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Hello, The contact form is sending an email with the following content:

From: Lucy <> Date: 12 March 2013 22:12 Subject: Contact Form from Website To:

Name: Lucy Email: Comments: Test message from website

I have put in the ‘xx’ rather than the full email for the sake of privacy. The question is why is the ‘From’ field showing the form sender’s name but the recipient’s email address? Is it possible to show the sender’s name and email address?


Try this:

in the file template-contact.php, line 48, change:

$headers = 'From: '.$name.' <'.$emailTo.'>' . "\r\n" . 'Reply-To: ' . $email;


$headers = 'From: '.$name.' <'.$email.'>' . "\r\n" . 'Reply-To: ' . $email;

Hey, I didn’t get a reply to my first question which is ok. I found the answer after searching for a while.. but something I have not found an answer to:

How can I add padding in between blog posts in the home section? I’ve removed the Comments and date fields, so it brings the posts closer together. I hope this makes sense.

Thanks, Ken

headline title: {
    font-size: 16px;

headline text:

.entry-h p {
    font-size: 14px;

Thanks for everything! =D

You’re welcome :)

Great theme! Having a very smooth time getting it all set up. Nice job!

Question, is there gallery shortcode that can be added to pages?

Glad you enjoy working with Soundboard, MsJaszy!

There is no gallery shortcode included in Soundboard. Only the shortcodes that you see on the demo site are included in the theme.

Hi red_sun,

Great theme and even better support on here. I have a question. The Latest Images widget seems to only display the cover image of my (single) gallery. Is there a way for it to show the gallery contents?

I’m sorry but the gallery widget can only display the latest gallery thumbnails…

Thank you for the reply. i do have a suggestion if you do an upgrade to this great theme! Perhaps make it possible to sort the tour page past dates revesely, as well as breaking up pages for years. This theme is amazing, great work!

I will note down those ideas. I’m glad you enjoy working with Soundboard, MotherLeads!

Hello! I purchased your theme and I love it so far! One question:

I want to add my tumblr to the social links at the bottom of my would I do that? I inserted the link to the additional URLs in the social tab, but nothing showed up I’m not sure how to get the tumblr icon or what “width” means and what I’m suppose to put there..thanks!

So sorry about all the questions! But I noticed that when I add text to my pages, the right hand side of the text box remains blank, like there is a margin…when I tried to add a picture it showed up on the left side of this invisible margin…but I would like to have my text…and then a picture in the blank space on the right…is that possible..and if so, how would i do that?

Make sure you are using the the “fullwidth” template for the page. The “default” template displays a sidebar on the right side.

... You can also use the “columns” shortcode if you want to have better control over what text or image is being displayed in which area of the page. More info here:


I’m going to purchase this theme, however, I’d like to know if I’ll be able to receive future updates as you continue to develop add-ons over time.


Hi. Yes.. all updates on Soundboard are free. (Simply redownload Soundboard here on ThemeForest within the Downloads tab, where you find all your purchases and you will automatically get the newest version)

Hi red_sun,

gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Farbe des Footers zu ändern. Habe es mit den Grafiken probiert, aber daran scheint wohl nicht zu liegen.

Desweiteren, gibt es die Möglichkeit den Footer am unteren Bildschrimrand zu fixieren, sobald es wenig Content ist, er also nicht ständig “hochrutscht”? Ist es aber mehr Inhalt (sobald also gescrollt werden muss), sollte der Footer wieder am Content-Ende stehen.

Und als letztes: lässt sich der <title>-Befehl der Seiten so abändern, dass sich automatisch eine Art Trennzeichen (im Titel) einfügen lässt, ohne dass es die Überschriften der einzelnen Seiten beeinflusst. (z.B. Titel: Bio | eigentlicherWPTitel). Sobald es dann wieder auf die Startseite geht im Titel nur noch eigentlicherWPTitel steht.

Danke dir und Gruß!

Super dank dir! Und die Schriftfarbe im Footer, lässt sich dann doch auch sicherlich ändern. Gibt es dafür auch einen Code?

Ist mir jetzt fast schon etwas peinlich zu fragen, aber wie bzw. wo mache ich das Theme-Update (ohne Informationsverlust)?

Das mit den Titeln, meine ich die in den Tabs. Die Sache mit dem Menü dachte ich anfangs auch, aber die übernommen Seitenüberschriften (vom Seitennamen) hatten dann auch diese Änderung mit drin. Wenn ich eine Seite z.B. Bio | (<—!) genannt hatte, wurde das auch so als Seitenüberschrift übernommen. Und ich würde das gerne nur in den Tabs so haben.

Bis denne und Gruß!

Muss auch noch zum Theme-Update dazu sagen, dass mir Wordpress sagt, alle Themes seien aktuell. Meine Themeversion ist 1.06

1. code für die Schriftfarbe:

#copyright {     
       color: #fff; 

2. Theme update:

Für Soundboard gibt es keine automatischen Updates. Deshalb kann WordPress auch nie wissen ob es von Soundboard eine neue Version gibt oder nicht….

