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I really don’t want to get rid of this theme, but I want to display song lyrics in a pop up box, and can’t find a plugin that will work with SoundBoard. I bought Sugar Modal (, but it doesn’t work correctly in SoundBoard. I also tried Wordpress Tooltips Pro and several others, and none of them work with SoundBoard. Do you know of any plugins that will accomplish what I want, which are compatible with SoundBoard?

digitalon, can you please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page? Maybe you can send me the sugar modal plugin files (and/or a link to the Tooltips Pro plugin) and I’ll try to figure out the problem….

Yes, that would be great- I have sent a message-

Is it possible to change in both the back end and front end “Tour Dates” to something else like Events Schedule?

For the font end, you can choose any Title instead of “Tour Dates” on the Tour Dates page and for the Tour Dates widget. For the back end, you would just need to make some modifications to the theme files…

Hi, I have purchased your theme and it looks very good. However, I am encountering a major issue where I cannot switch to “text” (html view) for some reason (tried all browsers) and entering shortcodes in the visual view messes up the page. I don’t have this issue with any other wordpress site I use. Can you pls advise?

Many thanks,


In fact, I realise now that I have issues with most javascript features in the admin section: I cannot switch to html view, cannot add link when I click on link icon, cannot upload media when I click the upload media button on a page etc. Javascript is of course enabled and I have tested in Firefox, chrome, safari and IE, all upgraded to latest version.

Just so you know, it is not a server issue either. I have installed the theme on the same server / different domain and have no issue there.

Somehting is causing a big problem on this site I’m working on and can’t figure out what.

I have used the “Web console” in Firefox and a few errors do pop up on the “edit pages2 section, although I can’t undersatnd which ones exactly casue all these issues.

I have also of course disabled all plugins, and wordpress is updated to latest version. Please advise asap.

Many thanks

Hey vinny.. I responded to your email on February 1st (a day after I got your mail) Can you check your spam folder please?

ok, that must have gone in the spam. Since then I have restarted the entire site on a new domain / installation and it seems fine now. Just out of interest, please resend your email so I can see what you may have found that’s wrong, but otherwise I keep working with new install which doesn’t have this javascript problem. thanks

just resent the mail!

Hi Red Sun! Sorry me again with the twtter question. I have updated the theme files and am now running version 3.01… My twitter feed on my home page still doesn’t work. I’ve tried deleting the twitter widget and activating it again but it’s still not showing any tweets. Can you help? Thanks in advance :) PS my hompage is

Hey weezer… I just looked at your site and the twitter feed displays just fine for me!

Hello from Istanbul.

I bought this theme two weeks ago. Good work. It’s fine.

But today, i have two questions about this efficient theme. If you help about them , i’ll be so glad.

Firstly, album pages… In these, there’are two share button. (twitter sharing, facebook like) I want to replace them and add different buttons. My buttons have to be addable other pages and posts. Also, rewriting “share” text with my language, turkish. Shortly, i can say that, for share buttons, i would like to conrol all share buttons for all pages and posts.

If i come to second question… Soundboard theme has templates like audio, gallery and etc. For example, i created one page for using gallery template. It’s named “Movie photos.” It’s working. Fine. But, i want to create another page for using gallery template, (is named singer photos) it cannot be different page practically. All albums (movie and singer photos) appear same in two pages. They cannot be different with each other. What can I solve this problem ? Is it impossible ?

Thanks for your help.

Hey mertderd! For theme support please log into the account that you’ve used to purchase Soundbaord before posting a comment or sending a message so that I can verify you as a valid customer. Thanks!

I have installed my JW player and created an album, and uploaded my songs but when I go to play them on my audio page the new box opens up and is blank. Just the featured imaged but no songs…

Thanks. I emailed you back the login info.

As you mentioned in your email about the JW plugin not working with soundboard. I deactivated it and now the player works fine. Thanks so much! :)


Hello, I love the theme and it has been working great. However, I am getting a spinning circle on the AJAX popup when I hit login. I tried going to the classic /wp-admin and that gives me the login screen, but it just boots me back to the home page not logged in. Because of that I can’t really use the site. You can check it out here:

Thank you for your help!

EDIT: I think that it may have been a plugin I had activated. Nevermind!

Hey thanks for the Great Theme Red_Sun

1 question I have is how do I get the video caption popups to display a greater amount of characters so I can use longer than 4 word titles?

Hey Troy_schneider.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard. I’m glad you like it!

Simply add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.vid-size {

That way you can display two lines of text. If you need even more space for the title, you can change the values to -70 / 60 …



I would like to buy the theme but is there a possibility to add a start time to the tour dates?


Hey jordynuyts… this is not possible out of the box and would require a modification of the theme files…

I installed the theme then I installed woo commerce. The SHOP page is not displaying correctly. Do I need to install something from the zip download I purchased from you?

Hey salvadorcharlie…

In Theme Options > GENERAL you need to check the ‘Load WooCommerce stylesheets’ checkbox.

