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Hi Red, can you tell me how can i add a slider to a blank page? I wrote u in private but no reply. Thanx a lot. BigSeA

Hey bigsea.. I already replied to your mail a few hours ago. Maybe it ended up in your junkmail?

With Soundboard you can add the slider only to the home page. It is not possible to add it to any other page.

Hi Red_Sun, Am looking to purchase this theme but would like to know if we are able to have an audio player on the home page? Great looking theme, looking for ward to working with it!

Hey halcyonrecords!

With the JW Player Shortcode you can add single (self hosted) songs to the homepage.

With the SoundCloud shortcode you can display a SoundCloud playlist.

You can put those Shortocodes in the center section of the home page or into a text widget (left, right and footer sidebar)

Excellent – Thanks!

Hi – I’d like to be able to keep the captions showing on the photos, albums and videos instead of being a hover-over only. Could you help me with that?

Hey lorbot..

this should work:

put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.aw-size {
        bottom: 0;

That worked perfectly, thank you for the quick and helpful reply!

Can I remove the hover title on the Albums?

Thanks! Awesome theme!

Thanks travisbrown, I’m glad you like Soundboard!

Sure… simply remove the following code from the file includes/widgets/widget-album.php, line 79:

<div class="details mosaic-overlay aw-size">
             <?php echo $album_title; ?>


I love the theme. Usually I have to make a lot of changes in CSS but with this theme I liked the layout alot, didn’t have to change much.

Question: I followed the documentation instructions for setting up the Contact page. However, when I went to test the email, I never received my email. Is there something that I’m missing? Thanks.

Thanks so much. I didn’t realize it was sent to my spam folder. So that suggestion worked.

One more question: I noticed that some users were able to get a bigger header area. How do I change that? (e.g. )

Also, how do I get the News section to be expanded out the same as the website above? Thanks!

I don’t really understand your last 2 questions..

Did you want more padding above or below the logo?

What do you mean by “expanded out”?

Hey, Great product. First time working with wordpress and a template. Pretty easy with the template you created. I was wondering if there was a way to change the light/dark color for the menus to something in the middle or transparent. Also, is there a way to change the background for each page? Thanks again for a great product!!

Hey thegophoto, thanks for your purchase! It’s great to hear that you enjoy working with Soundboard :)

1. Add the following code to Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

#topnavi {
        background: rgb(100, 100, 100); /* The Fallback */
        background: rgba(100, 100, 100, 0.5) !important;  

More info on RGBa here:

2. You can use a plugin for that, for example I tested this one with Soundboard:


Still loving the them (and the support) How do I track conversions on the contact page?

I have the google conversion tracking code, where do i paste it to tack lead submissions?


But enter the code without <script type=”text/javascript”> </script>, since the code you put into that field will automatically be wrapped in this code.

but wouldn’t that mean that the code is on every page? The point of this is that it only triggers on the confirmation page, so it can tell that a lead was submitted.

Yes, it would show up on every page.

Well, the contact page and confirmation page use the same template. If you want the code on the contact/confirmation page, you would have to place the code into the file template-contact.php …


Thanks for the great theme!

I’m having trouble with adding video categories using the instructions you provided a while back. When I add taxonomies to the post type I am left with a server error…

Is there any particular reason why this might be happening or am I just missing something completely?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hey amogower! Send me your code (or file) via the user contact form on my profile page and I will see if I can find the problem.

Hi Red Sun ! on the audio page : How do I enlarge the size of photos ? Thanks ;)

Hey Asiaa..

In order to increase the albums size to 220px (4 albums per line) make the following changes:

1. In the file template-audio.php, line 34, change “square1” to “square2”.

2. Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.mosaic-block {
width: 220px;
height: 220px;


.aud-size {
width: 220px !important;

Perfect !! thanks

Hi again,

Just a quick question. For some reason all my blog posts are linking to my audio page from the home page. Not quite sure how it happened, just started recently. Any help would be appreciated.


Hey stinabailey… this link doesn’t seem to work!

Hello red-sun, I’m about to buy your cool template but before I have some questions i’d like to be resolved:

1. Is there an option for “pulling” images from instagram and flckr to populate different galleries?

2. Is there a way to place a mp3 player in continuous tab? I’d like it if the site had something like this:

3. If the mp3 tab isn’t possible, and if i buy the plug in for the link above, would it work?

4. is it possible to have the visa, mastercard, and other type of selling companies as well as paypal and the other 2 ways of selling?

Thank you very much in advance Cheers!! S.

Hey S!

1. The only way to show images from instagram and flickr would be with widgets that are placed in one of the sidebars. The flickr widget is already included in Soundboard. For instagram you would have to add a plugin.

2.What do you mean by “continous tab”? With Soundboard you can either add a SoundCloud playlist or a single self hosted song (with JW Player). You can add the playlist or song to any post or page or in a text widget and place it into one of the sidebars. Check out this page for examples:

3. The mp3 player you mentioned could be placed in one of the sidebars. I don’t really see any advantage to using SoundCloud though…

4. The Soundboard shop works with the WooCommerce plugin. You can find all the information on the plugin (including payment options) here:

Hope that helps.. Cheers!

I am trying to upload the file to my web clients web site and this is the error I’m receiving:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare soundcloud_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/content/88/10088488/html/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/soundcloud.php:39) in /home/content/88/10088488/html/wp-content/themes/soundboard/includes/shortcodes/shortcode-soundcloud.php on line 41

Hey naeya86!

..simply deactivate Soundcloud in the Jetpack plugin. Soundcloud is already included in Soundboard and can’t be loaded twice. That’s why you get an error message…


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare soundcloud_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/iamdempz/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/soundcloud.php:39) in /home/iamdempz/public_html/wp-content/themes/soundboard/includes/shortcodes/shortcode-soundcloud.php on line 41

Hey Mussieimiz!

..simply deactivate Soundcloud in the Jetpack plugin. Soundcloud is already included in Soundboard and can’t be loaded twice. That’s why you get an error message…


Hi there, great theme.

I’m trying to separate ‘Albums’ & ‘Singles’ when displayed on the Audio page. How could I achieve this?

I’ve added a category option to audio items to try and separate them but I’m not having much success with displaying the audio items.

*Just as I wrote this I discovered my mistake, have it solved now.


HI, I love soundboard. However, how do I remove the twitter and the like button in the posts? thanks.

Hey phinelicht.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard! I’m glad you like it :)

Add the following code to Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

li.tweet-button, li.fb-button {
    display: none;

Thanks a lot. That worked, but the word “share” / (in my case “teilen”) is still there, is it possible to remove that aswell, or is there a way, to put a widget under that with other sharing icons?

You would actually have to modify the theme files to remove the “share” title:

in loop.php, line 41 and single.php, line 40, remove:
<li class="infotitle"> <?php _e('share:', 'gxg_textdomain') ?></li> 
and for the audio page, in single-audio.php, line 68, remove:
<h6 class="infotitle"> <?php _e('share:', 'gxg_textdomain') ?></h6> 

Hi- when I log in to my WP installation, I’m taken to my actual live site, not my dashboard. In order to get into my dashboard, i have to hit the login link again, after I’ve already logged in. Any ideas?

Soundboard loads WordPress’s own jQuery:


(in functions.php, line 271)

So this shouldn’t be a problem.

You are THE BEST! Thank you for taking the time to help me get my plug in working. I’ve never gotten so much fast help from a developer before- in fact, I’ve never gotten so much help from a developer, period!

You are welcome :)

Hi. I love this theme and I’m thinking on buying it but I’ve some questions: - Is it possible to use bandcamp instead of soundcloud in the theme? - I guess I can insert images, galleries and videos inside an audio post as in a regular post, isn’t it? Thanks.

Hi lamire!

1. Not out of the box. Also I don’t have any experience with Bandcamp. But I just saw that there is a Bandcamp plugin: with this plugin you coud add shortcodes to the audio page to display a Bandcamp player.

2. The single audio page has custom fields to display any kind of content in the left, center and right column. You can also add HTML (to display images, videos, etc) and shortcodes, ...

I hope that helps! Cheers

Hi Red, how can i replace your fb like button with a share one? Thanx

Hey bigsea.. according to the facebook developers page, the “share” button is deprecated (very bottom of this page: )

Hi Red Sun, congratulations for this theme! Two months ago I started to work with soundcloud, but now I meet with the play list doesn’t jump songs. Do you have a form for to have this jump or is necessary that the people click play all songs one to one for listen the list?

Thanks and sorry for my english…

Hey lairissa… please send me a link to your website via the user contact form on my profile page.. thank you!

Hey there,

I noticed that the twitter feed in my sidebar is no longer showing any tweets. Any idea as to why that may be? Would like to get that functioning again.

Hey forsided!

Twitter updated its API a while ago. Make sure you are using at least Soundbaord version 1.05. (Current Soundboard version is 3.01) If you don’t want to update Soundboard, then simply upload the file includes/widgets/widget-twitter.php of the newest version of Soundboard to your server!