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I am unable to get the slider working properly. It will not fade or transition images. Please advise. is the url

Hey blacksonville.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Can you send me the login info to your site via the user contact form on my profil page so that I can check it out?


Hello again!

Can you please tell me how I can make the slider images a little bigger. So that the frame around it is not visible any more. Can it be done?


Try adding the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

#slideshow {
    margin: 0;

.nivoSlider {
    height: 400px;
    width: 980px;

Now add images to your slideshow with a minimum height of 400px and minimum width of 980px.

Hmm. The image appears in the right upper corner of the slideshow. The pictures are still displayed as 940×360px. Are you sure there’s no option we’re missing? I’m sure my picture have the correct 980/400 ratio.

Ah yeah.. right. Additionally add the following code:

#slideshow {
    width: 980px;

Hello. I bought the Sound board theme and I have the following problem. I cannot set the background image and change the color of the theme. I uploaded the file and I also changed the permission of the files and folders but the problem still remains.. ould you guide me to solve this issue.. Thanx in advance..

Hey ansidiro.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard! Please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link and login info. Thanks!

Hi Red_Sun, how i can add support for special czech characters ? (like š,ž) with Francois One font? Thanks.

Hey lumaz..! Try adding the following code to the file header.php, line 15:

<link href=',latin-ext' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Hi there, I’m very impressed with this theme but I have two quick questions. Firstly is it possible to have the social media icons at the top of the page, or maybe even on the navigation bar instead of having them in the footer?

Secondly, I understand this theme isn’t reponsive by default but how good/bad is it on mobile devices regardless of this fact?

Many thanks, Mark.

Hey celtergeist!

1. Not out of the box. This would require some customization work.

2. I have tested Soundboard on iPad, iPhone and Blackberry and it works properly on all those devices.


Haven’t purchased.. yet. I’m very impressed with your work so far and I’m just wondering if you’re planning/developing any more features for this theme, or will there only be bug fixes?

Hey Scottmoon.. I will definitely try to keep improving Soundboard in the future. Especially if some feature is requested by multiple customers…

Hi there. I’ve asked this question before but I can’t find the answer again, I’m sorry. My twitter feed isn’t working on my homepage ( and I remember you said it was because I need to update the theme. Can you let me know where I can download the updated version of the theme, as I can only seem to download the first version of the theme that was current when I bought it? Also – when I update the theme, will it revert to the default settings? Thanks in advance. Louise

Hey weezer!

Here on ThemeForest, if you go to the “Downloads” tab you will find all the items you have purchased. If you download Soundboard you will automatically get the newest version.

None of the settings that you’ve made in the Theme Options Panel will get lost.


@yotta (on page 7) if it’s still interesting for you guys and you still find the “loading.gif – NOT FOUND” Error in Googles Devtools. Here is the solution:

in the themes/soundboard/css/nivoSlider.css in Line 17 there is a small type error: “background:url(/images/loading.gif)” change it to: background:url(../images/nivoSlider/loading.gif) and you’re good!

Digged, Found &Destroyed :D

Hey edelstejn… I already fixed this in one of my last updates :)

I’ve a big problem….i can’t delete my plug in…i can’t delete my products, i can modify my blog…....every problem begin if i installed your theme….what can i do??? help me please!

Hey Antho006..

please get in tourch via the user contact form and send me a link and login info. Thanks!

Hi Red_Sun,

What is the recommended size for background images on the homepage? Everything I try a photo of some sort, it’s really pixelated – no matter if try 72 or 300 DPI. Thanks!


What’s the size of your image? Soundboard uses a background image with a size of 2800px x 1750px.

It’s approx. 2850×2100. I use the “stretched” background – if I use the “fixed position”, it’s way too big. I’ve been told the background picture looks great on 15” or 17” screens. An image on screen larger than that becomes pixilated. Do I need to input some sort of code to prevent this from happening?

I have a 27” screen and the background image for the SoundBoard Theme looks fantastic.

Here’s the website:

Thanks for the help.

I looked at you background image on a 15” screen and even there I could see that the images is just not of very good quality. Use an image of great quality and then you can decrease the image size in Photoshop with “Save for web and devices” without loosing really any quality.

I like the theme before I purchase I was wondering if you can have different background images for separate pages?


Hey blackbeardltd!

This is not included in Soundboard, but you could use a plugin for that, for example I tested this one with Soundboard:


Hi. After installing Soundboard theme (which works fine) two questions now:

1. language is set to German by default ( How to change to English, where can I find the English language files, how to set English by Default? 2. is it possible to set an individual URL to the Logo on the top, (which is set to HOME by default)? Thank you

Hey.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

1. The language will only be set to German if your WordPress installation is set to German. Check your WordPress wp-config.php file (located in your WP root directory) for the following line of code

define ('WPLANG', 'de_DE');

and remove it, if you want to change your WordPress installation to english.

2. You can change the URL of the logo in the the file header.php, line 97, replace

<?php echo home_url(); ?>

with the full URL.


