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Hey red_sun,

Is there a way I can make the ticket URL link to a paypal checkout?

I’d like to use paypal as a form of payment as its what my band has always used..but I’m not sure how’d I link the “Buy” button to the tickets.

Also, is there a way I can make the shows clickable to be able to show more details of the show (such as time) as well as maybe a flier? Thanks :)

I don’t really want to show to button, just have the soundboard’s “buy now” button link to a paypal checkout. I haven’t been able to figure out how to get the “Ticket URL” to link into the paypal checkout link. :(

Would it be very complicated to get a drop down that showed show details? If it is, I can just forget about the idea and just add the details somewhere into the address of the show. :)

Well.. you can link the “Ticket URL” button to any URL. But the paypal checkout link is actually a form. So the only way to do this that I can think of is, to create a page with some info on the event that includes the paypal button. And then link the “Ticket URL” button to that page you’ve created…

As for event details: It definitely would be quite some work. First of all you would either have to add additional custom fields for the flier and time within the file includes/metaboxes/custom-meta-boxes.php or make the tourdates post type support the visual editor. Then you would have to do create a file single-tourdates.php that displays all the information. And finally, in the file template-tourdates.php you would have to display the title (or a “more info” button) that links to the full post with all the information. You definitely would need some knowledge of php, html, css and WordPress.

That’s actually a really great idea…not sure why I didn’t think of that. I could just change the soundboard’s standard “Buy Now” text to say “More info” and create a page with any necessary info, including a paypal button to buy tickets..not sure why I didn’t think of making a new page and linking thanks for the great idea :)

Hi Red_sun,

You made a really great theme!

Just one question, but it is a difficult one. As you might know Montreal is a bilingual City (English – French) I can do an English or French version but what I would really need is a Bilingual one. Would you have a solution for me. Thanks much !

Yes you can make your site bilingual with a plugin.. For example the WPML plugin.

Can i to add a banner ?

Hey hawaks!

What exactly do you mean? An image at the top of the page?

Love this theme! I get compliments on my site all the time, so thank you! I just had a question, though. My Wordpress suggested I update my WooCommerce, so I did. But now my store displays funny. Any chance you’d be updating to accommodate the latest version of WooCommerce? Or any suggestions on what to do?

Hey mannygarcia… thanks for purchasing Soundboard, I’m glad you like it :)

I already uploaded an update for WooCommerce 2.0. Here is the changelog:

I’d love to see your site!

Oh, awesome! Thank you. Maybe a dumb question, but how do I update it? Haha

(by the way, my site is

Your site came out really great :)

Simply log into ThemeForest and go to the “Downloads” tab. Here you will find all the files you’ve purchased. If you re-download Soundboard, you will automatically get the newest version.

Then deactivate and delete your old Soundboard installation from your WordPress site and upload the new one.

If you upgrade Soundboard, none of your content or settings in the Theme Options Panel will get lost. Only changes that you’ve made in the theme files.



I would like to widen or slightly shift left the “Credits” and “Lyric” column on my AUDIO page. The text keeps cutting off in weird places due to the small space allotted.

Please let me know how to do this. Thanks, Janet

Hey Janet! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Add the following code to Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.album-right {
    width: 320px;

.album-center {
    width: 320px;

You can change the values. Whatever you you add to .album-right, you need to substract from .album-center.


Thanks so much! It worked.

Hi red_sun,

Congrats for this awesome theme !

In the Tour Dates page, for the past tour dates section, I would like to show the most recent ones first… not the oldest ones.

Any advice ?

Thanks for your help,


Hey, I pasted the 2 codes in the Custom CSS box. There’s something weird with the text “*required field”

Try this code:

#mc-indicates-required {
    clear: both;
    padding: 10px 0;

Nice ! It works well ! Thank you, Stan

hi red_sun! I bought this theme, installed but i have some problems/bugs. The menu is different from what u see in the demo, no hover colors… The tweet link are blue not red and no hover colors on other links. Why ?! Tnx for support ;)

(I found an error with bugzilla: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) on load css_options_panel.php) i don’t know if its important :\

Soundboard folders 755 and files 644….only WP files have different permissions…. :\ I can install an old version of this theme…so i can see if have problems

Please make sure the WordPress folders and files all have the proper permission!

Thanks a lot! i solved with a tool for repair permissions! tnx again for support ;) have a good day

Is there away (shortcode or something) to display a single gallery (set of images) to page with a gallery template selected?

in other words i want to have a single page with images, not a gallery page with collections of images.

You can either use the WordPress built-in gallery function:

or use the Soundboard gallery post type as described in the documentation and only create 1 gallery and then you simply don’t add the gallery page to the menu but the link to the single images. Like in the SB demo version, you would add this page to the menu:

Hi red_sun! Please help us to understand why your theme has css problems in our host and not all plugins appear. Url is

and for the bottom is there a way to add widgets one near one or we need to edit template?


