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Hi. Loving the theme. I can’t get the audio to play though using the jwplayer. I followed the instructions in the documentation but all I get is a little circle as if it’s loading and the audio doesn’t play.

Hey TheKaosOrganisation… thanks for purchasing Soundboard. I’m glad you like it :)

Did you make sure that the JW player files are in the right folder on your server (jwplayer and not JWPlayer5 or JWPlayer6)? That is a common mistake….

If you want you can get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link and I’ll check it out.

Thanks so much! That’s fixed it.

Really, really great theme!


I’ve been having issues trying to center the main navigation. I have tried different things, but nothing is working. Currently I have these settings in the custom css regarding the navigation:

.sf-menu { width: 440px ; }

440 being the width from the beginning of my first tab (home) to end of the last tab (contact)


topnavi {

width: 667px; left }

So I’m trying to have the bg image centered, and nav menus centered within the bar. As of now there are 7 menu tabs, and the last one is being pushed to a new row. Hope you can help.


Can you send me a link to your site please?

sent you an email. thanks

1. In order to increase the albums size to 220px (4 albums per line) make the following changes: a) In the file template-audio.php, line 34, change “square1” to “square2”. b) Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS: .audio .mosaic-block { width: 220px; height: 220px; } and .aud-size { width: 220px !important; }

Just saw this post … how can I make it work so that its 440px ?

Cool, I figured out the audio. How would I do the video for this?


Same thing.. you would have to create a new thumbnail size in the file functions.php, line 144. Then use this size in template-video.php, line 36/37. And adjust the CSS to the new size:

.video .mosaic-block-v {
    height: 140px;
    width: 220px;

.video  .vid-size {
    width: 200px !important;

(And again, this only works for newly uploaded images. For existing ones, you would have to use a thumbnail resizing plugin)

I am having a problem with people being able to download the pictures off my site from the gallery. I also want to add a share button to every picture on the gallery. Can you please help?

hey red_sun i added this code to line 32 but nothing changed :(

nevermind i got it. but its only giving me the option of liking the photo for fb, not being able to share it :(

I’m afraid the twitter and fb like buttons are the only ones, that prettyPhoto supports…

I want to display my latest Tweets with the integrated Twitter Widget but it doesn’t work. There is no entry appearing in that widget allthough there are some tweets on my twitter account.

Any idea?

Hey fwendel…

Twitter made some major changes to it’s API. The new API (1.1) only works with authentication of each user. I am going to remove the twitter widget in the next update. Please use this plugin instead:

If the twitter feed with that plugin doesn’t display properly let me know and I’ll provide some CSS code…



Just purchased it as well. Great clean uncluttered design. I also can’t seem to get the twitter thingie to display my feeds. Any ideas?

Als i would like to know how i can display an image on the pages where the slider isn’t visible. Iwant to display a static image the smae size as the slider as now it is a bit pale looking without a top image on the other pages.

Hey pvkerckhoven.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard! I’m glad you like it :)

Twitter made some major changes to it’s API. The new API (1.1) only works with authentication of each user. I am going to remove the twitter widget in the next update. Please use this plugin instead:

If the twitter feed with that plugin doesn’t display properly let me know and I’ll provide some CSS code…

Ah also i would like to know where i can set the slider to display in 3D like in the demo of this theme. thnx

Skip my question regarding the static imge. I have added the slider to all pages. Even better :)

Great :)

Downloaded and installed the theme and I am getting a fatal error message.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare soundcloud_shortcode() (previously declared in /nfs/c06/h04/mnt/96878/domains/ in /nfs/c06/h04/mnt/96878/domains/ on line 41

I know what I need to do to get my website operating again, but what am I doing wrong with the installation?

Hey bagelbruin.. thanks for purchasing Soudboard! Simply deactivate Soundcloud within the Jetpack plugin (Soundcloud is already included in Soundboard).


Great theme! Worth the money!

One questions , i tryed adding facebook like widget in many ways, manually, wordpress plugin, none will show up, the space of the widget is totally empty, is this because it conflicts with the iternal like function?

I dont have any plugins installed.

Hey fection! For theme support please log into the account that you’ve used to purchase Soundboard before posting a comment or sending a message so that I can verify you as a valid customer. Thanks!

Apologies if this has been answered. On the videos page, how can I permanently caption the thumbnails? Right now, they are captioned only as a rollover . . . Thanks!

Hey magikev!

