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Hi, I looked through the readme file and wish I could search these comments to not ask a question someone may have already asked. Great theme, can’t wait to launch my band’s website next week.

My question is if there is a way to speed up the slider speed so it transitions between pics faster?


One update to my last question. I was doing research and found the nivoslider.js file to mess with. I changed the pauseTime function and messed a bit with the timebuff on lines 44,46,49,51,56, and 61. It had no effect or made it worse (I think).

Any advice is appreciated.

Hey siegel_matt! Don’t make any changes to nivoslider.js. You can change the slider speed in the file js/scripts.js, line 67 and 68.


You rock…much thanks!

Hi Red Sun,

I would like to change the skin colour Dark (black) to dark blue and went to the css_options_panel.php to

if ( of_get_option(‘gg_skin’) == ‘dark’ ) { ?> html { background-color: #292929;

and changed colour 292929 to 003366

but i do not see the change I might be doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help!

Hey mart24! There is no need to change this file.

The content-, slider-, and navi-area are using transparent background images. You can find and replace those images in the folder /images and the files are called 22290.png (color #222 and 90% opacity) and 22297.png (color #222 and 97% opacity).


I’ve checked the file permissions and made sure that i didn’t select a color. I still cannot change the background image. I also can’t get any of the theme colors to change. HELP!!!!! PLEASE!!! THANK YOU!

Hi! I just replied to your mail…

I want to add a bandcamp social icon at the bottom of the page. How do I do this? I have had no luck using the social section on the theme options and I’m not sure if I am doing it wrong. Thanks

1. Download a bandcamp icon from anywhere, for example from here:

2. Edit icon in photoshop. Height must be 32px. Recommended color is white.

3. Upload the icon to your server (for example within your WordPress installation in Media > Add New.

4. Enter full URL (incl. http:// ) of the newly uploaded icon in Theme Options > Social > Link to additional icon 1.

5. Enter width of the newly uploaded icon in Theme Options > Social > Width of additional icon 1.

6. Enter the URL to your bandcamp page in Theme Options > Social > URL to additional social profile 1

Hope that helps!

Thank you :)

Hi Red Sun!

As I said in an email, I have installed the latest version of Soundboard. You remember that I noticed that the audio player JW doesn’t worked well on safari. And now, with the upgraded version… the audio player doesn’t work anymore, with both safari and firefox… Is there any problem with this JW player? Should I better “migrate” and use Soundcloud?

Our website (under construction):


me again!

Well, i find ;) I did forget to put the JWplayer files inside the Now it works… Sorry ;)

Oh great, you found the solution yourself, Caroline :)

I would like to buy this theme … but I wont and heres why:

Youtube video preview doesn’t work. Theme demo is leading me to believe video previews works, but actually it just shows screenshots of the video, right? I’m sorry but that’s shame for otherwise such a nice looking theme, I hope you will fix it someday.

Hey vikktor! Thanks for your feedback. Well… I coded the theme that way because I wanted to have control over what image is shown on in the preview. Sometimes the youtube preview image is not that great. The way I did it on my demo site is that I paused the YouTube video at a point where I thought the image looked best, made a screenshot and uploaded that one as thumbnail image.

Maybe in the future I will leave that up to the customer though and implement an option where you can choose to use the default YouTube image or upload your own.


Hi there – This theme would be perfect for my client except for one thing.

Any plans in the very near future on making this theme responsive?


Hey kaga! I’m sorry, I don’t have any plans on making Soundboard responsive…


Hi, red_sun!

I was changing my home setting, but suddenly my slider didn’t get worked properly…the piece of my slider’s photos shows on the top and the text (prev/next) appears on the left side of the upper corner. I don’t know why…It’s been worked well though. In fact, I updated my Adobe flash player recently. Is it related? Would you please give me any solution for this??

P.s sorry for my poor English..hope you would understand what I’ve asked.

Hey rbtyp489! Please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link to your site. Thanks!

Which plugin do you recommend to do an online store?


Hey social-innovations! I recommend using the WooCommerce plugin. I am using this plugin on my demo site:

Make sure you are using the latest version of Soundboard (v. 3.03) so that the store page displays properly.


Hello Red Sun

Great theme, congratulations!

I just have a cuestion:

My client is asked me about the section lyrics which appears in the demo on the right side: AUDIO > LIVE AT THE ROXY

Could you explain me how I can introduce that in the theme?

Thanks a lot for you collaboration!

Hey morhof.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard. I’m glad you like it!

You can find the instructions on how to display the lyrics as on the demo page in the documentation under “Setting up the Audio Page”, step 10:


Hello, is it possible to view google maps in the contact?

Tks Gabi

Hey Gabi! You can simply paste the google maps embed code into the editor of the page that is using the “contact” template.

Hi! Thnx for a awsome theme!

One question. Why is the videos (youtube) opens on youtube and not embeded when i use iPad / iPhone. Thats not so good, because, i want my visiters to staty on the site. When i use à computer its opens embeded, like the photos. Photos opens as regular on ipad, so it cant be anything like it cant handle the code.

Thank you!

Hey slingimchi.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard! I’m glad you like it :)

Try this:

In the file template-video.php, remove line 56 – 99. And then in line 102 replace the word “elseif” with “if”.


Worked! thax!

One more question. I would like the widges on my right to be there on Every page. How to?

Hi! Is it possible to use a page builder plugin, like visual composer, with this theme to have more control over content displayed on the homepage and other pages? I really like this theme, but want a more customized look to the homepage.


Hey tboogie. I haven’t tested Soundboard with any page builder plugin so I’m not sure. But the homepage is pretty customizable already. You can drag any kind of widgets into the left and right sidebar and in the center section, instead or additionally to the news you can also display any sort of content like text, images or shortcodes for audio, video, etc….


Oh I didn’t know the homepage was customizable in that way! I’m definitely going to purchase then. Thanks so much!

Great! Let me know if you need help with anything.

Hi, red_sun!

I have one more question. I want to make a detailed page of each tour location. Is it possible to put a link on the name of each location to the detailed page?

Thank you!!

I don’t know if you have any php/html experience, but what you would have to do is to create a new custom field for the “venue link” in the file includes/metaboxes/custom-meta-boxes within the “Tourdates” section and then in template-tourdates.php, line 51, create a new variable for that custom field and in line 98 link the venue name to this newly created variable.

Nevermind my last question. i should heave read the documentations first ;)

I’m looking to see if I can change to order of Past Gigs so the most recent one is on top. Reverse of what it is in the demo. Thanks!

I’m looking to purchase this theme and my client. I have a couple questions:

1. She says the demo goes to white between each page, but I don’t see it. Is this something that can be fixed?

2. Is there a way to share gigs to Facebook ideally for each gig, and on the delivered page but if not at least on the uploading of info so it doesn’t have to be entered twice (once in WP then again on FB)

3. Is there a way to have a links to CDBaby instead on SoundCloud?

4. I ask this before (so ignore that previous comment item), but I’ll put it on this list. Is there a way to make the Past Gigs show the most recent show first? Reverse of the what the demo.

Thank You.

Hey a2nl2e!

1. I am not sure what you mean.. the demo site is loading normally for me!

2. I am sorry but this is not possible.

3. You mean on the very bottom of the site? Yeah you can add additional social icons to the bottom area.

4. Yes this is pretty simple. You need to just change 1 line of code in the theme files to reverse the past tour dates order.


thanks red sun. I saw something about 3rd party FB plugins. If I got that as well could I then have a fb share for each gig? thank you…

I haven’t tested any of those facebook plugins with Soundboard, so I’m not sure…