Hello again.

How can I translate this theme to another language (spanish)?


Hello Red_sun,

Another question. I want to combine two background images – one has to be the overlay image. One is a tiled background, the other is stretched (to create shadow effect). How can I define a second background image?

Thanks a lot!

Hey Red_sun,

I’m not really a super developer. I was wondering: your template gives the possibility to get a tiled background and stretched background. Can’t I tweak the PHP behind that so both are sort of speak “on”, so they overlap. Then I can make one of them transparent?

It would definitely be more complicated to add another image uploader to the Theme Options Panel instead of just adding some CSS.

The image that you upload in the Theme Options Panel gets assigned to ‘html’ (if you are using Soundboard version 3.01. All older versions did assign it to ‘body’).

So I guess I would just upload the tiled background in the Theme Options Panel and then in Theme Options > General > Custom CSS you could try to add some CSS code to assign the second, stretched image to ‘body’.

On my translation question… I found a previous post here that answers my question.

But it seems that there are specifically 3 items that do not have a translation in the .mo / .po files:

The “read more” link. The months on the news page. The “leave a reply” in the comments section of a post.

Is there a way to translate those items?

Thanks for the reply.

The “read more” and “leave a reply” are working now.

But on the blog entry months, I still can’t find how to translate them. When you say they’re translation ready, do you mean that they can be translated in the .po file? I have tried translating every line there, and the months do not change.

I think you might be thinking that I’m talking about the tour dates. Those months do translate in the .po file. But, unless I’m doing something wrong, the blog entry months don’t translate with the .po file.

Is there a way to translate the blog entry months?


Oh.. right, I was thinking about Tour Dates month.

Well, you can’t translate the months within the Theme, you will have to change them for the WordPress installation.

You can find them in wp-includes/locale.php.

That did it. Thanks!

I love the theme, have been playing with it for awhile and am launching it shortly. Just one problem. I made a CSS change to the Tour Dates Template and can’t get it to stick on the live site. Instead of the button below the Tour Date displaying “Buy Tickets,” I want it to say “More Info.”

<form method=”POST” action=”<?php echo $url; ?>”> <input type=”submit” class=”button1 tour-button ” value=”<?php _e(‘More Info’, ‘gxg_textdomain’) ?>”>

Can you please advise? Everything else is working fine. Thanks, -Joe

Hey Joe.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard. I’m glad you like it :)

Well.. this looks right to me. Please also know that for the tour dates widget you will have to make the same changes in includes/widgets/widgets-tourdates.php.

Anyways.. if you are upgrading to the latest version of Soundboard, you can actually choose a different button text for each tour date in the backend! Here’s the changelog:

Cheers, Gerda

Thanks Gerda for such a prompt reply. I can’t locate the php file you mention—it is not in the template list via the Editor page. Can you help me find it? Also can you advise how to upgrade to latest version? Is there a cost? Thanks again! -Joe

You’re welcome!

The file is placed in the subfolder “includes/widgets” and you can’t access files in subfolders within the WordPress admin area. You would actually have to edit the file in a text editor and upload it via a FTP uploader (like FileZilla) to your server.

All Soundboard updates are free. Here on ThemeForest, while logged in, go to the “Downloads” tab and redownload Soundboard. You will automaticall get the newest version of Soundboard.

Hi, Thanks for all your aswers. I Think that this is the last question :P I try to send an email, by the contact form, but i don’t receive the mail in my account. What’s the problem?¿ Thnks

You’re welcome!

If your contact page seems to work on the front-end but doesn’t deliver mail, be sure that your server supports the sendmail protocol (ask your server admin if this is turned on). If you can’t activate it, I would recommend to get a plugin for your contact page (like “contact form 7” for example)

Hello, We are thinking of buying your theme as it seems perfect for what we what to achieve. Can you tell me how much flexibility there is with the home page elements? Thanks

Thank you for replying. Can I turn off the left and right columns and have a single full width piece of content?

If you don’t place any widgets into the sidebars, the sidebars will not display. With a simple line of CSS code you can make the center section full width.

Fantastic thank you!

Hello, I saw your comment about re-downloading and re-uploading to Wordpress to fix the Twitter error…. you mentioned it wont change the theme options. Does that mean I wouldn’t lose any of the homepage widget placement, additional pages/menus, and imagery uploaded for slider etc as well? just wanted to make sure nothing will be lost before resetting the theme. thanks!

Yeah, you will not loose any content that you’ve entered/uploaded. In (the unlikely) case that your widgets are not in place anymore you can find them in the “inactive widgets” sections with all the settings saved and simply have to drag them back into the sidebars…

awesome, thanks!

Question.. I’m using my site for an Internet Radio Station, but whenever I try to paste the script for my music player to the page, it doesn’t work – and then the script disappears. How can this be resolved????

Hey.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Please send me a link and login info via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll check it out.

I’ve sent the information to your inbox as requested.

Ok I’ll check it out!