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Hello, tks for feedback :-) Just another quick question: is it possible to have the gallery without showing categories, just when you click on gallery, should appears all the pictures like this

tks Gabi

Sorry, the link does not show what I want, but I hope you understand what I mean, for example, when I click on “gallery” it should go directly on the thumbs pictures of “video shoot” , without showing before all categories “view from the road” “video shoot” etc….

Yeah that is possible. Simply go to Appearance > Menus and then under “Custom Links” enter the URL to that gallery that you want to show.


First off I would like to say this is a really nice looking theme, and i cant wait to get it up and running.

Now im stuck in the very first step I would think. Whenever I create a new page it does not show up in the navagation bar?

Im sure im missing something obvious…

^ nvm previous question.

Now im just stuck on changing the background image. I’ve been reading up on HTML but the HTML in the ‘editor’ option under appearance tab in dashboard does not look like anything ive been studying, so im really confused on how to change the background image.

Thank you in advance for any help

Hey jpoole23.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

You can change the background image in Theme Options > Style > Background Image.


Hey red_sun since last friday, SoundBoard doesn`t uplaod any pics into my galleries. In the upöoad form there`s only shown a “white” preview with the edit/delete link. Sometimes (with some luck) my pix are uploaded and sometimes not….

Und hier dann direkt das nächste Problem. Meine Gallerie wird nicht auf der Seite Angezeigt. Seite mit Gallery-Template erstellt. Gallerie erstellt->Seite leer =/

Auch erledigt =)

Hi – I just purchased your theme. I loved the way it’s set up on the demo and had hoped that I would be able to install the dummy content (including menus, etc) and then make changes based on that but it seems like either I am doing something wrong or I misunderstood how the dummy content works.

Is there a way to make the contact template use a LEFT sidebar instead of a LEFT?

Oh ok. Well then you will have to add the text within the file single-audio.php, line 135 AND 145.

You mean left instead of right? If yes, add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.page-template-template-contact-php #content {
    float: right;

Got it! Thank you so much! Also with the help of a friend got the social icons moved up top.

I’m working on the Soundboard Theme . I have noticed that when I add the social profile links in the footer the site URL get appended as a prefix to the social links

site url:

Thanks in advance

Hey pagalhaina. Thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Please enter the full URL including http://

Cheers! Social Media Icons on Footer – They don’t seem to be working – all say ‘Internal Error’

Did you enter the URL including http://www. at the beginning?

Hi, first of all fantastic template, I love it!!

Secondly I’ve got one question: Where can I change in audio page when pressing on Amazon or iTunes button that it opened in a new window/ tab?

Kind regards, Frank

Hey fwedel. Thanks for purchasing Soundboard.. I’m glad you like it :)

In the file single-audio.php, line 45, 49, 53 add the following code:


<a href="<?php echo $amazon; ?>" class="button2 buy-amazon" target="_blank"><?php _e('AMAZON', 'gxg_textdomain') ?></a>


Thanks for the quick answer. It works! ;-)


In Gallery page, wen I click a image, I can’t go to the next image in the flash.

What’s worng in flash preferences?


Hey sonica2011.. can you please try to deactivate all your plugins to see if one is causing this issue?

Yees!!! The Instagram Plugin its the problem!!!!

I don’t understand, but I try to find another plugin for intagram.


Hi. A couple of pre-purchase questions (a bit too many comments for me to look through!)

1. Can the CART options be easily displayed at the top of every page (where the login text is)?

2. Do the events appear in the order they were created or in the order of the date of the event?

3. On the “Tour Dates” page, can the “buy tickets” button be made to do anything (such as add to cart, or link to the product page) easily enough?

4. On the “Tour Dates” page, is it easy to include more details or have a “more information” link? The reason I ask is that I’d like to change “tour dates” to events, and have more details about the events available, but also make it easy for the client to add events in this way.

5. In your demo, on the Theme Features drop down menu, the menu often disappears when hovering downwards (in Firefox) to the second option. Sometimes you cannot get to the 3rd option. Yet in Chrome it works perfectly.

Many thanks. I hope to buy tomorrow :-)

Hey BorisDollar!

1.Maybe this is what you are looking for?:

2. They do appear in the order of the date of the event.

3. The “buy tickets” button can be renamed to anything and link to any URL.

4. This is not possible out of the box and would require some customization work in the theme files.


Many thanks Red Sun for the reply. One last question. If the template is used to purchase tickets or vouchers, can these vouchers be numbered sequentially? Or is this a Woo question? Thanks.

Yeah, that’s a Woo question ;)

Is there the possibility to fully localize the theme (using poedit or similar?)