Einfach Soundboard nochmals runterladen hier auf ThemeForest, Du bekommst dann automatisch die neueste Version. Dann aktivierst Du in Deiner WordPress installation irgend ein anderes Theme und dann kannst Du Soundboard löschen und neu installieren. Keine Inhalte (Einträge, Seiten, Widgets) oder Einstellung gehen verloren.

3. Wenn Du das Menü erstmalig erstellst, übernimmt das Menü die Titel der Seiten. Du kannst aber nachträglich in Appearance > Menus auf jeden Menü Eintrag klicken (kleiner grauer Pfeil) und dann unter “Navigation Label” einen anderen Text eingeben.

I bought this theme a while ago and really love it and so does my client! I was wondering though, could you tell me how you can extend the preview text on the headline news list on the homepage? My client only wants to display one headline but wants it to fill the entire space.

Many thanks in advance.


Hey Anne.. great to hear that you and your client are happy with the theme!

In the file template-home.php, line 82 and 90 , replace

<?php the_excerpt(); ?>


<?php global $more; $more = 0; ?>
<?php the_content(' read more…'); ?>

(you can also change the text “read more…” to something else) And then you could manually insert the “read more” link with the help of the insert more tag:

Hello – Great theme! Is there a way to make specific slider images open the link in a new window? target=”_blank”

Thank you!

(Anne if you see this, use the excerpts section for custom frontpage text)

Hey taxgirl, I’m glad to hear you like Soundboard :)

Add the target=”_blank” code to the file slider.php, in line 36.

Hi Taxgirl

Many thanks for your help! Sorry for sounding silly but where can I find the excerpts section?

Thanks for your help :-)

Hi and thanks for a great theme! I’ve run into a problem with changing the font on the top menu. I am able to change the font on every other aspect of the site, but whether I use the google font plugin or theme options typography settings, the menu stays the same. I appreciate the help!!!

Hey echokingsweb… thanks for purchasing Soundboard. I’m glad you like it :)

Please send me your link and login info via the user contact form on my profile page. Thanks!

Can you tell by instructions how i get the slider working? Ive set up my home page just like the template, but having no luck,


Can you tell by instructions how i get the slider working? Ive set up my home page just like the template, but having no luck,


Can you send me a link and login info via the user contact form on my profile page, please? Thanks!

yes, cheers

Hello! you wrote: “Hey.. in order to make sure Soundboard is working with the wpml plugin i just took part in the certification program ( I will let you know of the result.”

How did this turn out? I still don’t see Soundboard in the list of compatible themes. Thanks!! :-)

Hi midi99!

I got an email from the wpml people in which they said they would test my theme but then I never heard back from them. I myself tested the plugin a bit and didn’t see any issues. Also I know that some of my customers actually are using the wpml plugin with my theme.


I am having trouble with my galleries. I have sent you a link to my site using your contact form.
Also, I am trying to make the thumbnails of the gallery 300px instead of the current size, how do I do this?
Thank you :)

Hey! I just replied to your email…

Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. I sent you an email response.

I’m liking the look of this theme and thinking to buy it. I’ve got a couple of questions. (1) On my site I have plug-ins for events, gallery and videos. Will it be possible to transfer the data for these to your theme so I don’t have to start from scratch? (2) Can videos go in “albums” in the same way as images do? Thank you :)

Actually no, this is not possible. You can only display 1 video page….

Ah … hmmm. If I have maybe in excess of 100 videos, that presumably means that I can’t really categorise them in any way? And wouldn’t it make page load time quite slow?

I also notice, that the page load time of your demo is quite slow. The home page for example took around 20 seconds. Is that normal for a theme of this type or is the server just slow this morning?

By adding a few lines of code to the theme files you can make the videos support categories and create multiple video pages. If you are interested in the instructions, get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page after your purchase and I’ll send them over!

Yeah… I’ve noticed too that the site has been slow lately. No that is not normal. I’m already in contact with my host….

Hello! I have been using this theme and have loved everything about it. But this is the second time SOMETHING happened that caused the login to not work. You can see here: that it just circles. If I manually go to, it just refreshes the homepage once I put in my credentials. Last time this happened it was because of a plugin. I have since removed all plugins.

I tried following the WP instructions on how to switch themes using FTP without being able to login, and it just killed all my widgets :( Any help or idea? Is there a file I can manipulate? In the meantime I am going to keep trying stuff. It’s just tough since we can’t do anything with the site.

Hey KookieB! Please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll send you some instructions!

I would like my front page to display exactly like my news page with the exception that I’d like the slider to display. I haven’t had any luck trying this on my own and I was wondering if you could explain the simplest way to do this.

Thank you again!

Did you manually insert the “read more” link with the help of the insert more tag?

I did manually insert the “read more” tag. And it works in a separate category feed as well as on my old site. The same posts work perfectly fine on all other pages, it’s an issue specific to this page.

Hmmm… can you get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link to your site?

Hey, once again: great theme its working better than expected. I just wanted to know if theres a way to activate a music player in the home page that would autoplay, dont care if its JW or soundcloud! Cheers!

That’s great to hear :)

As for the music player… maybe this link helps?

Thanks, you’re great!

Hi Gerda, Just wondering where I could find details on what’s new with the March 19th update. Thanks!

Those were just 2 minor style fixes for the WooCommerce 2.0 shop page. Here is the changelog: