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hello, I’ve bought your fantastic template, I have two simple questions:

- I don’t see the picture preview of the video - The line-spacing between a row and another in the audio Tracklist is very short (style css is the same as the original) so I don’t understand very well what happened

can you help me in these simple issues?

tks a lot Gabi

sorry consider only the question relating to the video preview :-) the second question is solved

tks gabi

Hello Gabi! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard! In order to see a preview picture of the video, you need to set a “Featured Image” for each video. More info on that you can find in the documentation under “Setting Up The Video Page”. Cheers!


Thanks for the answer, much appreciated. Two quick questions.

1. Can I change the size of slider? 2. Can I have a widget next to the logo?

Hello brightskies, thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

In order to change the hight of the slider, please go to Theme Options > General, and in the field “Custom CSS ” enter

.nivoSlider {
        height: 360px !important;

#slide-bg {
        height: 400px;
Change the height to whatever height you would like. #slide-bg needs to have 40 px more than .nivoSlider (for the frame around the slider image).

In order to put a widget next to the logo, you would have to register a new sidebar in functions.php (be VERY careful editing functions.php, as your theme can break easily!) and then add the new sidebar to header.php and add/change some CSS code in style.css.

Cheers! Gerda

tks a lot :-)

“The uploaded file could not be moved to”

I’m getting this any time I try to install the theme… Any ideas? Thanks!

If you unzip the file that you get from Themeforest you will find a folder called “readme”, which includes the documentation. Also you will find the file “” that you can upload to WordPress just as you described.

No what I mean is the file does not upload, I get that error message every time. I’ve used three other wordpress themes in the last few months and uploaded them all properly, I know how to upload them but for some reason this one is giving me a hard time

Does it work to upload other themes at this same WordPress installation? What about uploading Soundboard via FTP .. does that work?

I have a question, I just purchased the them and I tried to apply a background and change the font in the theme options and for some reason neither are working?? I uploaded the background and its there but it’s not showing up on the site and same with the font change? Also happens with font color..

Hello! Please log into the account that you have purchased Soundboard with (so that I can verify you as a customer) and get in touch with me via the user contact form on my profile page. Thank you!

I can send you a copy of the receipt? I made a new random account when I purchased the theme

Hey There,

First of all I wanted to say: thx, at long last a theme where one can input discography & buy links! Nice design as well!

I have a problem however, my “audio” pages aren’t showing => – they always give me a 404, while in other plugins & the discography template they show up a-ok.

Could you help us out here?

Thanks, yves, Psy’Aviah

Hello Yves! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard! Please go to Settings > Permalinks and simply click “Save Changes”. That should do the trick! Cheers, Gerda

‘t worked, thanks Gerda!

Hey Gerda,

A question regarding updates. Is there a way to stay informed? Secondly, I did some updates in the themes php & css code -> (especially the “audio” page etc..). Is there a way to securely implement these overrides in a different way – so that I don’t loose them in future updates?

Thanks in advance! Yves / Psy’Aviah

Hello Yves… I am going to announce updates for Soundboard on Twitter ( in the future. Also in the Theme Options Panel, when you click on “documentation” in the top right corner, the link will always take you to the most up to date documentation, which also includes the changelog.

The changelog also tells you which files were changed, so you might just want to upload those files to your server. Or you do it the other way round and include your modified audio.php file and other files that you’ve changed into the newest version of Soundboard and upload that to WordPress.

Hope that helps! Cheers!

Mahalo red_sun, we Love you theme!!!, well made and I love that you made it so easy to use in the admin area (makes it so much easier to explain to the Artist how do do things…) For AUDIO : We have been having trouble uploading our mp3s for the CD’s, Our internet connection here are not always stable. and I wonder if instead Uploading them via WordPress admin if we could Paste links in for the mp3 and upload them per FTP . Thank you and much Love !!

Alles Liebe ! Astrid

Hello Astrid, thank you for the kind words :)

Unfortunately you can only upload mp3 files via the WordPress Admin. As far as I know JW Player playlists do only work with files that lay on the same server as the player, so I wanted to make sure nobody is trying to link to files on a different server.

