just wondering if it’s possible to make the album images a larger size on the audio page? Any help is appreciated.


.mosaic-block is still set to 140px. If you want you can send me your login info via the user contact form on my profile page and I will see if you have entered the code correctly into the Theme Options Panel.

I figured it out and got it fixed. Thanks so much!


I have one question. I have been editing some of the color content in the dark skin css. I edited the header and footer background colors but I can’t seem to find where to edit the background color of the menubar and the other content frames for the middle of the website. Can you tell me where to find that? Thanks

The content-, slider-, and navi-area are using a transparent background image. You can find and replace those images in the folder /images and the files are called 22290.png (color #222 and 90% opacity) and 22297.png (color #222 and 97% opacity).


Hey, I have a few questions.

1. What font are you using on the demo? 2. Is it possible to have the post from a specific category list on the home page 3. Is it possible to have the videos listed on the front page?

Thanks in advance.


1. The Headline Font is called “Francois One”.

2. Try this:

In the file template-home.php, line 42, replace

$query->query('posts_per_page=' . $post_number);


$query->query('posts_per_page=' . $post_number . '&cat=77');

Replace 77 with the category ID of the category that you want to display on the homepage.

3. You can use the video widget to display the videos in the homepage sidebars


Hi Red_Sun, Just wondering if it’s possible to make the video images a larger size on the video page? Any help is appreciated. Thanks for the great theme! David

Hey David.. I replied to your email.

This theme is brilliant! But I would really like to add in categories, especially to the Video page.

So the main video page should would have a couple of videos per category (under the heading)

And a dropdown sub-menu from Videos would show the categories (done this by adding it to the menu) But there’s no way to add videos to a category or split it currently.

I have a good knowledge of CSS/PHP and saw in a previous comment that you said to duplicate the video template file and add in categories? could you expand on this?



Worked like a charm! Now is there a way to influence the widget as well? I’d like to have separate widgets for the categories, or at the very least choose a “featured video” in the widget.

I know I could probably find another widget to have a “featured video” but I do think it would be awesome if there’s a simple way to manipulate your theme.

Many thanks!

Also another quick one, anyway to get a full post displayed on the home page rather than the shorter version?

See the example here:

I’ve embedded a tweet as the news item, any way to show it in full on the home page?

Many thanks!


1. The code for the video widget you can find in the file includes/widgets/widget-video.php.

Try adding
'category_name' => 'mycategory',
to line 58. (Change ‘mycategory’ to the category you want to display).

2. In the file template-home.php, line 82 and 90 , replace
<code><?php the_excerpt(); ?></code>
<code><?php global $more; $more = 0; ?>
<?php the_content(' read more…'); ?></code>
(you can also change the text “read more…” to something else) And then you could manually insert the “read more” link with the help of the insert more tag:

Hi, great work on the theme! How can I make the menu larger? Also what resolution size should the background image be set? Thank you!

Here’s the code to increase the height of the navigation bar:

#topnavi {
    height: 52px;

Thank you!! One more quick question. I didn’t include the JW Files to the soundbard folder when installing theme at the beginning. Is it possible to install it now?

Sure! Simply use an FTP Client like “FileZilla” to upload the files to your server.

Hi red_sun, I have a few quick support questions.

I am having some problems with your theme. My client was the purchaser of it. Firstly, Flickr images are not displaying in the Flickr widget. The ID is correct, but they’re not showing up. Any ideas?

Secondly, you mentioned WooCommerce integration—how do I get that working? If you check out the “Merch” page on the site, you’ll see that it needs a stylesheet or template or something and I’m not exactly sure where to look.

Here is the site:

Thanks for your time, great theme and hope to hear from you soon.

Hey Katori!

Please make sure you are using Soundboard version 3.00 to make WooCommerce work with Soundboard.

For any further questions please have your client log into the account that he used to purchased Soundboard and send me a message via the user contact form on my profile page so that I can verify him as a valid customer.


I really would love to purchase this and use for some if my clients but the problem is, it’s not mobile friendly at all, vast majority of themes are either goin responsive or make a mobile/tablet option, as mobile/tablet surfing is a trend, I can only really look at options which include this, will you be moving this theme there shortly or is this the wrong option for my clients?

Hey 00rgiles..

I don’t have any plans to make Soundboard responsive at the moment…

Hey amazing theme!!

I just have a question.

I’ve installed the theme a couple weeks back, but didn’t install JW player 6 until now. I am currently using version 3.0 of your theme and running php 5.

I have followed the steps in your read me html, but when the video is clicked it says loading… and never loads. Any suggestions? I have to post the site live by tonight 6pm (Toronto time) and I’m banging head against the wall trying to fix it.

Anything you can do to help would be much much appreciated..

I’m sorry I couldn’t reply earlier.. I have been in an airplane all day. Please send me a link to your site via the user contact form on my profile page and also let me know exactly which JW Player files you copied into which folder onto your server!

Hey, this is a pretty incredible theme. I came by to discuss problems installing woo-commerce but in reading these comments I realized that I need to d/l 3.0. Anyway, cheers!

Hello, love this theme! Only problem I’ve had so far is that my sound cloud shortcodes are showing as text in the audio page. Any thoughts on what could cause this?

Hey.. can you please get in touch via the user contact form and send me a link and login info?


Great theme! Just bought it and already lost track of time with experimenting :-). I have two questions at the moment:

1) How to change the speed of the slider? 2) Can I make the height & width of the logo fixed. So I can use a logo image which can float under the menu page?


Hey Thomassius.. thanks for your purchase! I’m glad you enjoy working with Soundboard :)

1. You can change the slider speed in the file js/scripts.js, line 67 and 68.

2. Try this code (put it into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS):
#logo {
    position: absolute;


Finally came out with this code. It enables me to adjust the logo’s position and the space above the navigation separately.

#logo {

red_sun, I just wanted to follow up with Katori’s question about problems with flickr integration (he’s doing the implementation for me). I d/l’d 3.0 and he’s still having problems with flickr.

Hey th3rdway! Can you please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link and login info so that I can check it out? Thanks!

Sorry but when I tried to update de Zip in wordpress, it appears an error which said that there is no style.css.

Hey sonica2011.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Make sure you are not uploading the whole zip file that you’ve downloaded from Themeforest (including dummy content, license, psd files, readme …) but only the file.


Thanks for your answer, it has been very useful but I think you should tell the costumers how to unzip the file before installing the wordpress theme to make the installation easy.


Great theme, congratulations!

Is it possible to change the background-position attribute (or other) in order to always have the origin at the top left corner, even when the window is resized?

Thank you in advance for your reply. Cheers!

Hey enneibaf.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard, I’m glad you like it :)

Try adding the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

#bg-image {
    background-position: left top;


Hi red_sun,

Thanks a lot for your help, it works fine! :)


hello i purchased soundboard. its great. but i have a big problem with uploading photos in a photoalbum…. i mean, i try to upload a folder with 120 pictures, they all arround 300kb, selfscanned, same format .jpg – all good. but then it just uploads like 4 pictures and thats it… when i change to another album to upload here like 80 pics, its the same… and when i go back, is it sometimes working again for 3 pics or so… whats the problem? and how i can fix it? pls help. website is not online yet thanxx martin

maybe a solution for you would be to reorder the videos so your best video is the last video that you’ve uploaded? You can reorder videos by setting the publish date in the top right corner when you edit a video.

I’m not sure what you mean by “double the homescreen”.

ah thanxx, the date change is better than nothing;) and one more question… sorry. is it possible to share a favoritephoto from the gallery to facebook and stuff?!

No this is not possible with Soundboard out of the box…

Hi, I have begun work for a client using your theme. For now, I dont want to display the Newsfeed on the homepage I just want a slider shown. Could you tell me how i could do this please. thank you.

Hey, I have now discovered how to get rid of the newsfeed just removed the title and set number of feeds to 0. However the background of the newsfeed has still been left, and another background is shown between the logo and slider. Is there a way i can just show a logo and slider on homepage for now? Thanks.

That background in between logo and slider is the background for the navigation menu items.

You can put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS to remove the navigation and content background on the homepage:

.page-template-template-home-php #topnavi,
.page-template-template-home-php #content {display: none;}

For any further questions please log into the account that you’ve used to purchase Soundboard before posting a question so that I can verify you as a customer. Thanks!

I really like your theme. Just two more questions: First, is it possible to have different backgrounds for each page? and, secondly, I would like to modify the text in the widget tour dates from the home page and I don’t how to manage. I mean, for instance, I’d like to have the text “city/country” in bold and in red. You’ll understand better what i want to do if you go to “agenda” in my page, where did I reach to do these changements.

1. Only with a plugin.. like this here for example:

2. Add this code to Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.gg_tourdates_widget .city {
    color: #fa2f2f;