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Love your theme but I am having trouble with woocommerce styling. I installed your theme first and then woocommerce v2.0.14. I am not sure if I am supposed to do anything else but it did say the theme is not supported by woocommerce when I installed woocommerce.

Cheers, Mo

Hey Mo… Thanks for purchasing Soundboard, I’m glad you like it!

Please make sure you are following the instructions in the documentation on how to set up the Shop page (especially step 4).

Thanks got it working!!!

Does this version work with Wordpress 3.6.1?

Hey rsdevlak! Yes, the theme works with WP version 3.6.1.

Hey Gerda, got some problems with the contact form. All my testmails didn`t arrive. The same after using 2 other mailadresses….. What can the problem be???


Everything ok… =)

Ok cool.

Servus! Wow, jetzt sind wir ja schon 4 Österreicher :) Wahnsinns Theme übrigends!

Hallo! :) Freut mich dass Dir Soundboard gefällt!

I am having an issue with the galleries and the slider.

When I try to upload the picture, it uploads them with the red circle thing, and then they dissapear. When I check the media folder, the photos are sitting there but they are not linked in the gallery or the slider.

Do you have a fix for this? I have tried reinstalling the theme with no success.

The site is below:

Hey theslawgroup! I already replied to your email yesterday. Please send me your login info so I can take a look. Thanks!

Hey Red_Sun,

Is it possible to change the hover color for just one specfic menu item on the navigation bar? I want all the nav items to have a grey hover color except one of them, I want the hover to be in red? Please point me in the right direction as to how to do this if possible. Thanks!


Hi there!

You would need to find the ID of that menu item. For example with “firebug”. If you don’t know how to do that, send me the link to your site and let me know which menu item you would like to be red. Then, lets say the menu item has an ID of “1662”, add the following code to Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

#menu-item-1662 a:hover,
li#menu-item-1662.current_page_item {
background-color: #ff0000;


Hello – I am interested in your theme and was wondering if it is possible to change the text for some of the buttons to a different text or word. For instance in the tour dates where it mentions ” Buy Tickets” – how would I be able to change this to another word?

Hey Valoric-Fire! Tanks for your interest in Soundboard.

In the admin area you can enter the button text for each date.


May I ask a question, i know your Theme Does Not Mention Supporting BuddyPress, But Could I install Buddy Press With This Theme Also?

Hey coachdarren! I’m sorry but Soundboard is not BuddyPress ready.


Thanks for the support last time. I have another issue. I’m using JWPlayer for mp3’s. They play in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, but not in IE8. The message received is “Error loading player: Could not load player configuration”.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Hey there! What audio file type are you using?

The file is mpeg3/audio. IE9 is having the same issue. What I’ve been able to determine through IE debugger is that it’s running the flash script (jwplayer.js is calling jwplayer.flash.swf).

I’m not sure if mpeg3 is fully supported by JWplayer. Here is a list of supported files: (mpeg3 is not mp3 )

I am using m4a files on my demo site. Can you please try to convert one of the files into m4a to see if that works for you? A great tool to convert files is “handbrake”:

Hi Red-Sun I’m having fun using your theme! easy question… I uploaded a background image which worked straight away. I changed my mind, deleted the background image, and now I’m unable to upload the new one. Is there somewhere else (other than themes-style-background image) I have to erase the first upload before I can replace?

HI again Red Sun, further to the above – “No background color” is not coming up as an option, and yes I think that a “white” background has been selected (somehow?!? not intentional) – though I tried to test that possibility by changing the color of the background, and that’s not working either…

Hey CatD! Thanks for your purchase. I’m glad you enjoy working with Soundboard :)

Can you please get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me link and login info so that I can take a look?

(in order to unselect the background color simply remove the color number from the input field and save the Theme Options)

Hi There,

I’m having fun using your theme! But I’m trying to change the position of the text caption on the slider… but I don’t know how to do..

Many Thanks


Hi There,

I’m having fun using your theme! But I’m trying to change the position of the text caption on the slider… but I don’t know how to do..

Many Thanks


Hey monsieurgermain! Great to hear you enjoy working with Soundboard.