Please follow all the instructions in the documentation on how to set up the homepage and the menu.

The page that you sent me the link of in your first comment is not the homepage. That one is the “News Page”. You probably missed step 6 of “Setting up the Homepage”. Once you’ve set the homepage, you can drag and drop widgets into the left and right “home” sidebar.

The instructions on how to display the menu, you can find here:

The widgets for the bottom you will have to drag and drop into the four footer sidebars.

Thank you a lot red_sun! Good luck!

i wanted say that HOVER button doesnt work on my website: i’ve WP 3.5.1 any help? thanks gil

Hey! I just replied to your mail…


this theme is very nice. But I have some questions: 1. is this possible that I can sort the toudates by bandname? 2. can I show more than one album on homepage in the new album section?

Many greetings from germany Marco

Am Besten Du passt das “post publish date” (obere rechte Ecke, wenn Du ein Album erstellst) an das Erscheinungsdatum des Album an…

Oh, ja, dass ist ne gute Idee, da hätte ich auch drauf kommen können. Probiere ich gleich mal aus.

Vielen Dank

Einwandfrei, ganz super. Und das ohne großen Aufwand!

I would like to add a sidebar to my CONTACT page – identical to the sidebar you display in the demo (Booking information, UK, Europe Booking, Press, etc)

I would also like to “color” the email addresses and phone numbers – identical to what you display in the demo. My theme’s predefined color is: Hot Pink

Please let me know how to do this.

Thanks, Janet

I figured out how to link/”color” text. I still need to figure out how to add a sidebar to my contact page.

Hey Janet!

Soundboard already includes a sidebar for the contact page. Simply drag a text widget into the “contact sidebar” and add your contact info.


Amazing theme ! Thanks. I searched for a long time the perfect music theme and you did it :)

I searched on Internet but no answers… I’ve got a problem with Jwplayer. No volume button with graduations and black background… and I’ve got ”_” but no spaces and ” ’ ” on my title’s sounds. I tried with ”%” but nothing. I don’t understand because on your demo, it’s perfect! Trouble’s link: Thanks for your help. All the best. Alek

I have got a other question: Is it possible to add captcha in the contact page ? Because i receveid spams… Thank you for your futur answer. My website is finish now, enjoy :)

Thanks for the link! I always love to see what people make out of Soundboard :) Cool slider images!

There is no option for captcha at the moment but I plan to add this feature in a future update!

Until then you could use a contact form plugin instead of the built in contact form. I can recommend “Contact Form 7”:


Thank you very much (you are the best) ! All the best. Alek


Great theme, just having trouble with the ‘video’ gallery feature. On the page, no preview images for the video show up (linking from youtube), just wondering how I can fix this? :)

All that displays is the play button and video title. All videos play fine.

Any help would be awesome! :)

Hey skyandbradd.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard, I’m glad you like it :)

Please follow the instructions in the documentation under “Setting up the Video Page”, step 8.


Oh so I nee to create screen caps! Okie dokies, thanks! :)

Hello, I almost finished my site with soundboard and i’m very happy with this theme. I was wondering why Pretty Photo Lightbox is not working in my “Audio” posts, but it does in news. I want to add some images and link them to to the full size image with that lightbox effect. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot!

I insert images with the “Add media button” with a link to the media file (for example: Picture : Jean-François Flamey) The website is, and as you can see it does work in the news section, but it doesn’t in the Museum one (audio). You can check for example in Cheers!

Can you send me the login info via the user contact form on my profile page, please?

Hey Mireia! Just responded to your mail. Already sent you an email on March 29th. Maybe it ended up in your spam folder?

hello. How can I add the slider that is on the homepage on another page? for example. My default page is not “posts” but rather a page that I’ve created. However I would still like the slider to appear on that page.

hope I’m making sense.. Thanks much.


I guess the easiest solution would be as follows:

1. Copy the text/code from that page that you’ve created and paste it into the editor of the page that is using the “home” template.

2. In Theme Options > Home, set “Number of Headlines” to 0 or leave field empty and remove “News Title on Homepage”.

3. Make sure there are no widgets in the “home left” and “home right” sidebar

3. In Theme Options Panel > General Custom CSS enter the following code:

#home-news {
    width: 940px;

Hope that helps!

Hi red_sun, Congrats for this awesome theme ! cant work around the menu buttons colors and the image background thanks Elke

Hey Elke.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Did you mean that your background image does not appear and selecting a color doesnt work? If yes, please tak a look at the FAQ section:

how to banner ads in your theme ? i’m sorry for my english i’m french

Hi! You could try and use a plugin for that.