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it’s a fantastic theme! Really nice! I have a question for you red_sun: I can not upload songs. After clicking refresh, it redirects me to the dashboard without having uploaded the song. How can I fix this? Is there a documentation that explains step by step how to do?

Hello Kaleidoscopic! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard! I’m glad you like it :)

That sounds to me like your audio file size is too large. WordPress has a limit of upload file size. Try uploading the song in Media > Add New, just to make sure it’s not too large. If it is, WordPress will give you an Error Message. (for example on my WP installation it is 7MB, but this is different for every WP installation)

If the file is not too large, try uploading the songs one by one on the Audio Page. The song will start uploading once you hit “Publish / Update”, and then it may take a little while until it is uploaded.


Hello – I would like to change the background color of the navigation, slider, and main content window areas. Is there some CSS I can insert to easily change these?

Also, can I adjust the transparency of each of them?

Thank you!


Those areas actually don’t use a background-color, they use a background image. You find the image in the folder /images and they are called fff90.png (for light skin = color #ffffff with 90% transparency) and 22290.png and 22297.png (for dark skin = color #222222 with 90% and 97% transparency). You can change those background images to whatever you like.

Hope that helps!



I’m having a small problem with theme. I can upload it to the server but I can’t enable it within wordpress, either network enable or for individual sites. Any suggestions?


Hello and thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, Damien…

Could you maybe try and upload Soundboard via the WordPress Theme Uploader (Appearance > Themes > Add Themes)?

Thanks for your help with this. The problem is now resolved and the theme is working well.


I’ve tried FTP and the Wordpress uploader, no luck. I’m operating a multisite install of wordpress, perfectly standard, never had this problem with a theme before. When I try to enable the theme I get this message:

The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.



i just want to know if it’s possible to add the plugin “ultimate-dj-manager” for wordpress on the home page of your theme ? thanks U


Hello Peio,

I have never used the ultimate dj manager plugin before or tested it with Soundboard. If you would like to use it on the home page, you would definitely have to modify the home template.


Ok thank u. Do you know how i can put the slider in my home page, because in the editor theme i checked the slider but nothing appears?

Did you also pick a slider in Theme Options > Slider > Select a Slider? If you can’t figure it out, send me a link to your site along with the login info via the user contact form on my profile page an I’ll check it out!


i am trying to upload to wordpress Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

can you help

Hello! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

You probably tried to install the entire zip file that you downloaded from ThemeForest? Unzip that file and find a file called “” within it and upload it to WordPress.

Thanks for your help! I have one other question:

Is it possible to have the news posts on the front page display HTML ? Right now they don’t display line breaks, etc.

What you could do is open up template-home.php and in line 70 change
<?php the_excerpt(); ?>
<?php the_content(); ?>
and then manually set the “insert more tag” in the visual editor.

Hope that helps!

Hi, Very nice template. I’d like to buy it, but I don’t want to use WP, so I only need the PSD files. Are they included in the package ? Also, do you have a pure .html version of this template ? thank you !

I’m sorry wssltd, I don’t have any psd files since I designed the whole site in the browser. Also there is no HTML version of Soundboard.


Hello I’m ending the site and I have some questions before closing it:

1) slider on homepage: I have created two sliders but only one is showed; in the slider settings (in theme options) I see that I have a drop menu with the possibility to choose one (not more than one) can I do in order to show more than one?

2) comments: I don’t want comments in the site; I have choosen not to have them but in the page of my site there is written “No comments , comments are closed”: how can I delete this words?

3) log out / log in: is there the possibility not to show it? I don’t have a site on which the users have to log in, just only to view it.

Hello Gabi!

1) It is possible to only add one slider to the Website. If you want more sliders, you could try to add more with the help of a plugin.

2) Please go to Theme Options > General > Custom CSS and add the following CSS code:

#comments {display: none;}
.comment-topborder {display: none;}

3) If you would like to only hide the text “LOG IN”, please add the following code to Theme Options > General > Custom CSS :

ul.login { display: none; }

If you would like to hide the whole top section, then you would have to add:

#loginwrapper { display: none; }
.arrow-down { border: 0; height: 6px; }

Sorry, another question: in the social settings there are mentioned some social profiles, I would like to add beatport profile which is not showed…how can I do it?

tks a lot Gabi

I am planning on making this an option in an update that I’m working on right now. If you need to add more social profiles right now I can send you the instructions to you email adress (you will have to modify a few files, though!)


Can I just say that this theme is awesome! I’m designing a website for a friend’s band at the moment and it seems perfect for what he needs, really easy to for him to use after it’s all set up too!

Just a quick question, can the space where the logo is uploaded be adjusted so that it will go fullwidth? Got a nice centre-aligned typography piece planned. If not would deleting the logo leave the space transparent so I can put it within the background image instead?