Hey napolux! Yeah this is possible. The theme files include a .po file.


Thanks for your help last time. I have a new problem! Is there any way to stop images jumping to a new line with in posts?

Or is there any way to place a ‘gallery’ within a post.

My thumbnails keep jumping to a new line, even when I edit out and line breaks in the text editor.

Any help would be great! Here is the post:


Hey Sky!

Your images are set to “Alignment: None”. Try and edit the images and set “Alignment” to “Left”. If that doesn’t work, let me know.


Made it a bit better, I’ll keep playing with it! Thanks. :)

Hi, I’ve got another question: How is it possible for woocommece to get shopping cart, etc. to the right sidebar like in your template? I have seen that there is a widget only for woocommerce, but how can I combine it with the page shop? For example, when I create pages for audio, etc., I chose the template audio for my page but for woocommerce there isn’t any template which i can assign to.

Any idea?

That shop page, does it use the default or fullwidth template? Check out the documentation under “Setting up the Shop (WooCommerce) Page” for instructions on what page should use what template:

If you want you can send me your link and login info via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll take a look.

Ich habe den Shop erstmal entfernt,nachdem ich gelesen hae, dass diser doch gegen eine Reihe von Anforderungen verstößt. Will kein Risio einer teuren Abmahnung eingehen. Trotzdem danke für Deine tolle Unterstützung sowohl bei mir als auch generell in diesem Forum!!!!! Das ist in der Form so nicht unbedingt selbstverständlich!

Gern geschehen :)


Is it possible to completely remove the left sidebar of the homepage? As a result I would like the right sidebar to be fully aligned on the right.

Thank you in advance, Miltos

Hey Miltos!

Yeah that’s possible. Simply don’t put any widgets into the home left sidebar and add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

#home-news {
    width: 680px;


Hi, first of all great template is there any way to reverse the order of past dates? thanks

Hey glenda_morahan. For theme support please log into the account that you’ve used to purchase Soundboard before posting a comment or sending a message so that I can verify you as a valid customer. Thanks!

is there any way to reverse the order of past dates? thanks

Thanks for taking the time to verify your purchase!

In order to reverse the order of past tour dates make the following changes to the theme files:

In the file template-tourdates.php, line 164,


'order' => 'ASC',


'order' => 'DESC',

My twitter widget isn’t displaying on mobile devices. It is displaying on my Mac, but not on my iPhone(not appearing in Safari, or Google Chrome app). What’s the deal? Any ideas?

Hey travisbchapman. Yeah I noticed that. Twitter is making some major changes to it’s API. Soon the widget will not work at all anymore and I will drop support for it. The new API (1.1) only works with authentication of each user. More info on that you can find in this TF thread:

Anyways …for the moment you can use the following plugin (not sure how long that will still work though):

In order to display properly, additionally add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.tweet { margin-top: 20px; }

.tweet__datestamp.timesince { font-size: 85%; }


Thanks! Overall I enjoy how you built your theme, there are a couple comments I have about the functions.php file and working better with child theming (you call for the stylesheet directory in places where if you just called for the template directory the theme would work just fine with a child theme. If a user of the theme knows what they’re doing with child themes, this isn’t too big of a problem anyhow), but other than that I really love the theme! Excellent work!

Thats great to hear that you enjoy working with Soundboard :)

Thanks for the info on child themes. I have never worked with them before and I know some customers had trouble creating them. So that’s good to know!

Is this template phone friendly especially with videos?

Hey Morayomusic. Yeah, I tested Soundboard on mobile devices like iPad, iPhone and Blackberry and everything including videos display just fine.

Hey! Great template, I love it.

How do I space out the menu buttons or how do I move them over? I’d like for them to be centered.


Hey purcival.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard. I’m glad you like it :)

Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS : .sf-menu { width: 700px; } Change 700px to the total with of your menu items.


Okay I did that buy now it’s acting really strange.

NVM I got it! Thank you. :)

Hey Gerda!!!

So I’ve run into a problem where I get a huge blank space on the right side of a page I’ve created. In the edit page the content fills the window perfectly but on the actual site it creates a large blank space and I can’t seem to adjust this anywhere. As I build the site I keep experimenting but I wondered how I could remedy this. Here’s the page with space: Any ideas? I can send my login and pw if it’ll help.


Hey BostonBluesWorks! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

I can’t see any blank space on the page you posted the link for.

But anyways, make sure to use the “fullwidth” template. The “default” template leaves some space to the right side for the sidebar.


I figured it out… fullwidth template!!! Don’t worry though, I’ll soon find something that you can help with!! :P

Oh.. I just saw this message right now after I already responded to you ;)