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You mentioned the Really Simple Twitter Feed earlier. I used authentication and it works, but there is not spacing between tweets. Everything runs together . . .

Can you send me a link to your site?

wound up fixing it with a CSS edit. For now, the site is at Helping a friend set up.

Oh cool, you already fixed it yourself…

Hi, Thanks for the great theme. It is very important that I be able to add the following extra information for each of my tour dates: 1. Playing times 2. Cost and/or if it is a free show 3. Extra info (such as who we are playing with etc.) Can you please tell me how to do this? Thanks Cass

Hey Cass.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

You can give the button on the right any text (for example “free”).

As for the time. I don’t know how urgent you need those additions, but I’m planning on improving the tour dates template very soon, so that customers can add more information…


I found something a little weird – when I tried changing the text in the admin for the button on the right, all of the buttons shifted and the text was illegible until you hover on it. Have you heard of this before?

OK, so it may be a while before I can add the extra info (I do need that link to link to the venue’s website, so I can’t use that for cost). Is there a way I can simply add an extra field to each show to be able to add in all of this extra info? I am comfortable customising code.

Cheers Cass

Cass.. please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link to your site so that I can take a look at the button issue and I can send you the instructions on how to add another custom field to the tour dates section..

Hi Gerda, hope you’re well. One or 2 simples questions…

1 – Is it possible to hide pages names in each page ? 2 – In one time, is it possible to change selected google font size ?

Thanks for your reply.

1) Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:
h1.pagetitle {
    display: none;

2) You sure you mean font size or do you mean font weight (bold, normal,...)?

Gerda, do you think possible to put a static height in pages ? Because I have static images for background, and if there’s no text, height is quite short…

Thanks for replies.

manicmar.. what Soundboard version are you using? (you can find the version number in Appearance > Themes, next to the Soundboard logo).

3.03, downloaded yesterday evening.

He red sun. DO you know how i can make the slider become the 3d version? THX

Hey pvkerckhoven! I’m not sure what you mean by 3d version?

He Red Sun. I recall seeing a slider with this theme just before i purchased it where the slider was not flat as it is now, but sort of spun arround when flipping to a new slider, and that looked like it was 3D (hard to explain i know) It was not real 3d of course, but it looked like it….hhhmmmm it’s really hard to explain i see when i write this….

Soundboard uses the “Nivo Slider”, so the only effects that are possible are the ones that you can see here on the Nivo demo page..:

Hi, I really need some help with basic installation. Im new to WP but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to install the second zip file with all of the dummy content. I got two zipped files with purchase
  • 1) “themeforest-2558532-soundboard-a-premium-music-wordpress-theme-wordpress-theme-”(includes files that i would expect, no dummy content)
  • 2) “themeforest-2558532-soundboard-a-premium-music-wordpress-theme-”
  • (includes subfolder called soundboard files, which has dummy content . license, psd files, readme, another inner folder named soundboard with what looks to be all of the same files as #1 and another zipped folder that has again the same files)
  • I can only install # 1 through the installer, but then the template is blank. where and how do i install the rest of the content? I also saw notes on the FAQ but it doesnt say how to solve.i can use ftp but do not know how the file structure is supposed to look. Please provide specific directions on which folder goes where. Thank you

    Hey TraceyKirkman! In the readme file you can find all the instructions on how to install the theme. Here is an online version of it:

    Please follow all the steps. If you need any more help, let me know.


    I had a question regarding tour dates. Is it possible to display the tour date “title” as well in the tour date table. ie. Date – City – Venue – Title

    Thank you you ver much, J

    Hey J..

    add the following code to template-tourdates.php, line 99:

    <td class="tour-item tour-title"> <?php the_title(); ?> </td>

    I’m having issues with the slider. I’ve uploaded the images, checked the button and nothing appears. The second issue is, none of widgets appear on the side bars. I can’t fugure out what I’m doing wrong.

    Hey! The Slider will only display on the page that is using the “Home” template. Please make sure you are following all the instructions in the documentation under “Setting up the Homepage” (especially step 6!)

    Hello Red_Sun,

    Is there a possibility to center the menu items. I tried to fix it manually be adding something like the example below. But that certainly doesn’t work because the hovering color will start to do strange things :-s.

    .sf-menu a { left: 50px; }

    aaaand… I used my second account to ask that question :-). This comment just to prove that I bought the theme.

    Hey Thomassius.. thanks for verifying you purchase :)

    Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS :
    .sf-menu {width: 700px;}
    Change 700px to the total with of your menu items.


    just have two question :

    I want to know if it’s possible to change the opacity of the main page ?

    I want to know if it’s possible to configure the loading page and how can i do it ?

    thanks very much

    my website :

  • Hey peio64!