Put the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.nivo-caption {
    bottom: 70px !important;
    right: 70px !important;

Change the values to whatever you like. If you want to position the caption to the very left side, use “left: 0 !important;” instead of “right”. If you want to position the caption to the very top, use “top: 0 !important;” instead of “bottom”.

Hope that makes sense ;)


I really liked your theme was wondering is it possible to change the name of tour dates to something else and add an option to write the artist name too. Looking forward to use it as a website for an entertainment company.

Also was wondering if anyway i can have an audio player playing songs whenever the website is opened.

Hey noobplugs, thanks for your interest in Soundboard!

Yes you can change “Tour Dates” to whatever you like.

Each tour date has a “more info” field. But the info will only display once you click the “more info” link next to the tour date. I guess the easiest way to achieve what you are trying to do is to put both venue and location into the location field and the artist name into the venue field.

Soundcloud players have an option to autoplay. So maybe add one of those to the home page.


Hi, I love this theme! Had a question about the photos widget. I know that it displays the newest gallery sets that are added instead of the newest photos that are added. Is there a way to display the latest photos instead of gallery sets? I would like to only use one gallery and have all of my photos there and every time I add a new photo the widget updates on the front page.

Hey cjsoul! Thanks for purchasing Soundboard. I’m glad you like it :)

I actually wrote a “latest images” widget for my newest WordPress theme LemonChili and it woul pretty much also work with Soundboard. Get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll send you the file. I think I’m gonna add the widget to the next update of Soundboard as well.


I am having a weird issue when I create a gallery and upload photos the pictures are being uploaded in the wrong orientation. I can flip it back to what it’s suppose to be in the media tab but the thumbnail still shows the wrong orientation. This also happens when I try to set the ‘featured image’ for the gallery.

The orientation is correct prior to uploading so I’m wondering if there is a bug or something I need to do on my end with the photos I’m uploading.


I think I might have found the issue. I’ll report back if it indeed fixes the problem.

Okay apparently the upload doesn’t take EXIF data in to consideration. I had to manually rotate and strip the EXIF data from the images in order for things to show up correctly.

Hey tinmanchris.. thanks for your purchase! Glad you found a solution.

Hey red_sun…. since today the contact form doesn`t send up any mails!!! Or is there any delay and i have to wait a while for arriving?

Sounds like this could be a restriction by your host if only certain email addresses work.

I recommend getting in touch with them and ask them…

Ok…thanks for the quick reply!

Hi there, I like your theme and thinking of buying it. Are you planning to add RTL support? I am talking about the layout and not the actual theme Thanks

Hey Carmitma! Thanks for your interest in Soundboard. I don’t really have any experience with RTL and no immediate plans on supporting it. Would that require just to right align the text or also moving sidebars, dates etc to the opposite side?

Hi once again Red Sun! You already told me before, but I’m not so savvy with these things. I want to increase the speed of the slider to 2sec per image. Could you please tell me once again how its to be done?

Regards, Vinay

Hey Vinay! You can change the slider speed in the file js/scripts.js, line 74 and 75.

Twitter lets u create a widget that u can copy paste the link to your HTML. If i want this widget to come on my home page, where do i paste it?

Simply put a text widget into the left or right home sidebar and put the code into there.

hey red_sun,

you helped me previously with the nivo slider I wanted to adjust its size, but someone ended up messing up the custom code you gave me..

here is some of what you provided me with.. If you can please see if its the right one or it needs to be revised. Thanks

 .nivoSlider {height:315px;} /* Change this to your image's height 
{show margin: 20px -70px;}

#slide-bg {
    width: 890px;

.nivoSlider {
    height: 310px !important;
    width: 850px !important;

Hey there!

{show margin: 20px -70px;} is no valid CSS code and you are setting the height for .nivoSlider twice. Simply set a width and height for #slide-bg and .nivoSlider. If it doesn’t work, add !important:

#slide-bg {
    height: 350px !important;
    width: 890px !important;

.nivoSlider {
    height: 310px !important;
    width: 850px !important;

I implemented that code.. check what i have now the banner is too far left, any way i can center it within the box itself?

Add the following code as well:

#slideshow {
    width: auto;
Update v3.06 is available now. Here is the changelog: