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Hi Gerda!

Loving the soundboard template, what a great job you have done :)

I have 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to display the name of my event in the tour dates widget (on the home page) so that people can click and go directly to that event on my site?

2. I would like the name of the event on the actual events page to be visible, but when using the code <?php the_title(); ?> it doesn’t display the names in a readable way… is there a way to make it read better?


1. That’s fixed it! thank you!

2. Basically for events with more than one word, the text is looking like this when viewing from the Tour dates page:

Bestival Launches Desert Island Disco

FRI – Apr 04, 2014 22:00-05:00 Bestival London Launches Desert Island Disco

I would like the column for the event title to be wider so i can fit more words on the same line if possible?


sorry that didn’t come out properly, it is putting each word of the event underneath the last word so it looks like i’ve pressed ‘return’ instead of the space bar! hope that makes sense!

Oh ok… so you pretty much just want to adjust the width of of the table cells.

Well, add the title with the following code (right above the “city” code):

<td class="tour-item tour-title"> <?php the_title(); ?> </td>

Then use the following code to adjust the width of the title field (change width value to whatever you like):

.tour-title {

You can also adjust the width of the other fields. The CSS selectors are: .tour-date, .tour-city, .tour-venue.

Hi, theme looks good!

Thinking to use this for a booking agency, is it possible to have artists attatched to tour dates?

Kind Regards

Hey there! Thanks for your interest in Soundboard, but unfortunately this is not possible out of the box…


Thanks for your reply, Will this be possible in the near future?

I’m sorry but I don’t have any plans to add this feature anytime soon…

Hello – I am setting up a site using the theme (and I really do love it!) but im not having any luck making additional social media icons appear at the bottom, even with white transparent 32×32 logos. The link is there, but no logos… can you offer any advice?

Hey there.. thanks for purchasing Soundboard! If you want you can send me your link and login info via the user contact form on my profile page and I’ll check it out!

Hello! I see a lot of people are asking things about the Tour Dates widget, and I was just wondering if it’s possible to customise this to include, say, the time of the gig, on the widget? I’d be very interested to hear, when you have a chance. Thank you so much Lizzy

Hey Lizzy!

You can add another custom field in the file includes/metaboxes/custom-meta-boxes, within the TOURDATES section.


      'name' => __('Time','gxg_textdomain'),
      'desc' => '',
      'id' => $prefix . 'time',
      'type' => 'text',
      'std' => '',

And then call the field value in the file template-tourdates.php (= tour dates page) and includes/widgets/widget-tourdates.php (= tour dates widget)


set variable:

$time = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'gxg_time', true);

call variable:

 <?php echo $time; ?> 



I created a child theme and everything seems to be working so far. The only thing that isn’t is the “Color Settings”. All of the color choices are broken images.

Any suggestions?


Just putting content in now

Ohhh sorry, now I understand! You meant the color images in the Theme Options Panel, yes?

I will have to fix this in the next update. You can do that right now if you want by making the following change to the file includes/admin/options.php, line 38:


 $imagepath =  get_bloginfo('stylesheet_directory') . '/includes/admin/images/';


$imagepath =  get_template_directory_uri() . '/includes/admin/images/';

Thanks :-)

Hi again, Thanks for all your help recently. Had a meeting with my client and they are LOVING their new site.

2 more questions:

1. Since this is a presenting vocal group (rather than a band) that performs different programming, we were wondering if we could just move the button in the tour dates widget above the city and venue. We can use the button text to show the name of the program, but it’d be great if the button (and therefore the program name) came first?

2. This may be a bigger customization, but we wanted to know if it was possible to either move the navigation menu to justify it to the logo at the top (like the logo would be a left-aligned photo) OR if we could include the logo in the navigation bar itself as the left-most menu item? We’re not using the whole width of the menu, so we envisioned this as a container that’s as tall as the logo, with the other menu items inside of it.

Let me know if either of these are possible. Thanks again for your help! Jess

Well, the logo itself that you uploaded has about 20px transparent space around it, you can cut that off in Photoshop.

Or remove space above the logo:

#logo {
    margin-top: 0;

and above the navigation:

#topnavi {
    margin-top: 0;

Great! Thanks. My client went to town on the logo, so I hadn’t been aware that he added so much space. We’re getting there. Thanks again. You have been a dream to work with!

Glad I could help :)

hello there, red sun! tell me plz how can i use “breadcrumbs” on my site? and i have a problem with google fonts – maybe it is for cyrrilic? tnx

thank you! can you advise some working plug for a breadcrumbs? problem with google fonts is in its cyrrilic type. please, add in the theme some cyrrilic google fonts next time )))))

I haven’t tested any breadcrumbs plugin with the theme yet, so unfortunately there is nothin I can recommend…

You can use any of the 600+ Google Fonts! Simply put the font name into Theme Options > Typography > Custom Google Web Font.

there is few cyrrillic fonts… and this fonts don’t work, i tested. i think you must know it.

Hello Red Sun,

Thanks for all the help you’ve provided so far. I’m trying to change the font color on my main navigation menu to be #6d603d in all stages. I’ve found some of the CSS you provided but I never managed it to change it in all stages. I played with the CSS file but I still can’t get it to work. Is there a way to have the font at #6d603d when the page opens, on hover, etc.?

Thanks for your help. Her’s the site so you know what I mean


Add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

.sf-menu a, .sf-menu a:visited, .sf-menu li a, .sf-menu li a:active {
    color: #6D603D !important;

That did it. Thank you so much for your help.

Hello Gerda. I’m coming up to some dead ends as of late. I did some searches in this documentation and nothing came up. I’m adding content to the tour-dates “posts” and wanted to add a slider. After finding out that I could only use one instance of NovoSlider at a time, I went on the hunt and at this point I’m using MetaSlider. I don’t want to speak too soon, but so far, so good…it works on posts only however so now, the problems: 1) I have noticed that while using the “text” editor (not the wswyg tab) that it’s acting differently than the posts editor. It will constantly wrap

tags around everything! But this is not happening in the posts editor and I verified that. I even installed a widget called Raw HTML so that I could get around this problem. But still to no avail as Raw HTML only sees the POSTS form and not the custom Tour Dates form. So the RAW HTML widget doesn’t show / install in the Tour Dates form. 2) in the process I discovered that shortcodes also do not work in the Tour Dates editor, but they do in the posts editor. Easy insertion of the MetaSlider requires this. thanks in advance Richard

Hmm.. you know what, I just realized you can actually just drag and drop the revisions box to the bottom.

omg. Too funny.

I’ll keep the code above in there for the time being but might not revise during the next update.

Hi again, Thanks for all your help thusfar – we are launching Sunday – very exciting. A few questions to wrap up:

1. We fixed the drop down text color, but it still seems that the text stays white once you are on an inside page. For example if you hover on “About Us” and click to one of the drop down pages, and then hover again, the text is white. Can we change this?

2. This organization’s social media/blogger guy imported all the old content today, which is great. Unfortunately we’ve got double images, see here:

He says, we should “adjust the code in the single.php and loop.php template files to take out the post thumbnails. That would get rid of the double images. The rest for how the images are styled could be manipulated in the style.css file to make what were blogger classes work within this theme.” I’m wondering if you have thoughts on this, or could provide the code to make this content jive with the theme?

Otherwise I think we’re good. Thanks again! Jess

Just wanted to let you know we figured everything out with the images – but if you have solutions for point #1 up there that would be great! Sorry for all the comments..

I think this should work:

.sf-menu li.current_page_ancestor .sub-menu a {
    color: #222222 !important;

.sf-menu li.current_page_ancestor .sub-menu a:hover {
    color: #FFFFFF !important;

Thanks again! Here’s the site as it is live to the world: thanks again – you’ve been great and we love your theme.

What is the css selector that causes the background of the [two_third] to be light grey? Why isn’t it the same as normal content?

The first link hast the text wrapped in <pre> ... </pre> . This is the html tag that is used to display code.

Hey red_sun,

Can I repeat my background image just vertically? I still want it’s position to be top center, but i want it repeated vertically. Let me know if that’s possible! Thanks!

Hey Drew.. add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

html {
    background-repeat: repeat-y;

Thanks! That worked great. Also, is it possible to increase the sidebar widgets title text on pages other than the homepage? I increased the size of my nav text and headers text, but the sidebar title texts are still very small once you click through to other pages. I don’t know if I’m explaining this so it makes sense. Any suggestions or fixes for this?

Use the following code to increase sidebar widget titles:

#sidebar h3.widgettitle {
    font-size: 18px;

Hi red_sun,

I’m using Soundboard and I didn’t have any problem so far. Today, I updated Wordpress to version 3.9 and my homepage doesn’t work anymore. The other pages (tour dates, audio, ...) work fine.

What can I do?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Ok, I just found that the problem is actually due to qTranslate that I’m using… Soundboard seems to work fine when this add-in is disabled! :)

Hey Fabienne, glad to hear you were able to find out what’s causing the trouble!

Hi there,

I have been looking right through at least half of the forum pages to check to see if I could find some answers. Here is what I want to do and by the way thanks heaps for such a great site…..

1. I don’t want any of the background images (that you have in the image section for the front page – the png) at all so that the writing is straight on the background image (in my case texture image) behind as if hovering on it….I need this for the whole of the front page – slider, content and navigator boxes (to be completely transparant)

2. I want to be able to alter each of the main title fonts on my Homepage as in and also to even up the three columns so they are all the same width in the content part on the main page.

3. I also want to include as on the above site the small images for facebook etc on the top right above the main logo part too rather than on the bottom of the page in a box…again floating.

