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Hi again!

I do a little progress all the time. A lot of trial ‘n error coding is the key to sucess! :-)

I have three new questions:
1. I’d like to decrease the space(s) between top / logo / menu / grey-back-gruond-plate, but dunno how. Have tried som margin-decreasing but no can do…
2. This forum is a good place to find info for a newbie like me, but… 54 pages and no search-function! Or am I just blind?
3. I can’t answer anyone in this forum but you… Where’s the answering-button? Or is it same same… Me, blind?;-)

Progress can be found at:

I found to solve some of my issues earlier in this “forum”. Sorry to ask questions asked before. ;-)
I’ll carry on…

Now I just would like to get my menu grey background to be 980px wide to get a aligned edge… :-)

...put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

#topnavi {

Just a short question: where can I change the speed of the slides transitions on the homepage. It is a bit to slow for me.

Hey promosite! You can change the slider speed in the file js/scripts.js, line 67 and 68.

I am really enthousiast with your theme. I am organizing a Motocross and Music Event in Holland and we think it will help us a lot. 1. Perhaps we will add Event Espresso to the theme for the whole ticketing etc. Will that work without problems, do you have experience with that?

2. Is it possible to have just 2 columns on the homepage (music and motocross) with the same width? The right one may be the right sidebar, but then it should be as wide as the content (solution A). Else I will work with the columns shortcode and then without the sidebars solution B). Can you tell me what to change for A or B? Than I can figure out what works best for me. Thanks in advance.

It’s great to hear that you enjoy working with Soundboard.. Sounds like a cool event! I’d love to see the page when you made some progress…

1. I haven’t tested Soundboard with Event Espresso…

2. In order to use a fullwidth Homepage with Column Shortcodes, enter the content into the page that uses the “home” template and don’t add any widgets into the home sidebars). Then enter the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

#home-news {
    margin: 0 10px;
    width: 940px;

The sidebar solution is not really possible, since all widgets are designed for a width of 220px.

thank you very much for the swift reply, that makes life much easier…


Would it be possible to switch the flickr at the bottom to an instagram?

& How would you do that?


For theme support please log into the account that you’ve used to purchase Soundboard before posting a comment or sending a message so that I can verify you as a valid customer. Thanks!

Hey … I bought it using this account . I just paid through paypal …

Aqtos.. thanks for verifying your purchase.

As for the instagram widget, you can use a plugin for that. Try this one here:

Right, I am really getting the hang of this fantastic template, great job, so sorry for questions since I am still a newbee.

I notice that all the pages and posts have a specific size of posting which give me a lot of empty space to the right, it is specially visible when I post posts as NEWS, I have text and image which is taking space on the left but leaving lots of space on the right, forcing me to make my images much smaller so they will be visible.

is there a way to expand the visibility on the posts and pages?

thanks again and have a great productive week.

It’s great to hear that you enjoy working with Soundboard!

As for pages, use the “fullwidth” template instead of the “default” template. The “default” template leaves some space to the right for the sidebar (in order to display widgets).

Same goes for the “News” page. That one also leaves some space for the sidebar. The theme does not include a fullwidth News page though…

Thanks once again for the fast replay, I will keep grinding them bones :) where can I find this “default” template option so I can change and test it into “fullwidth”?

...when you edit the page, look for “Page Attributes” on the right side and select the “default” template in the “Template” select box.

Hi there,

Great site! Quick question, how do i remove the Preview Image from showing up in the post? As I just want the preview image to shop up on News on the main page and not the post itself. thanks!

Hey kaneian!

Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.blog .tnail, .single .tnail {display: none;}

Hi Red_sun, I just got the theme and I am working on it, but the Jwplayer doesn’t reproduce the songs. Any way you can help me?

Hey! I just replied to your email…

Pre-sale question: Does your Theme allow users to log in and create their own profiles, add their own music?

Hey vegaspro! I’m sorry but this is not possible with Soundboard..