Make sure the mp3 files do not exeed the maximum file size (on my WordPress installation that is 7MB, but I think this is different for every WordPress installation). Just try to upload it via Media > Add New and it will tell you if the file is too big. A good program to modify audio files is “Handbrake” (

I hope that helps, Astrid!


Love the theme. My question is can buddypress be used with this theme, and if so, what would be the easiest way to change the templates that buddypress puts into the Soundboard theme folder so that the buddypress content stays inside the Soundboard theme wrapper? I’ve tried coping the the content and sidebar divs from the page.php and inserting them into the BP templates but I can’t seem to get it to work.

“Help me obi wan kenobi. Your my only hope”

Best Regards,

- James

Hello James!

I’m sorry but I honestly have no idea… I have never worked with buddypress before!

Hmm.. maybe something like that could help?

May the Force be with you ;-)


Where in the download are the instructions. Can’t find them anywhere.

Hello Jarrett! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard! When you unzip the file that you download from ThemeForest you will find a folder called “readme”, the documentation is placed within that folder and is called readme.html. OR you can go to the Theme Options Panel and in the right top corner click on “documentation”. Cheers! Gerda

Before I buy, can you hide the skin customizer that sits on the left hand side? I don’t want people to play with the colours etc of our site.

Hello lochie! The style switch is not included in the theme. It is only part of the demo! Cheers, Gerda

Thanks for the help. one more question…. how do you get youtube thumnails visible?

Jarrett… “Set featured image” and upload a Poster image from your Computer. (I usually pause the video at a point where i like the image, make a screenshot and use that image as poster image.)

I am also having an issue with the audio files. I uploaded music but can’t seem to connect it to the player. When I press the play but it just spins. Great theme! I am really having fun with it.

Thanks! That’s great to hear :)

Since the player is displaying, the JW Player is installed properly. So there must be an issue with the file. Can you maybe try to upload a different file and see if that works?

If you can’t figure it out please send me a link to your website along with the login info via my user contact form on my profile page and I will take a look at it!



I bought your Template a few days ago and appreciate your work! I really enjoy seeing some more Artists/Label pages because this is really in need.

But im having a small problem with the [Button] Shortcode! I would like to define the button so it opens the link in a new tab, i have tried severall codes to solve the issue but nothing seems to work!

I would really appreciate some help on this one :)


Hello choncj! Thanks for puchasing Soundboard!

Please open up “shortcodes.php” in the folder /includes/shortcodes and replace the following code in line 276

return '<a class="buttonS" href="'.$link.'"><span>' . do_shortcode($content) . '</span></a>';


return '<a class="buttonS" href="'.$link.'" target="blank"><span>' . do_shortcode($content) . '</span></a>';

That should do the trick!

Thank you!

Actually when you select the play button in the cd you are trying to hear a small white box appears with the action button circling inside. It never loads the player.

Jarrett, please get in touch with me via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link to your website along with the login info, so that I can check it out. Thanks!

hi, im getting error (can not login admin panel) when instal the theme. what is the problem ?

tsdln, I have no idea what would be causing this error. But if you can’t figure it out you can get in touch with me via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link to your website along with the login info and I can take a look at it.

hello, I have a question: in the center space of the home I would like to put the player of sound cloud instead of the news articles Now I have the player of soundcloud on the right side but I would like to put it in the center How can I do it?

tks a lot for your help gabi

Hello Gabi! If you get in touch with me via the user contact form on my profile page I can send you a modified version of template-home.php along with instructions! Cheers!

Great theme, exactly what we needed. A couple of questions:

1. How can we make the JW Player auto play all the tracks on a given playlist? 2. Where would we go to change the red background of the menu links?


MCTomkat, this is actually really tricky and and would require a pretty good amount of custom work and modifying of files…

My webmaster is pretty good at this stuff. He’s working on the site and has actually been the one to pose these questions. Could you email him the info on what would need to be done? He is a frequent buyer on Envato, his username is deej—Thanx!

Hey.. please have deej get in touch with me via the user contact form on my profile page!