More info you can find in the documentation: (very bottom of the page)


Hello Red_sun,

Three smaller questions only this time :-).

1) How do I change the color of the footer (where the social logo’s come). 2) How do I make the logo “un-clickable”? 3) When I make make the window of my browser smaller or when I view the website on a small screen like a smartphone; there is always a part on the most right side which doesnt seem right. Is this somekind of bug? I also see it on your demo website.

Hey Thomassius…

1. Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS (change the color value to whatever you like):

#social, #copyright {
    background-color: #888888;

2. In header.php, line 99, change

<a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>"> <img src="<?php echo of_get_option('gg_logo_image'); ?>" /></a>


<img src="<?php echo of_get_option('gg_logo_image'); ?>" />

3. I’m not sure what you mean… can you send me a screenshot via the user contact form on my profile page?

I just updated my wordpress to the latest version and the entire site went ham! :( My slider is not fully showing up, bkrd images were lost, post images dont show up. Anyway I can easily revert back to my site from earlier today?

Hey… I just checked out your site and couldn’t really see a problem with it…

I’ve got the same problem as Blacksonville.

My slider just is hiding and my video widgets and pages are messed up. I’m missing my thumbnails and seeing weird play buttons.

I hope you could help me out.

Hey emieljanson.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

It looks like you don’t have any thumbnails set for the videos. More info you can find in the documentation under “Setting up the Video Page”

Red_sun, I do have thumbnails. It worked and suddenly stopped working (don’t know what happend). Do you need admin login?

Yeah please send the login info via the user contact form on my profile page. Thanks!

Is there any way to reorder the songs once uploaded? They keep trying to load in the wrong order.

No you can’t reorder the songs once they are uploaded.

Hi Red_Sun, Just wondering how I go about adding a singles vs albums category and how I go about rearranging album order. Thanks!

Are you sure you’ve changed the publish date in the top right corner and not the “release date”? If yes.. I can only imagine that you are using some sort of plugin that is causing the albums to order that way.. Please deactivate all your plugins to see if that makes a difference… If that also doesn’t help, please send me a link and login info via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll take a look…

Thank you, you are right. For some reason I thought it would go oldest to latest, but it’s latest to oldest which in my case was actually also alphabetical, hence the confusion. All good now!

Great :)

Hi and really many compliments for your theme! I’ve a question: during the test on localhost, the site works greatly, but, on the live site, some file file weren’t loaded. For example, the css_options_panel.php. In the source of the page, the file is called but in the style editor (Firefox) the file is empty. Furthermore the panel login does not open. Can you give me some advice? Thanks in advance

Hey alf_showpage.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Can you please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me the FTP login info? Thanks!

Hey RS,

Is it possible to create a link to an external page from the main slider on the webpage?


Hey Shaun.. yeah that is possible. Just make sure you are entering the full URL including http://

Hmm, I put the full link in the “Slide URL Link” but when I go back to the main page, my mouse doesn’t signal that the picture can take me to a different page.

If you want you can send me link and login info via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll check it out…


I have very limited knowledge on themes/templates and website design. So apologies if this question seems obvious.

I like this theme but wouldnt need the Tour Dates page and a couple of others. Is it possible to change them, or turn them off in some way?

Can i also change page titles?.

And can someone tell me the difference between the Regular licence and the extended licence


PS Also wanted to ask – if I buy this template I presume I can work with it off-line. Does this require special software, or does it work with my browser…This whole website design/wordpress/template world is hugely complex for a noob. :)

Hey chrisac456…

Yeah you can create whatever pages you like and name them whatever you like. You don’t have to create a Tour Dates page if you don’t need it.

If you want to use Soundboard for 1 single website, you would need a regular license. More info here:

Here is link to the Soundboard documentation, so that you get a better idea on how to work with Soundboard:

And as for your last question: If you meant that you want to work on your site while it is under construction, you could use a plugin for that, like for example:

If you meant that you want to install WordPress locally, you would have to install MAMP (if you are working on a Mac): or XAMPP (if you are working on a PC):


Thanks for your reply, much appreciated. I can see that constructing the website and getting it on line would be to complicated for me so Im going to see if I can find someone to help me out.

Hi red_sun, When I preform a search for a city in which there is a tour date. It brings up the city but no other information and it just shows the publish date of when the tour date was created. Is there a way to show all the information for the show? Either that or removing it from the search function all together. For instance the band has info about London on their bio. When i type London in the search field it brings up the bio page as well as two empty posts that just state “London”, when I click on the link the permalink for the tour date loads up but with no other info. Here is a link to a snapshot. You can see what I mean here.

Hey halcyonrecords…

try this:

open the file includes/posttypes/tourdates.php and in line 29, set ‘exclude_from_search’ to true.

That worked perfectly! Thanks. Any chance of the search query actually bringing up tour info in a future version?

Yeah I might actually add this in a future update …