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How do I increase the font size of the date and info on the tour date page:

Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.tour-date, .tour-city, .tour-venue {
    font-size: 14px;

How do I increase the widget titles on the ight side. They seem realy small:

Thank you again for the theme!

How can I remove the Right tab with “Credits” and “Lyrics” on a songs page? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

If you don’t put any content into the “Additional Info RIGHT column” field, no content will be displayed in the right column.

If you want the center column to be stretched all the way to the right, enter the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.album-center {
    margin: 0 0 0 40px;
    width: 680px;

Hi there, a very nice theme.

I would like to purchase but if I it just possible to modify the audio player to stream the *.m3u or *.pls file from my radio station.

Is it possible with a little effort with the code?

Best Regards!

I actually don’t have any experience with those files. But if you want you can get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me a link to that playlist or the playlist itself and I’ll see if I can get it working. Accordingly to the JWPlayer website, those files are supported.

Hi again red_sun, I’ve sent you a message, please check it. :)

This theme looks great and I’m so happy with it! The only question I have is, can the login option on the top right corner be removed? If so, how?

Hey fgarza5277.. Thanks for your purchase! I’m glad you enjoy working with Soundboard :)

If you are using at least version 1.04, you can remove the login section in Theme Options > General.


i currently have 1.0. How do I update?

If you re-download Soundboard here from Themeforest (in the Downloads tab), you will automatically get the newest version.

This is how you update: Deactivate and delete your old Soundboard installation from your WordPress installation and upload the new one. If you upgrad Soundboard, none of your content or settings in the Theme Options Panel would get lost. Only changes that you’ve made to the theme files would be lost.

Hello red_sun very nice Theme…i have some problems with woocommerce plugin integration, it say the the theme have fully integration, but when i install the plugin it say that the soundboard theme dont declare the integration, and infact it doesn’t work for me…there’s any secret? :D

Thank you


1. I will upload an update for Soundboard (3.05) within the next couple days which includes the YouTube preview image for the video widget.

2. In template-tourdate.php, line 125, change

<a href="<?php echo $url; ?>" class="button2 tour-button"><?php if ($button_text) { echo $button_text; } else { _e('Buy Tickets', 'gxg_textdomain'); } ?></a>


<a href="<?php echo $url; ?>" target="_blank" class="button2 tour-button"><?php if ($button_text) { echo $button_text; } else { _e('Buy Tickets', 'gxg_textdomain'); } ?></a>

cool thank you!!!...only a thing, it works on the tourpage but not in the widget that i place in the homepage, if you can fix it with an update…thanks again

You simply need to make the same changes to the file includes/widgets/widget-tourdates.php, line 126.

Hello, awesome theme, but is there a way to remove or change the “News” or posts from the frontpage? Am trying to show twitter feed in middle section instead of news. thanks in advance.

Hey langrisser.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard! I’m glad you like it :)

If you are using at least version 1.04, you can remove the news posts in Theme Options > Home (Set Number of headlines to 0 and remove headline). The content that you are putting into the editor of the page that is using the home template will display in the center section of the homepage. Maybe you can find a twitter plugin that works with shortcodes, which you can place into the editor…

You can check your theme version in Appearance > Themes, next to the Soundboard logo.


Thanks so much! Got everything the way i wanted now, just one more thing, is there a way to always show the description/title on the youtube videos instead of onmouseover?


In order to permanently display the title of videos, enter the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.video .details {
    bottom: 0 !important;

My slider images won’t show up even though they upload ok and I’m using the home template. Plus when I click the text link I get it links to and not the url I have specified.

I’m confused as it was working earlier.

Fixed it. I’d delete my comment if I knew how! LOVE THE THEME.

Great :) Glad you like Soundboard!

Hello there and blessings of divine goodness to you, love the theme and having fun making it grow, a couple of questions for you master.

1. is it possible to have a subscription form/link/page so when I upload a new NEWS feed people get an e-mail notification, without it people just don’t know what’s up unless they check the site personally, is there a way to make people know something is updated on the site?