Hello, mi website is

The problem is that I can not play music with jwplayer, what should I do?

Hey! I just replied to your email…

Hi is the theme responsive? Can I add a description and map to each of the Tour / event info? Thanks.

Hey wetzthemeforest…

Soundboard is not responsive. At the moment it is not possible to add any description or map to the Tour Dates. However, I’m planning on improving the Tour Dates template within the next month or two, so that more information can be displayed, as this is a common request.


Amazed it’s not responsive. Mobile is so key for this market.

Hi there, As you asked, just contacting you on the forum. Thanks! Sophie

Hey Red_Sun

Uploaded Soundboard and my navigation menu shows pages as unordered lists. Please tell me how to fix this issue. Thx

Hey 1LLSHOT! Please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link to your site please. Thanks!

You got it girl!

Hi red_sun, Very Cool Theme!!

Before I buy this theme, will I be able to change out the background image?



Hey Elwoody!

Yeah this is possible, you can upload any background image in the Theme Options Panel.


Hi, i would like to buy this theme but first i have a question: does it support wpml multilanguage plugin ?

thanks for your time mauro

Hey Mauro!

I’ve tested Soundboard with the wpml plugin and didn’t run into any issues…


Hey red_sun. Hope all is well!

Question for ya – is it possible to have the tour date ‘disappear’ when there are no dates posted. So right now in one of my columns, I have the tour widget on top, and then the twitter widget right below it. When there are no dates, I would like for the twitter widget to move up. This would replace the ‘no upcoming dates text.’ Is this possible to do? and I hope this is clear…


Hi! Unfortunately this is not possible. You could remove the “no upcoming dates” text, but the widget headline would still be there….

thanks for the replies =)

Also, how do I completely remove the content area on the home page, so there is only the nav bar and slider? Thanks

Add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.home #content { display: none; }

Hi, How do i remove the date shown at the widget “Latest Videos” at the frontpage? I want to remove this text: + 188 days ago + Thanks for the help!

Hey djproducer!

Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.gg_video_widget .time-ago {
    display: none;


Hey there,

Love the theme and launching a new artist website tonight. But, looking to make some tweaks and looking for help:

1. Can I make the “album” and “photo” thumbnails on the audio and photo landing pages larger? Do you know what line of code I would change to increase these images sizes? They feel a little small to me.

2. Is there a way to update the soundcloud logo (the one with the circle around it) on the album page to a different image? I would like to change this out to a play button I have uploaded in my media files.

Thanks for the help! Love this template.

Hey red_sun,

Thanks on the thumb resizes – worked great! Although, for some reason, when I tried to change out the soundcloud.png file it no longer opens up my soundcloud player. I even reuploaded the original soundcloud.png and nothing happens when I click on it. Thanks for your help! Not even sure if these two things are related but I would love any help on why my soundcloud light box isn’t opening on my album page.


Nevermind! Something must have been messed with in the .php file. I reupload the original single-audio.php and we’re all good. Thanks again. Great site.

Glad everything works as expected again!

Hi red_sun Your theme is just amazing !!!! I use it for my band and I love it..;) But I have a little problem. In the main menu the section news disappear and I dont know how to recreate it… Any ideas Thanks for your help.

Here is the website link: regards

Hey biomechanical, thank for your purchase! I’m glad you enjoy working with Soundboard :)

Simply go to Appearance > Menus, look for “Pages” on the left side, click “View All”, check “News” and click “Add to Menu”.


Hi Thanks for your help. But I have no page called news… Did I erased it…I hope not…!! Can I recreate one?

In the documentation you will find the instructions on how to create a news page:

Hello, I found this template and was just about to hit the ‘buy’ button, then noticed it is not a “responsive” template to take into account mobile devices. I there any plan to update to a fully responsive version? Mark – Sydney Australia

Hey Mark! I’m sorry but I am not planning on making Soundboard responsive…