Hey James!

Yeah you can add a full widh logo, no problem! Just upload an image with a width of 940px and the height will adjust automatically!


Brilliant, cheers! Will be making a purchase very shortly :)

Hi Gerda!

I have read your instructions (are very nice) but when I would like add a image gallery the gallery page don’t found and give a 404. I continued step by step but don’t work.

Help me please :S Thanks!

lairissa, there is an easy fix for this: Simply go to Settings > Permalinks and click “Save Changes”.



I just recently purchased your theme and I can’t seem to activate it. I’m uploading the file through WP and it says it installed correctly but then it just crashes and show’s me a white page. I also tried uploading the folder soundboard through FTP to the theme folder and I was still getting the same issue stated above. I also noticed that it told me that it was missing the style sheet. I’ve uploaded numerous of themes and I’ve never had this problem :’(

Hello silentfxx! Thanks you for purchasing Soundboard. I’m sorry for the trouble! Please get in touch with me via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll help you to fix this! Thanks.

Hi! I love love love this theme. I purchased it a week ago. I’d like to have the navigation above the logo. Is that possible? Thanks in advance!

Hi natalie! Thanks for puchasing Soundboard! I’m glad you enjoy it :) In order to move the navigation above the logo you would have to modify the file header.php as follows:

move the div
<div id="topnavi">
                           wp_nav_menu( array(
                                   'theme_location' => 'main-menu',
                                   'menu_class' => 'sf-menu',
                                   'fallback_cb' => 'wp_page_menu',
(line 98 – 106)

right below

<div class="arrow-down"> </div> in line 87.


Awesome! Worked smoothly! Thanks! :)

Still luvin’ the theme!

On the day of an event, the Soundboard tour date widget removes the event listing. Is there a way to have the listing remain up on the day of the event until a specific time, say midnight, then remove it? – James

This is actually what it is supposted to do anyway? No?

Well Red Sun, yes and no. The problem is when new visitors come to the site on the day of the event, the widget gives visitors the impression that there is no event happening for that day when in fact there is. I simple would like to know if there is a way to tweek the time when event listings disappear from the widget (midnight would be awesome) so that visitors can still see the listing ALL DAY and still get to the show. Thx again Obi wan ;) – James

James, i actually programmed the tour dates so that they move to the past tour dates section when the date is over. Also I just tested it on my test page. I created an event for today and it gets displayed on the homepage in the tour widget just fine… I dont know why it doesnt work for you? I wonder if it has to do something with time zones…. ?

But yeah, if it really doesn’t work that way for you you could always change the code in template-tourdates.php:

in line 23 find the code
 'meta_value' => strftime("%Y/%m/%d", time()- (60 * 60 * 24) ), 
and change it to
 'meta_value' => strftime("%Y/%m/%d", time()- (60 * 60 * 24 * 2) ), 
, that adds an extra day to the upcoming tourdates (on my website it adds yesterday’s date ;-) )

Hope that helps! :)

HI I was wondering if it was possible to put the social media icon links that are at the bottom at the top right instead? Thanks

Hello mtzg… you would pretty much just have to move some code from the footer to the header and add/change some CSS code…


Hey Red Sun,

It has to be a time zone (US) thing. So I did what you said and it seemed to work, sorta. At first, it would place the event in both the upcoming events section and the past event section at the same time. After a bit of tinkering, I got it to remove the event from the past event section.

But there still seems to be an issue with the front page tour widget. Any idea why it won’t list a same day event, even when it’s listed in the upcoming event section?

By the way, thanks for the timely responses. Your awesome. I would so buy you a beer – James

You’re welcome, James :)

Oh yeah, sure.. I forgot! For the tour dates widget you have to do the same thing in /includes/widgets/widget-tourdates.php in line 56.

And for the past tour dates section it would be line 157 in template-tourdates.php, but you already figured that out by yourself ;)


I just purchased your awesome theme.

Excuse me I have a problem, I can’t see the slider. I follow these steps: - Create a slider - Select it in the combo box of Theme Options.

Hello dariendoomed! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

Can you send me a link via the user contact form on my profile page, so that I can check it out?

Cheers, Gerda

Hey there! I just bought this theme a couple of hours back, and i wanted to know the optimal dimensions for a background for this theme? I couldn’t find it anywhere in the documentation, i’m sorry if i’ve missed it, but could you let me know what dimension would be best. I’m in the process of designing a background for my band. Cheers!

Hello SLZ128 , thanks for purchasing Soundboard!

The background image will automatically stretch to fit the background. But if you would like to know the size of the image on the Soundboard demo page, that would be 2800px x 1750px.