Try putting the follwoing code into Theme Opotions > General > Custom CSS:

.video .bar .mosaic-overlay {
    bottom: 0 !important;


Thanks so much :)

Hi there,

I am trying to update the homepage of the template so that the news section only displays posts from the news category, I have added the following line <?php query_posts(‘category_name=News’); ?> after the start of the loop on the template-home.php file but it still pulls all the posts, what am I doing wrong?


Hey Ana!

In the file template-home.php, line 42, replace

$query->query('posts_per_page=' . $post_number);


$query->query('posts_per_page=' . $post_number . '&cat=77');

Replace 77 with the category ID of the category that you want to display on the homepage.

How to find WordPress category ID:


That worked. Thanks!

Hi, red_sun!

I’ve sent your email via the contact foam on this page, but I’ m wondering if you’ve received yet or not..

Well, the reason why I emailed you is that I want to sort my movie files into 2~3 different pages by music bands. Just like “Theme FEATURES” pages on your demo site. But when you press the menu button(ex. VIDEO), I want to put a page which has an image or banner of each band so that viewer can select the band the want to see from this top video page. Would you teach me how to create those pages???

Thank you!

Hi! I already replied to your email…


I’m only going to display 1 gallery. How do I get the gallery widget to display images from within that gallery? At the moment it just displays the main gallery image from that one gallery and not the contents of it.


In regards to the above, I realise its easy to change the main navigation “gallery” link to go directly to the contents of that one gallery, but this doesnt solve the problem with the widget.


The gallery widgets can only display the featured images of galleries and not images within the gallery…

How do you make the font size larger for the Venue and Location text for the Tour Date Widget?

I’m using the theme for a Beach Club that has different DJs that perform and the Date and Month font is perfect but I want to use the Venue text as the DJ name and want to make the font larger.

Also, for some reason, the background image is not appearing on the entire page for the Tour Date page.

I was asking about the version number because this is an issue that I fixed in an early version of Soundboard. And I had 2 other customers that newly bought Soundboard and got version 1.00 instead of 3.03. I already submitted a support ticket to Envato to find out what could be causing this. Go to Appearance > Themes and if next to the Soundboard logo it does not say version 3.03, please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page.

As for the tourdates text, put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.upcoming, .past {
    font-family: Permanent Marker;

Is there a way to move the “share”function on the posts to go below the post content instead of to the left? I would like the large image I have on this link to be all the way to the left and have the share functions below it.

Choose “alignment: right” when you insert the image, so that it doesn’t get cut off on the right side.

You can find the code for the “share” buttons in the files loop.php and single.php. You can either move the code below the .entry div or remove the “share” code and use a social plugin instead.

Change Album Order?
Loving the theme! Thanks for your great work.
Can I change the order of the albums I’ve uploaded? I’d like the album covers to appear in order of release date. I didn’t upload them in chronological order and would love to fix that without having to upload them all over again. Is that possible?

Hey jgillmor… simply change the publishing date of each album (top right corner when you edit an album page)

Hi just wondering why pictures in posts always crop themselves? I just want them to insert at full size. :)

Any help would be great.

I have just adjusted it to be 70% of the original size and it still crops. Not sure why it doesn’t just reduce and display the entire image. Why is it cropping at all?

This code should help (put it into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS):

img {
    height: 100%;
    width: 100%;

Cheers! :)

hi red sun, please, how to change the size of the preview images in news on the homepage?

Thanks, Dave.

Hey Dave!

Right now, that homepage news thumbnail uses the dimensions of the video thumbnail. But you can create a new thumnail size just for that section. This is how you do it:

In functions.php, line 144 creat a new thumbnail size (change dimension 300,200 to whatever you like):

add_image_size('home', 300, 200, true); 

and then in template-home.php, line 81, change

<?php the_post_thumbnail('video', array('title' => ' ')); ?>


<?php the_post_thumbnail('home', array('title' => ' ')); ?>

The new thumbnail only works for newly uploaded images. For existing images you would have to use a thumbnail resizing plugin (like AJAX thumbnail rebuild)


heya me again! all is good with the updated theme, the only thing is the gallery seems to only work in safari when i g to load in chrome it says:

‘Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.’

any idea? cheers! Mark

Hmm.. just looked at the “CIRCLE OF LIGHT’ STUDIO 2012” images in Chrome (Mac) and the images were all loading just fine….

ok i need to check this on another computer!