    Opacity: The content-, slider-, and navi-area are using a transparent background image. You can find and replace that image in the folder /images and if you are using the light theme it is called fff90.png (color #fff and 90% opacity), if you are using the dark theme you need to change 22290.png (color #222 and 90% opacity) and 22297.png (color #222 and 97% opacity).

    What exactly do you mean by “loading page”?


    OK thank u very much, for the “loading page” it’s just when i put the adress of my website there is before my home page a white page like a loading page … u can see my page : thanks

    This white screen is not caused by the Soundboard theme…

    Hi Red Sun. I’d like to know if there is a solution to removing the news widget from the homepage. I don’t have any news on my site, and so have only latest images and audio in the left, and latest videos and tour dates on the right, but obviously I would like the 2 columns to fit the width of the page. I tried removing all News options on the Home Settings in Theme Options, and making the Number of Headlines 0, but that only moved the right column over to the left and now they are both sitting too much on the left. Can you please offer a solution? I will email you as well… Cheers!

    Hey Cass! I just replied to your email…

    Hi Red Sun,

    The twitter feed doesn’t show up on mobile phones! (I tested on both iPhone and Android phones). It works great across all desktop platforms though! Any ideas?

    Hey worldlightmedia.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

    Twitter made some major changes to it’s API. The new API (1.1) only works with authentication of each user. Soon the Soundboard twitter widget will stop working completely and I am going to remove it in the next update. Please use this plugin instead:

    In order for the feed to display nicely, you can put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

    .really_simple_twitter_widget li {
        margin-bottom: 20px;


    Good to know! Thanks!

    Hey, Love my new theme! Been playing around with it all day. Just have two questions: 1) how do I change the “news” thing on my homepage to read “blog” and 2) how do I get a link in my slider to open up in a new tab or window?

    Hey Davidwiswell.. thanks for your purchase! I’m glad you enjoy working with Soundboard :)

    1. You can change the headline for the news section in Theme Options > Home > News Title on Homepage.

    2. In the file slider.php, line 36, replace

    echo "<a href="$cf"><img src="{$src}" alt="" title="$caption" /></a>";


    echo "<a href="$cf" target="_blank"><img src="{$src}" alt="" title="$caption" /></a>";


    Hello. Really dig the theme and I’d like to present this to a client, however is there any options or suggested plugins to have social networking icons at the top of the page? not necessarily the same icons in the fotter but the regular social icons. Can you please let me know. Looking to purchase right away.

    Thank you

    Hey digital7media!

    The “Simple Social Icons” plugin has really nice looking icons , but you can insert them in widget areas only..

    If you want to display the icons at the very top, in the dark grey “login” bar, you would have to manually copy the code from footer.php and copy it into header.php (and adjust the CSS…)



    Got some help earlier about making the audio icons bigger. Now trying to do the same for the videos.

    Messed around with the video template . php but couldnt find anything.

    Would like to make it as big as a regular youtube screen.

    Just replied to your other comment!

    Hey….. How can I disable the autoplayfunktion from JWPlayer???

    Ok, dann muss Du anstatt dem code, den ich dir oben gegeben habe, den folgenden löschen (in Zeile 192, 250, 307 und 360):

    repeat: 'always',

    Neeeee, da hat sich nix verändert :(

    Hmm.. ich hab’s grad nochmal auf meiner Testseite probiert und da hats funktioniert. Schick mir doch mal über meine Profilseite einen link zur Website und eine Kopie der single-audio.php Datei, die du verwendest, dann schau ich mir an wieso es bei Dir nicht funktioniert…

    So, now …

    where can I find the Stylesheets for the woocommerce shop? is there a documentation? is it possible to search the comments here, can`t find anything. Thanks!

    Thanks for verifying your purchase!

    You can find the stylesheets for WooCommerce in the folder WooCommerce/CSS. You can activate them in Theme Options > General > Load WooCommerce stylesheets.

    Here is a link to the documentation:

    Unfortunately this comment section here has no search function.

    Let me know if you need any more help. Cheers!

    Thank you … but I can not find it in the theme options-general. Where exactly, how exactly? I can not activate it. And I have the same problem as “halcyonrecords” The title of the first product is over the page title.

    Can you please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link and login info? Thanks!

    Hey Gerda, I was wondering if you could please tell me why my shop has the title of the first product, before the page tile? Also there is a drop down that has different sorting methods and above that it says “showing all 3 results”. This happened with a recent update. Thanks in advance,

    Hey! Just replied to your email…

    Can I use the HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

    Since the javascript player doesn’t work in both Firefox and Safari, I’d prefer to use something else. This seems like a good option. But can I put it into this theme on the Audio pages?

    I haven’t tested Soundboard with this plugin. I guess you would just have to give it a shot to find out…