Is it possible to get help with all this? I am a musician making her way through the wordpress file trying to get essentially the effect as emily has on her page – great design for my sort of music.

thank you!

Sure, here you go:

In the file footer.php copy the code line 53 – 122

starts with : <?php if ( of_get_option('gg_soundcloud') and ends with </div><!-- .social--> <?php } ?>

and paste it into the file header.php, below </div> <!- – #logo—> in line 80

Now add the following code into Theme Options > General > Custom CSS:

#header #logo {
    display: inline;
    float: left;
    margin: 30px 0 0 20px;
    width: 450px;

#header #social {
    background-color: transparent;
    border: none;
    display: inline;
    float: right;
    margin: 30px 0 0;
    width: 450px;

Hi there, I followed the instructions carefully and did all you said but then my website came out blank and so I had to reverse all to put it back on….could you double check for me that that is all good. My website is for your info…slowly putting it together….thanks :-)

You site is coming out great :) The blank site is a result of a php error, I checked the instructions I gave you and they are correct – maybe you mixed up some lines… Anyways… I see you have the logo in the middle, the code I gave you would put the logo on the left side and the social icons on the right side next to it. That may not be what you want anyways…

Hi. I just upgraded to WordPress 3.9 and in the tour dates editor, the section for “More Info” is blank. The text I put in still shows up on the page, but I cannot do anything in the text field. The field appears to be empty, and cannot write or edit.

Hmm… I don’t have any problems on my test page. Can you send me link and login info via the user contact form on my profile page please?


I have created a page and on that page I have added a “Featured Image” yet it doesn’t show up.

Is this not a function of the theme or am I missing a step?? Thanks!

Hey there! Pages are not displaying a featured image. If you want to display an image on a page, simply add it via the “Add Media” button above the editor.


Hi, I love the template and have been using it for a while with minimal issues. However, I’ve come across two issues that I’m hoping you can resolve.

1. I just posted a photo gallery from my band’s recent show. It only shows up on the “Photo Galleries” page when I’m logged in as an administrator. It doesn’t show up to the public. The album status is “Published” and the visibility is “Public”. In fact, if I directly go to the URL, I can view it publicly. Do you know what I’m missing here?

Galleries page: The gallery that isn’t being listed:

2. The Tour Dates widget and page are not removing old dates after they pass. Do I have to set them as private to remove them? The widget only seems to allow me to specify how many to show and the widget description even states “Display upcoming tour dates”. I have no interest in showing old dates after they pass. It seems like they should be removed automatically.


Hey there! Yeah, the past dates should be automatically removed from the site. Can you get in touch via the user contact form on my profile page and send me the login info?

Sorry, it just occurred to me that I didn’t reply to this. I was able to figure out the Tour Dates issue. There seems to be a bug. I noticed that when using the calendar tool and selecting a date, the date format used is “2014/4/5”, but I had typed it out as “4/5/2014”. Both display as April 5th, 2014, BUT only the former is treated as a past date. The date comparison or parsing must fail in the other format. Once I changed the format to 2014/4/5, the date disappeared as expected. Anyway, I just thought I’d point that out in case this issue comes up again with someone else. I’m still very happy with the template. I was able to make a number of modifications to my liking and everything is looking great!

On a side note – It doesn’t appear that I can edit the comment to remove my domain. Can you please take this down? Or edit out my web address. I’d prefer that it not be seen here for privacy purposes. Thanks!

Glad to hear you were able to solve the problem! I think you should be able to flag your own comment (click flag symbol) and ask to remove the link.

Love this template!

That’s great to hear :)

Can I use both full width and the slider on the home page? It doesn’t seem to want to let me do that, or perhaps I don’t know how. Can I set up the gallery just to show all photos and not have them in individual categories? I want to just show photos and not have to click another level to get into the few shots I have. Thoughts?

That is perfect for number 2. But I think I didn’t explain what I needed on number 1 correctly. Right now when you select the gallery page (or photos page)...the page puts multiple galleries for you to select…then you select a gallery to view. We don’t need multiple galleries, just the images we upload. Does that make sense?

Yeah, and that’s exactly what it does. Example: you create a gallery called “band” and add multiple images to it. Now go to Appearance > Menus and within the gallery box select “band” and add it to the menu. Now the menu item will link to a page that contains all images of the “band” gallery, not to a page with the “band” gallery preview image. Just try it ;)


Hi, after an update of woocommerce, there is an error when displaying quantity buttons. Just made a screenshot for you: Best regards, Steffen

I have the latest version of the theme (3.0.7) and woocommerce 2.1.8 running. I don’t know why, but the display error is gone without changing anything. > Done & thanks for your reply! ;)

Now I know when the display error occurs: When logged in, there is that additional quantity button. When logged out everyting is fine ;) So I guess that might be a minor bug to fix..

Interesting bug! I’ll check it out…