2. on the AUDIO page you have links for places to sell your music, AMAZON & ITUNE, is there a way to make them not clickable or make them vanish? at the moment they are dead links (#) but still look like they are clickable..

that is it for now, rock on!

Haha :) Glad you enjoy working with Soundboard!

1. I’m sure there is a plugin out there that can help you with that… one like this here for example: or this:

2. Simply remove the hashtag (#) from the Amazon and iTunes field and no button will display.


I’ve just downloaded and successfully installed Soundboard. I’m slightly confused though as when I go to theme info it says version 1.0. The comments above suggst the latest release is 3.04. Can you tell me how I can check this and/or how to update ?

Ignore previous, i found the newer version within the other zip file and have since updated the theme. It’s great by the way, top work !

Ok cool! Thanks, I’m glad you like Soundboard :)

Hi, before I buy the theme – 2 short questions: - can I add more information to tour dates? such as that they are clickable or fade in as an accordion? Just one button after each date is a bit little.. - and is it possible to always show up the link text that now appears only when I hover over an image or video link? Thanks in advance, Steffen

ok, it’s just the best music theme on themeforest, I think. Can you tell me if there is a responsive layout version planned at some time in the future? That would be the one and only point I am missing at the moment.

I don’t have any plans on making Soundboard responsive, as I would have to rebuild the layout from the ground up…

No Responsive? :(

I’m sorry, no. I made sure though that everything works fine on mobile devices…

Hi I am trying to add the gallery widget to the footer. I have set up the gallery page and it is working find but the gallery widget is not displaying the thumbnails.

Could you please advise why this might be happening.

Thanks in advance.

Hey marketing-makeovers! The gallery widget will not display the latest images of a gallery but the featured images of the latest galleries. So make sure you’ve set a featured image for your galleries…


Very Interested in this theme. though on your demo i clicked on audio then the first album and music started playing. when i clicked play it wouldnt stop i had to click the soundcloud player to stop it …

it may be loading up the player on auto start. this can be very confusing to the user do you think you will fix this issue in the near future ?

Hey DesignedbyLP! What browser were you using when this issue occured?

Hi red_sun. I got this error whenever I try to install the dummy content.

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\-\wp-includes\class-http.php on line 950

what version of wordpress is appropriate for this topic?

I recommend using the latest version of WordPress.

Hello Red sun.

Can you tell me how to add the slider to every page (pref using the theme options css)

Als i have added your emark regarding the tourdates. (.tour-date, .tour-city, .tour-venue { font-size: 14px; })

But how do i make remove the sidebar for this page so it uses the full width.?

Also the venue location now is cramped to the name of the party. Where do i set the width for each column?

last question.

Where do i change the name of the widget for the tourdates on the main page of the theme ?

thanks again patrick


1. Unfortunately thats not possible with CSS only. In order to display the slider on every page you will have to modify 2 files (line numbers can deviate depending on Soundboard version):

In header.php, line 115

 if( of_get_option('gg_slider') != "" && is_page_template('template-home.php') ) {    


 if( of_get_option('gg_slider') != ""  ) {    

In functions.php, remove line 288:

if (is_page_template('template-home.php') ) 

2. In template-tourdates.php, line 9, change




3. Put the following code in Theme Options > General > Custom CSS and change the values to whatever you like:

.tour-date {  width: 200px; }
.tour-city { width: 160px; }
.tour-venue { width: 140px; }

4. The title for the Tour Dates widget you can change in the widget itself.

Can you advise if there is a fix for the twitter feed not showing on mobile devices and ipads etc ?

Hey j b …

Twitter made some major changes to it’s API. The new API (1.1) only works with authentication of each user. Soon the Soundboard twitter widget will stop working completely and I am going to remove it in one of the next updates. Please use this plugin instead:

In order for the feed to display nicely, you can put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.really_simple_twitter_widget li {
    margin-bottom: 20px;


fixed, ignore :)